Major League Baseball games in China launched a second match day of the contest

Beijing on March 16, in 2008 Major League Baseball games in China launched a second match day of the contest, as the home team by the Los Angeles Dodgers face the San Diego Padres. Padres eventually end, beating the Dodgers 6-3. Sina sports games for your great shots today elected:
Lens 1
First Jushang Ban Board Dodgers defend very well, so that Padres 3, on three under. Half of the first game the Dodgers turn Bureau offensive shortstop Clansmen and Villager from Chinese Taipei as the first bar, but the guy is clearly no longer as tense as yesterday, with a note hits the right direction of success on the outside of a base. Dodgers second rod with a sacrifice bunt in mind will Clansmen and Villager successfully sent second baseman, was selected to kill himself. Clansmen and Villager then stole the third base, the formation of one out of the Dodgers, third base was the situation. At this point the third rod hit a record level flight were left outside the Padres left fielder then killed, but remember sacrifice fly back to home plate Querang Clansmen and Villager smoothly, as the Dodgers won the first point Shoukaijilu.
Lens 2
The third, second half of the Council, the Dodgers offensive. Gonzalez hit 81 home and abroad with success on first base, and 36 hits in a row on the bases Anthony, Dodgers 1 at this time, second base was. Clansmen and Villager's sacrifice bunt the first rod was chosen to kill, but to shift one's teammates successfully sent two doubles, third base. Critical moment, on the 27th Camp (Kemp) successfully hit hits to two, third base back to home plate by two teammates under the smooth two points, the Dodgers ahead 3-0 pm. Dodgers first base was at this time, worth 18 million for veteran Jones played outfield, the Padres threw two balls full of good and bad number three, how about the situation? Hearts of the audience also affect them. Padres pitcher final four balls to Jones walked to first base. But unfortunately, John No. 76 - Lindsay has hit fly ball was then killed to form one situation at second base on base, score a pity such a good situation.