Microsoft says Google will lead to anti-monopoly act to urge the victims to lodge complaints

Microsoft Google implemented the most strong and open attacks, saying that Google's behavior may be anti-competitive and urged victims to lodge complaints to management.

This is Microsoft's business units and two other smaller online companies complained to the EU regulators Google's activities in the European Union again after a few days to launch attacks.
Microsoft, Google is also opposed to the millions of digital books project. The current program is the U.S. Department of Justice review.

Microsoft on Friday, Deputy Legal Counsel Dave Heiner Microsoft's Web site published a blog that we are worried that Google's approach. Google's approach would lock business partners and content (such as Google Books), exclusion of competitors, and thus more widely competitive distortions. The final competition of legal institutions will have to determine whether the behavior of Google should be regarded as illegal.

Google declined to comment on Microsoft's blog.

In the past 20 years, Microsoft's near monopoly in the computer operating system market, the practice has been the United States and European competition authorities of the main objectives. Microsoft now seems to guide the management of the world's largest Internet search company Google for review.

Heiner said in the blog, with Google's growing influence in recent years, we have heard of such large and small companies of all sizes for a variety of business practices, Google filed a complaint. Some complaints simply reflected Google's business to take an active stance. Some of the complaints reflect Google's experience in many areas, a secret. Some of the complaints reflected a serious antitrust issues.

Heiner said that Google advertisers and publishers with the cooperation of way to make Microsoft's search engine to compete will be very difficult to compete with Google search traffic.
Heiner suggest that people who feel hurt by the Google company should lodge a complaint to the competition law enforcement agencies. The European Commission, after receiving complaints Google has not yet formally launched a formal investigation.

Microsoft attacks Google will certainly intensify the relationship between the two companies. At present, the two companies in a wide range of technology products to compete. These competitive range of products, including software applications, mobile phone systems, Internet search and e-mail procedures.