Although the pioneer Nyjer Morgan today (26) win their four hits

Although the pioneer Nyjer Morgan today (26) win their four hits, but half of the game leading the major Washington national collapse at the last minute, back-Tyler Clippard pitched 1.1 Board lost 4 points, so that the landlord relied Baltimore Orioles 9 Under the National Bureau of goodbye errors in the inter-alliance "ring road of the capital of war" in the first game to win 7 to 6 victory.

Poor performance this season, the base rate of only .308 of the Washington Nationals pioneer Morgan, today repeated hits and led the team to attack, a Jushang Ban on Morgan's first play I know their hits, Cristian Guzman to send after the election, Orioles catcher Matt Wieters to contain wild pitch, and Adam Dunn of the strong ground balls, so Morgan took the lead back to 1 point.

3 innings on the opening offensive Morgan Youyi hits, Guzman was touch the ball on the base body after, Dunn first hit sacrifice fly back to 1 minute, Josh Willingham and Ivan Rodriguez hit consecutive 3 is to get ahead of national.

4 inning, Morgan hit the rules of playing doubles, reached the National 4 points, followed by Ryan Zimmerman and Dunn continuous hits than the number of rewrite of 6 to 0. Orioles 5 Bureau to rely in the first name of batter Julio Lugo to start taking advantage of mistakes on the base offensive to four hits and scored 3 points.


Harper's college coach Chambers (Tim Chambers) but think that people would not sign onto the approaching deadline time

Lerner also stressed, however, both sides to the contract topic has still thinking stage, "we are not really for contractual issues will be addressed, it is normal Guocheng, not so Kuai have the final result." Lerner said with Harper's contract details, the two sides will sign near term (Taiwan time on August 16) in that time, will make final preparations.

But Harper's college coach Chambers (Tim Chambers) but think that people would not sign onto the approaching deadline time, "In my opinion, they are in the coming weeks we will start serious negotiations." In the past, strange force Strong beat Harper in the broker and the assistance of consultants, contract payments had openings hope to 1 thousand to 15 million dollars more than the record-breaking price tag; At the time, pass out 12 million people interested in the price of around U.S. dollars. MLB jerseys

In addition, the face of the "gold rush" well-known major league manager Porras, national boss would not worry too much, and humorously said, "so I will keep the appointment, together with Rui Zuo, they are good friends, ah! "In fact, Rui Zuo and Porras battle of wits on several occasions in the past, including last year's champion 4-year History of 15.1 million U.S. dollars in signing bonuses, is also one of the two masterpieces.


Santana pitched 2 Board lost three points

Santana pitched 2 Board lost three points, was beaten four hits, and just totally blow, Alex Gonzalez homered, Ryan (Brendan Ryan) triples, Pujols (Albert Pujols ) doubles, Duncan (Chris Duncan) is a base hit.

Santana cast a total of 30 balls, including 22 for strikes, exit in the bullpen after the addition of training he voted for 15 balls, Santana said, I rush the shot, but they are very positive swing, many times my first all strike a ball, and I voted several fastball are too sweet!

2 years without a major league game of Gonzalez has 38 years of age, has 434 career home runs, the two-time American League MVP in the regular season against the Mountain Santana outstanding, 6 hits, 7 bats, including two home runs and two doubles, 6 RBIs, Santana today extended for good results.


Mariner Ichiro Suzuki billboard people are this and the Brewers as a pioneer in the game

Today divided the Seattle Mariners, Arizona Diamondbacks game on the road, the sailor is a 10:7 win, away to the Milwaukee Brewers were defeated by 0:2, the effect of the sailors Chen Yong-based games on the Brewers in off the bench, while a bat with no hits, but to succeed the veteran shortstop to Kairo (Miguel Cairo) keep second base, the part in a double plays garrison, now Chen Yong-based hit rate is 2 into 22.

Mariner Ichiro Suzuki billboard people are this and the Brewers as a pioneer in the game, no hits in three at bats, is still in spring training games for the first one hits, the American Baseball single-season hits record who actually had no hits in 17 at bats, a little unbelievable.

Acting head coach, but the command operations bench coach Rui Geman (Jim Riggleman) that, in the season in 17 at bats without hits will not cause too much attention, but if it is easy to start the season to attract the attention of everyone.


Chicago Cubs Zong Jiaotou Pinilla (Lou Piniella) about spring training is to help the pitchers warm-up

Chicago Cubs Zong Jiaotou Pinilla (Lou Piniella) about spring training is to help the pitchers warm-up and the garrison and combat into the situation, but losing to him is difficult to digest.

2006 Cubs Pinilla to arms for the first time in charge, won 96 lost 66 won the National League worst record last year, won 77 lost 85 Pinilla led the Cubs were the National League Central Division playoff title, but so far this year in spring training of the record 5 wins and 10 lost so Pinilla unhappy: "I have been very careful in talking about this issue, we can not wait until the last week of spring training performance, we need to start winning some games began to show, develop a winning habit . " cheap MLB jerseys

Pinilla also said: "You can say that the only spring training, it is true, is just spring training, you use this opportunity to strengthen the training, both exercise special pitch pitcher, or batter to face special pitch, or is the ball to the opposite direction, no matter what you practice, these are important projects spring training, but at the same time, you do not want to be too easy, you need to build tension, wins a few games develop a winning habit, starting from the ground and not easy, let's climb up from the floor six seven. "


Major League Baseball games in China launched a second match day of the contest

Beijing on March 16, in 2008 Major League Baseball games in China launched a second match day of the contest, as the home team by the Los Angeles Dodgers face the San Diego Padres. Padres eventually end, beating the Dodgers 6-3. Sina sports games for your great shots today elected:
Lens 1
First Jushang Ban Board Dodgers defend very well, so that Padres 3, on three under. Half of the first game the Dodgers turn Bureau offensive shortstop Clansmen and Villager from Chinese Taipei as the first bar, but the guy is clearly no longer as tense as yesterday, with a note hits the right direction of success on the outside of a base. Dodgers second rod with a sacrifice bunt in mind will Clansmen and Villager successfully sent second baseman, was selected to kill himself. Clansmen and Villager then stole the third base, the formation of one out of the Dodgers, third base was the situation. At this point the third rod hit a record level flight were left outside the Padres left fielder then killed, but remember sacrifice fly back to home plate Querang Clansmen and Villager smoothly, as the Dodgers won the first point Shoukaijilu.
Lens 2
The third, second half of the Council, the Dodgers offensive. Gonzalez hit 81 home and abroad with success on first base, and 36 hits in a row on the bases Anthony, Dodgers 1 at this time, second base was. Clansmen and Villager's sacrifice bunt the first rod was chosen to kill, but to shift one's teammates successfully sent two doubles, third base. Critical moment, on the 27th Camp (Kemp) successfully hit hits to two, third base back to home plate by two teammates under the smooth two points, the Dodgers ahead 3-0 pm. Dodgers first base was at this time, worth 18 million for veteran Jones played outfield, the Padres threw two balls full of good and bad number three, how about the situation? Hearts of the audience also affect them. Padres pitcher final four balls to Jones walked to first base. But unfortunately, John No. 76 - Lindsay has hit fly ball was then killed to form one situation at second base on base, score a pity such a good situation.


Red Sox third stick "Diddy" Ortiz (David Ortiz) arise

Red Sox third stick "Diddy" Ortiz (David Ortiz) arise, Scatter the Tokyo Dome in Japan yesterday, Japan's professional baseball Hanshin Tigers of exhibition games, command bar will play the first home run, although team Hanshin Ortiz's home run not to be deterred, but still lost to the Red Sox to 5:6. Ortiz hit home runs after the spring, 2 Board, the Hanshin Tigers for first two batters are on Lei Bao, round rod 6 Drew (JD Drew) to combat, but also a home run, one breath and then red socks team coming down 3 points, so the Red Sox leading 4-0. MLB jerseys


Oakland Athletics at Tokyo Dome stadium and the last World Series

Oakland Athletics at Tokyo Dome stadium and the last World Series champion Boston Red Sox to start the 2008 season opening game outside the United States the second war, attracted 44,735 spectators.

Athletics released Harden (Rich Harden) as a starting pitcher, pitched the sixth inning, was hit three hits including a home run, struck out nine batters, threw a bad 3 4 walks, 1.50 ERA , pitcher to win, record a win 0 lose. Red Sox starting pitcher Liszt (Jon Lester) pitched four-inning hit five hits and lost 4, struck out four batters, threw a bad 3 4 walks, ERA 9.00, to swallow the defeat cast record 0 wins and 1 defeat.


However, he was taken today or 15-day disabled list

New York Yankees left-hander Pettitte (Andy Pettitte) 3A in the minor leagues today's game playing netball, which is since March 17 he was the first play after the pitch, he pitched 77 balls with 6 Board only been playing a hits and 1 walks, 6 strikeouts sent, the situation is quite good.

However, he was taken today or 15-day disabled list, and time is back to March 21, so Pettitte is expected to be in the Yankees 5 games the new season is April 5 against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays board game board, was asked whether he was confident that in this day to come back from the disabled list and start, he said it was ready.


The cast of the 5.2 start Redman Bureau

Owens commendable performance, pre-6.2 Board, only to be played in Los Angeles audience of only two hits, the Rockies have only 1 point, is the first 3 rods second baseman Kheitan (Todd Helton) the only contribution, Owens won the individual 1 wins this season (0 lost).

The cast of the 5.2 start Redman Bureau, was hit nine hits, which were in the 5 on 3 Arizona baseman Renos (Mark Reynolds) played a stage beyond spring home run, which lost 5 points, 4 points is ERA, take the game's failure to vote (0 wins and 1 loss).

Diamondbacks 7, the offensive team, Arp Tom (Justin Upton) solo shot, as one also.

3 teams will continue tomorrow Lien Chan's Game 2.


New York Mets home game against the visiting Philadelphia Phillies

New York Mets home game against the visiting Philadelphia Phillies, launched three series of the first battle. Phillies star first baseman relying Metropolitan Del Gado (Carlos Delgado) in the 7 fatal mistakes on the reverse situation of the war, finally, 5 to 2 victory over city.

Originally Deilgat mostly have the opportunity to be a hero, and 2, the first play he hit the ball with a pole homered wall, first made this season to help the Mets leading by 1 to 0 for the time being. cheap mlb jerseys

4, the Bell Choi (Carlos Beltran) in a person walks out of access to a base station, then Deilgat, which also hit a base hit, the next bar to send the root (Angel Pagan) supplemented on an infield hit , captured the Mets loaded the bases, relying on Church (Ryan Church) infield grounder, gain another victory won 2 to 0 lead.


6 Jushang Ban Hernandez encounter turbulence

6 Jushang Ban Hernandez encounter turbulence, Angel Matthews (Gary Matthews) hit home runs tied spring than a few, then a small ball tactics worked, Kou Chiman (Casey Kotchman) hit infield hit with with 1 RBI, Angels 3-2 ahead of the students. MLB jersey

However, half of Board-dimensional instability of the status of the Buddha is also a knocked out after doubles and then walked on balls three times, including once intentionally walked four bad, free to give sailors tied points, Wixon ( Brad Wilkerson) supplemented on a 2 RBI hit first base, the Victoria River (1 wins and 2 losses) to play end, he pitched 5.2 inning hit four hits and lost 5 points to swallow losing the war.