The cast of the 5.2 start Redman Bureau

Owens commendable performance, pre-6.2 Board, only to be played in Los Angeles audience of only two hits, the Rockies have only 1 point, is the first 3 rods second baseman Kheitan (Todd Helton) the only contribution, Owens won the individual 1 wins this season (0 lost).

The cast of the 5.2 start Redman Bureau, was hit nine hits, which were in the 5 on 3 Arizona baseman Renos (Mark Reynolds) played a stage beyond spring home run, which lost 5 points, 4 points is ERA, take the game's failure to vote (0 wins and 1 loss).

Diamondbacks 7, the offensive team, Arp Tom (Justin Upton) solo shot, as one also.

3 teams will continue tomorrow Lien Chan's Game 2.