While Reynolds was on his memorable vacation to Rome

While Reynolds was on his memorable vacation to Rome, he created many volumes of notes concerning the images of wonderful Italian artists--Raphael, Titian, etc. And 1 of individuals volumes is in your Lenox Library, ny City. He created a most quality and delightful remark in regard to his disappointment in Raphael's pictures. "I do not for any moment in time conceive or suppose the fact that identify of Raphael, and individuals admirable paintings in particular, owed their reputation towards ignorance ... of mankind; about the contrary, my not relishing them, as i experienced been conscious I ought to possess accomplished was among the most humiliating stuff that actually happened to me."

He loved house and nation so a great deal that whilst in Venice he noticed a common ballad sung in an opera, also it brought the tears to his eye due to the fact of its association with "home."