Microsoft says Google will lead to anti-monopoly act to urge the victims to lodge complaints

Microsoft Google implemented the most strong and open attacks, saying that Google's behavior may be anti-competitive and urged victims to lodge complaints to management.

This is Microsoft's business units and two other smaller online companies complained to the EU regulators Google's activities in the European Union again after a few days to launch attacks.
Microsoft, Google is also opposed to the millions of digital books project. The current program is the U.S. Department of Justice review.

Microsoft on Friday, Deputy Legal Counsel Dave Heiner Microsoft's Web site published a blog that we are worried that Google's approach. Google's approach would lock business partners and content (such as Google Books), exclusion of competitors, and thus more widely competitive distortions. The final competition of legal institutions will have to determine whether the behavior of Google should be regarded as illegal.

Google declined to comment on Microsoft's blog.

In the past 20 years, Microsoft's near monopoly in the computer operating system market, the practice has been the United States and European competition authorities of the main objectives. Microsoft now seems to guide the management of the world's largest Internet search company Google for review.

Heiner said in the blog, with Google's growing influence in recent years, we have heard of such large and small companies of all sizes for a variety of business practices, Google filed a complaint. Some complaints simply reflected Google's business to take an active stance. Some of the complaints reflect Google's experience in many areas, a secret. Some of the complaints reflected a serious antitrust issues.

Heiner said that Google advertisers and publishers with the cooperation of way to make Microsoft's search engine to compete will be very difficult to compete with Google search traffic.
Heiner suggest that people who feel hurt by the Google company should lodge a complaint to the competition law enforcement agencies. The European Commission, after receiving complaints Google has not yet formally launched a formal investigation.

Microsoft attacks Google will certainly intensify the relationship between the two companies. At present, the two companies in a wide range of technology products to compete. These competitive range of products, including software applications, mobile phone systems, Internet search and e-mail procedures.


Google beat Apple's iTunes need to do five things

Google want an end to Apple's products in the music industry's leadership position. From the connection Eliot Van Buskirk said that, if you want more than Apple, Google must do the following five things:

1. To reduce the price of song downloads to 10 cents per song, or even less. Because Apple seems to lower prices, most of its recent song download price of 9.9 cents.

2. To cloud-based music services to be portable. Do not lock your customers so that they can be arbitrary in the change of venue can also enjoy the wonderful music.

3. For users to use a large number of cloud-based services to link the implementation of fees and charges. "It's like Gmail, like the model, this can also be made to use a certain amount of resources, the price of the low annual fee."

4. In the living room have done, because it is people like Ting Yaogun place.

5. Continue to use the search function, because this is Google's strengths.


Yelp in no hurry to market has rejected Google / Microsoft acquisition of high-priced

U.S. Business Review website Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman said recently that, Yelp for at least the next few years would not be listed.

Stoppelman said, Yelp will not be available for at least a few years. He said: "This year will definitely not be listed. In 2011, who knows. But if they can be avoided, why should they rush it listed."

End of last year there is news that Google had bid 550 million U.S. dollars acquisition of Yelp, but was refused. The company has bid more than 700 million U.S. dollars acquisition of Yelp, the same can not wish fulfilled.

Later, Yelp selected in cooperation with investment firm Elevation Partners, which received 100 million U.S. dollars to inject capital, the transaction will Yelp priced 475 million.

Stoppelman said at the time: "Yelp have the opportunity to become the world's greatest online brand, this is an opportunity."


Google brand reached 36.191 billion U.S. dollars ultra-Coca-Cola

British brand consultancy Brand Finance has announced the world's most valuable brands in 2010 report, the report shows sharp rise in brand value of Google, up from last year's fifth place to second place, the brand value of up to 36.191 billion U.S. dollars.

Brand Finance released the report was based primarily on the strength of the various brands, adventurous spirit, future development potential and economic strength. List shows that the U.S. supermarket chain Wal-Mart to become the first list, Google second, Coca-Cola ranked third. In addition, IBM, Microsoft, General Electric, Vodafone, Hewlett-Packard, Toyota in the top 10 of the column. The new brand, the BlackBerry first appeared on the Fortune 500, the Apple brand value rose 45% from 27 up to 19.

China Mobile selected in the list, the brand value of 18.673 billion U.S. dollars. Although China Mobile brand value decline compared with last year, but still the highest ranking Chinese brands. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of China, China Telecom, China Unicom, also selected for the list.


Google Buzz off a new round of privacy dispute

Google this week for Gmail account in the global deployment of Google Buzz social services, but the new on-line soon led to the outside of Google Buzz questioned its privacy policy.

Google Buzz integrate with status updates, links, photos and video, social sharing capabilities, the mobile location-sharing feature has also been added. One of the controversial rise to privacy functions Google Buzz can automatically identify the most commonly Gmail users to contact friends and generate follow / have been following the list, and the user to follow the / were to follow the object list is public information.

Silicon Alley Insider analysis, which allows friends or strangers can see Buzz user's contact list, imagine, if a wife discovers her husband frequent contact with the ex-girlfriend, or boss subordinate and competition found in the company's Executive contacts that might the formation of disputes.

According to Google shows that users could still manually set to follow / have been following the list can also change the user's Google file, select the list is not made public.

However, criticism is generally the death of privacy settings, the default value should be closed, rather than the user simply follow the recommendations of the various Google settings, only to find privacy no longer intact.

Market observers also criticized the location of mobile version of Buzz-sharing function, pointed out that although the user visits Buzz mobile site, the system will ask whether users are willing to share location information, once agreed, will become the default value, followed by each user the article will be posted with location tags. Because users often forget that when you set the option to visit, and this may be inadvertently continued to disclose their location.

For the public criticism, Google Buzz product manager Todd Jackson Thursday (2 / 11) that has changed the relevant settings, including allowing users to more easily share the following settings are / were to follow the list, but also when you first use Buzz will ask; and to provide users with the ability to block his followers, regardless of the followers of whether to establish a Google document, the original Buzz only allows users to block Google documents followers have been established; segment has a public documents whether or not to follow / be following list, which allows users to better identify which contact person will appear in the list of its public documents.


Microsoft executives said the network version of Office for possible future accession to feature micro-Bo

According to foreign media report today, Microsoft CEO Stephen Elop said that cloud computing brings to market the "creative destruction" to promote free Internet version of Microsoft's Office software.

Elop In an interview with Bloomberg News interview, said the network version of Office may be future updates will be added similar to the Twitter micro-blog feature that allows users to publish short message.

He said: "In the cloud computing environment, we not only sell software to consumers, but also for the user's network, hardware and consumer support. So as to give us more revenue, to ensure that Microsoft's cloud computing operations can be achieved more profits. "

The industry had pointed out that the cloud computing significant impact on Microsoft's pricing strategy; Cloud computing may be the future direction of Microsoft, but will also bring down Microsoft's profits.

Elop where the Microsoft Office sector is the most important business unit, Microsoft's fiscal year sales of 58.4 billion U.S. dollars in one-third from the Office department. Analysts had expected the online version free Office will result in declining margins in Microsoft Office sector 5 to 10 percentage points.


Development of simultaneous phone Google

Google is developing the world's first mobile phone with simultaneous translation capabilities.
Google will present the speech recognition and automated translation technology integrated into this phone, and hope that within a few years to develop the basic structure. If this idea can be realized, the world's 6,000 languages will eventually provide voice translation services.

Google has created a computer can be used in automated text translation system, and by millions of global multi-language Web sites and document scanning to enhance performance. So far, the service is already covered 52 languages, last week increased its support of Haitian Creole.

Google also has a voice recognition system that allows mobile phone users use the network search function. Just need to give voice commands without the need to manually enter text, you can get query results.

Google is currently integrating these two technologies, hoping to produce a piece of software to identify the user's voice will be translated into other languages. With professional translators, as this phone will also analyze statements until it understood the full meaning of a word or statement, will begin after the translation.

Google translation service director Franz Och, said: "We think speech to the speech translation is possible, and can be ordered in a few years to run." Obviously, you want to run smoothly, you need to high-precision machine translation and high-precision voice recognition technology to integrate. "

Although the automatic text translator compared the effect of the current good, but voice recognition need to face greater challenges. Och said: "Every person's voice, sensual, and tones were different. But the voice-recognition mobile phones can play a role, because the phone is designed to adapt to each user. For example, cell phone voice through the previous search requests are familiar with your voice . "

The greater use of this translation software, the higher the accuracy. Although some translation system using a simple syntax is the translation, but Google can rely on the database has a large number of multi-language Web site and translated the document to improve the system accuracy. Och said: "The more input data, the higher the quality." He said, there are a lot of language enthusiasts are willing to help.

However, some experts believe that simultaneous interpretation of the threshold remains high. Bangor University Linguistics Professor Emeritus David Crystal said: "The speech recognition problem is the diversity of accents. There is no better a system can solve this problem. Maybe Google will be better than other systems to provide faster processing speed, but I that will not happen within the next few years, a Glasgow slang that can handle high-speed equipment. "But he also said that the future of this equipment will be very interesting, if there really can be such a simultaneous interpretation service, it will no longer need to learn a foreign language.


Thai sports shoe market shrinking shoe tough ahead

Thailand's Bangkok Bank, according to the Department of Chinese Affairs, 7, disclosed last year, almost all of Thailand's major industrial exports subject to Western financial crisis, total exports accounted for about Qi Cheng, especially in Europe and the United States market-oriented footwear industry has not spared .

Data show that in Thailand there are nearly 500 home-made shoe, directly employing seven thousand workers. Last year's total shoe production index of 10.3% year on year decline over the same period from 2000 to 2008 the average higher than 6.8%. Major export products such as male and female leather shoes and sports shoes output of the first eleven months last year, down 24.68%, 20.27% and 28.20%.

Thai footwear and related accessories exports over the past five years in a growth state, until in 2008 a slight decline. Last year, footwear and related accessories exports of 7.94 billion U.S. dollars in 2008 to 971 million U.S. dollars over the same period fell 18.20%. In 2009 Thailand's footwear industry's top five export markets, followed by the United States, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and Belgium, most of the major markets, year on year there are different degrees of atrophy.

Last year, the footwear industry in Thailand have a greater impact than the news of a well-known brand sports shoes manufacturing base began to gradually shift from Thailand to other countries. Some brand-name products to their production lines to other countries, of course, in the short term to the Thai footwear industry in employment, exports and so on impact, but a blessing in disguise, how can you know the non-fu, this produces another effect is the incentive system in Thailand those who go all out shoes from the past, specifically for foreign brands shift production to create its own brand, and entering the international market.

The face of economic crisis, the sports shoe market shrinking by a big margin, some of Thailand's manufacturers for the domestic shoe market, the steady growth of shoes kind of product transition into production. In addition, efforts to develop brand products in Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and other neighboring markets, have increased export sales, but also a Thai brand.


"We are all aliens, have a common origin of the universe"

According to the British "Daily Telegraph" reported that famous British scientist, professor at the University of Cardiff Chandra Wei Kela Maxin He reached an alarming conclusion, mankind is merely moved the Earth from outer space aliens. The scientist said the new findings emerging from the study can be overwhelming support for the origins of mankind on earth other than the regional perspective.

As a celestial biologist Wei Kela Maxin He pointed out that the first batch of "Life Seed" 38 billion years ago, your visit to our planet from space. Microbial outer space to Earth aboard a comet, and then continue to breed and eventually led to the evolution of human generation. He found evidence that humans, as well as all other life on Earth can be traced back to the origin of comets to the Earth aboard the alien. After the comet colliding with Earth, they began to known as a transiting blue planet take root. Maxin He found evidence of Wei Kela University of Cambridge, published in "International Journal of Astrobiology" on.

He said: "We are all aliens, have a common origin of the universe. Every time a new planetary system formation, a number of surviving micro-organisms will be traveling to other planets, comets, and then breed evolved on the planet. We are only one universe a huge part of the chain. "

Since the 20th century, since the 60's, the professor and his late colleague Fori will support so-called "germ theory." He said: "Astronomy overwhelming evidence to support the view that life on Earth did not arise in the earth, but from outer space."


Obama to stir up the exchange rate issue

To deal with the issue of international currency manipulation

While Obama twice last year the government refused to label China a currency manipulator, but within the United States increasingly strong criticism of the RMB exchange rate, the U.S. Republican Senator Charles Grassley asked Obama would formally label China a currency manipulator, . In addition, the United States at the Peterson Institute for International Economics recently released a report that the yuan undervalued exchange rate on 30% of the world's major currencies, while the undervalued against the U.S. dollar rate even up to 40%.
In response to this Obama, and no single point of the RMB exchange rate, but rather loosely called the international currency exchange rates, he said the United States to expand overseas, the export exchange rate, which is a major challenge for the United States. "How to make our products will not appear overvalued exchange rate manipulation is a major problem, if some countries from manipulating the exchange rate it would gain a competitive advantage for their goods, and our goods will be at a competitive disadvantage. That need to be concerned about the , "Obama said.

According to "The New York Times" reported that a senior U.S. official said on the 3rd, the White House is weighing whether it should be issued in April this year, the Ministry of Finance relating to foreign currency will be the semi-annual report on China as a currency manipulator. Analysts believe that Obama at this time off a dispute with China's currency would be in the country for political gain, but the cards are not available in the hands of the United States than in the previous era of President George W. Bush over.

The new field of energy and then China as a model

Q & A session at the end of Obama's reference to China again, this time on China in the development of clean energy efforts. Obama referred to "The New York Times" article a few days ago, the article said that China's clean energy development and utilization has been a global leader. Obama also mentioned the advantages of China in this respect in part because of the decision-making mechanism is relatively efficient, does not require a lengthy process. Obama conceded that the U.S. has lagged behind, but the disadvantage is not irreversible. He requested that the United States, research institutions, enterprises and capital markets integrate, coordinate actions, so that the new U.S. energy industry with China, Germany to compete.
Prior to Obama in the State of the Union speech two refer to China, said that China and Europe, the United States should not have high-speed rail. He also said that China, India and other countries in transforming their economies, the United States not fall behind. The mention in clean energy technologies in China, in line with the previous speech.


Taobao: All disputes lose first pad

Yesterday, Taobao announced the launch of "trading disputes Shouwenzeren system" and pledged to said it would through the Taobao platform for all transactions that occur in charge in the event of disputes, Taobao will lose first pad. In the implementation of the new "Shouwenzeren system", Taobao's transaction disputes the period from 1 month shortened to one week.

Previously, buyers and sellers after receiving a dispute, only to the seller claims, such as the seller refuses or intentionally delay the payment, the buyer, and there is not much way. In the "Shouwenzeren system", a purchaser who encounter disputes Taobao able to help in the submission of receiving merchandise image, Taobao would first ask for the Pei Fukuan advances to the buyer. For consumer complaints, Taobao require the seller must respond within 48 hours; overdue response, Taobao consumer rights protection officers will intervene within 48 hours; Taobao commitment to disputes Taobao all transactions will be made within 7 days Disputes. For the sellers more than the pledged time delivery, consumers apply for a refund within 48 hours, the seller no response, the system will automatically refund.

"For many consumers, the networks are most afraid of is the purchases of products and prior to receipt of a seller's claim is not the same reasoning to find sellers find it very troublesome, especially encounter some shamelessly seller, no stroke of restitution of child also provoke an upset stomach. "Taobao relevant responsible person said," Taobao founded in 2005 consumer protection scheme has been embedded into the net to buy at all aspects of the implementation of protection for consumers. as long as Taobao and passed a sign of the Consumer Protection Program , the net purchase rights protection not be any trouble. As of now, join the Consumer Protection of the merchants there were 50 thousand, which in 2009 the entire network Taobao 70% of the transaction amount is derived from products produced by adding Consumer Protection turnover. "

Taobao consumer rights protection department head Tony probe, told reporters Taobao consumer rights protection measures will be implemented in large part to reduce the cost of consumer rights protection. For example, in forensics, consumers only need to provide images of receipt of goods can be, and the evidence, the certificate is to be provided by the merchants.


Everyday 175 million people log on Facebook

According to foreign media reported today, Facebook Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg at the Davos Forum, accepted the media interview. She said that at present there are 175 million people a day log on Facebook.

A year ago, Facebook has approximately 150 million users monthly access to Facebook's users are more than 200 million. This means that a year ago, worldwide, 1 / 5 of Internet users access to Facebook. Sandberg said at the time, Facebook will seek the rest of the next 4 / 5 users.

Facebook in the past year have done a remarkable job. Facebook has doubled the number of users last year, the site's registered users reached 350 million. And this is only the users log on Facebook Web site does not include the user login through Facebook Connect. More importantly, half of the registered users will still be a daily log on Facebook, which is equivalent to 175 million people. This also does not include the user login through Facebook Connect.

Facebook user's friends are still in a restricted number, the current limit is 5000. Last year, Sandberg said, Facebook will eventually cancel the user's friends limit. She then said: "I will not give you the exact date, but I would like to stress that eventually will be realized. We think this is very important, it is currently engaged in work in this area. We hope that you can have 80000 or 100 thousand friends . "

Restrict users of Facebook friends is still the number of practices, Sandberg said, Facebook users are disappointed, but she has not said when Facebook will be removing the cap. She just pointed out, Facebook Profile does not restrict the number of those concerns.
Sandberg does not reveal what she thinks is a direct competitor Facebook. However, she said that she hopes to integrate Facebook Connect with competitors. Facebook in this regard some progress has been made. The industry believes that Google and Twitter competitors such as Facebook will not be happy to see Facebook's efforts in this regard.