Indians starting pitcher Patrizi quickly to change fate

Weikefeier only four and two-thirds vote of the Board will be for end, assume failure to vote, his opponents were sent to five hits, lost five, and another two walks and seven strikeouts.

Season record topped the Red Sox leading the American League, the edge is facing out.

Boston started in the sixth Jushang Ban counterattack, Yukelis's solo shot broke the scoring for the Red Sox hanging egg situation, followed by Otis, and Manny Ramirez were also contribute to spring home run, Red Sox even get one-third, than the number of recovery into three to seven.

Indians starting pitcher Patrizi quickly to change fate, but the Red Sox do not go one step more city, the final race to seven to three over, Patrizi won the win.

The key is still the fifth Indian war on the 18th at home.


Rockies playoffs this year's "undefeated myth" let them go

Rockies playoffs this year's "undefeated myth" let them go, this time round victory by the catcher Tuoruiouba hero (Yorvit Torrealba) featuring.

National League Championship Series moved to Denver, the third fight, held on the 15th, Coors Stadium, and did not ignite the high-altitude teams arsenal, Bureau of the two sides of the first five players being 1:1, the key sixth inning, the Rockies captured a two-out, second base, Tuoruiouba swept out of left field for a large wall bar, a ground-breaking third shot to help the team to 4:1 knockout Diamondbacks, Rockies first listen to brand the series 3-0.

Rocky swallowed the last 21 games, only 1 loss, unstoppable momentum, only 2 in 55 regular season batting average, eight home runs Tuoruiouba, caught a rattlesnake under the sixth inning pitcher Hernandez ( Livan Hernandez) the loss of investment and direct the ball, violently pulled out 402 feet of the Red left field to prevent a bar to decide their fate.

"Livan had a full season to vote for me very well, under the sixth inning in a slow curve ball he tried immediately after the ball straight angles Serbian repression, results in loss of investment went to red, and I grasped it!" Tuorui Ou Palestinian happy to say.


The players have never won the world championship time Torre

9 to 4:6 in the Yankees lost to the Indians were eliminated, the total manager Joe Torre (Joe Torre) of his post at any time may not be preserved, the boss (George Steinbrenner) made a decision, grinding knife-rattling, the New York media on the 10th broke three possible successor, the current Yankees hitting coach Mattingly (Don Mattingly) calls the highest.

The players have never won the world championship time Torre, the Yankees officially take to arms in 1996, the first year leading the Yankees beat the Braves 4-2 reversal, gleaned from its first World Series title, from 1998 to 2000 and then with g priests, warriors and Metropolitan complete three-peat, Torre momentum to reach the peak of 12-year record in charge to arms 1173 Yankees won 767 lost, winning percentage of 6 percent 05.

While Torre will be the Yankees for 12 years into the playoffs, but since the American League Championship Series in 2004 after three consecutive four-game losing streak to the old enemy Red Sox, the Yankees seem to be cursed as 3 consecutive years beyond the first round, saw Yankees team payroll is less than one-third of the season the Diamondbacks, Rockies have cut League Championship Series, Joe Torre and the New York media are naturally "open Voltage" of the object.


War is only the first two hits hit eight Yankees scored four points

Than two disadvantages with zero back home that the New York Yankees, the third war launched the "Rocket Man" Clemens start, but he pitched only two and one third of the Board lost one-third exit on the injury, but fortunately Hughes took over three and two-thirds of the primary vote was knocked only two hits Bureau of scoreless, the Yankees had chance yet. 3 Bureau to share a Yankees one out, third base, first by Damon timely hits for the Yankees Shoukaijilu; of five large-scale attack under the Yankees, Hideki Matsui hit a post out on the base, Cannone fill the doubles, Then Cabrera hit a barrier before a comeback points, then the direction of Damon and win three runs right field home run, the Yankees scored one quarter of the Bureau of the anti-ahead five to three.

Under the renewed offensive of the sixth inning the Yankees, Rodriguez, Jorge Posada rate security accounts for a continuous, second base, then sacrifice bunt, Hideki Matsui was the formation of bases loaded walks, then hit hit send Cannone back to third base runner, but the Indians back to pass errors, the Yankees Adds two points and was third single Council Adds.

War is only the first two hits hit eight Yankees scored four points, today finally restored due to combat power, and four-star third baseman Rodriguez The campaign to fight the number two hits, the current total of 54 playoff a play a few six hits.

Yankees record now behind the Indians still one to two key fourth-war still held in Yankee Stadium. Alliance from 1995 to implement the new partition on the war, only four teams in the first round of nil to 2 behind the performers major reversal.


Laatsch the first situation to the second batter Youjilisi

Compared Becket beautiful record of the angels to 3:01 disdain for the American League ERA of Angels starting pitcher Laatsch, regular season game against the Red Sox can be described as appalling, two two-start record of zero wins defeat, defense rate as high as 8.38.

Laatsch the first situation to the second batter Youjilisi, two balls in a good number of leading cases, be the ball into the left field stands Youjilisi second row position, career playoffs for the first time The Youjilisi, I not only hit the first hit play, or support a memorable solo shot.

Then fill the Red Sox hitter has two hits, but failed to Zaigong get scores, the end of the first Board of a zero-leading Red Sox.

Voted the sixth inning was hit nine security, lost a quarter of Laatsch, safely after the second game, the third, reoccurrence of turbulence.


Padres last two games as long as a field to determine the promotion playoffs

Finally Season 1 field, related to the clergy and the Rocky road to the playoffs, Taipei time 1, cleric 6:11 lost to the Brewers, Diamondbacks beat Los Angeles Zeyi 4:3, two are 89 record won 73 lost, we must increase competition to decide who made a field outside the card, and advanced to the playoffs.

Padres last two games as long as a field to determine the promotion playoffs, unfortunately losing lost opportunity, the game goes to Giles (Brian Giles) hit the home run with three RBIs, the first Bureau scored three points, but the priest's starting pitcher Tom Costa (Brett Tomko) at the 4th inning home run hit two RBI, 5 Brewers 4, under Bureau of hits, scored four points before the whistle, the first 6 Bureau of the Brewers then scored three points, 9:4, 9 priests Board 2 spring home run did not help.


Pavey pitched seven inning win their five hits off 2 points

Bonds and did not hold any press will, he only told his teammates, he was very grateful to them and wish them lead a better, his departure, even opponents Du saddened "We are playing this game before, in fact is sad, because this is the last one game Bonds, "Padres coach Blake (Bud Black) after the match, said:" But we know that our team goals, we need to fully win. "

Pavey pitched seven inning win their five hits off 2 points, to show the strength of his strong cast, a negative record of 19 wins 6. For Bonds to leave, he sad, "Bonds said: I love you, I replied: I, too," Pavey said after the game: "It may be his only reason why he did not hit all base hit, a value I adore him, and there was 5 years where all of his worship team, for his departure I feel very sad. "


The Red Sox stop losing streak

Becket became the first MLB in 2005 to win 20 games a season pitcher, Cy Young Awards in the competition, and more to add a layer of protection. This 4-game losing streak against the Red Sox win, the more important because the performance of Becket, Red Sox make the playoffs in October starting with a more stable person.

The Red Sox stop losing streak, relying on Blue Jays beat the Yankees in a playoff, ranking with the Yankees the AL East to 2.5 games won re-opened difference, still maintain the top spot in the AL East.


Strasburg this year's nationals will be limited to 160 innings pitched Board

7 Council, the National Fire fully open, the first name of Alberto Gonzalez to hit a batter hits third base, Nyjer Morgan hit scored after 1 minute, Dunn blasted two points guns, then they get people walked, Willie Harris's base hit scored team 8 points, and closing nationals to 8 to 1 win.

After nearly a month's time, Strasburg star finally start before winning last season, 3 wins. Before the national head coach Jim Riggleman said he would be No. 1 in the Star break as the game start.

Strasburg this year's nationals will be limited to 160 innings pitched Board that he has been voted this year, total size of the Union 92 Board 68 Board about the remaining space, if the start time of 6 Board about control, then left the season Strasburg 10 times a game chance.

Riggleman said that every time people will not let him start off one day more than the middle or off to maintain a normal 4 cast a rule, that Strasburg about 1 week in September will end the season early.

"We want to limit is 190,200 Council, there would be no problem, but this is not the case." Riggleman said.


Northwest Arkansas natural talents to kick down a ratio of five to nine ahead

Minor League Baseball, Los Angeles 2A, Luo Jinlong relay two points lost three Board swallow defeat, ZHANG Yao-wen sailors cast three new Alliance Board also lost six points, Reds rookie Ji Baicheng Union lost one-third vote of a Board, Only by Yeo Kai did not drop points. Red Sox catcher Chan Ka-kui fired a short-1A, two hits, two RBIs to fight back against rates stand at 3 percent.

Northwest Arkansas natural talents to kick down a ratio of five to nine ahead, Tusa oil drilling were put to the sixth inning Luo Jinlong relay, the first two are so natural talents to three on three times, and oil drilling were still 782 Board nine points but stormed ahead, sending two walks, but after eight innings Luo Jinlong exit, took over the pitching has been hit three-run homer, Luo Jinlong has been cast to play the success or failure, a victory Liangbai season record, 2.91 ERA.

Red Sox 2A, Jiang Zhixian four at bats with Lin Zhexuan have a hit, and short-term 1A, Chan Ka-kui three at bats with two hits, two RBIs, batting .308, the Yankees new alliance of four at bats Guo Fu Lin odd, batting average dropped to .182.


Major League today (23) released its Future Stars (Futures Game) Tournament List

Major League today (23) released its Future Stars (Futures Game) Tournament List, Chen Junxiu the world's top squad, will be the first eight to participate in the event of Taiwan-American players. Western Union, and today he is also playing Star Game starter, 2 knocked a few dozen hits.

Since 1999, major league every year in the All-Star Game weekend, select the potential for outstanding rookie minor league, divided into teams for the U.S. team and the World Future Star Tournament.

Chen Chin-feng hui, Wang, Chen Yong-based, Clansmen and Villager Lin Zhexuan and Luojia Ren and others, have participated in this event. 2007 Clansmen and Villager selected MVP, 2008 年 Lin Zhexuan homered even Taiwan players Chuang MVP, pitched a last Luo Jiaren Board scoreless the win.


Phillies second baseman Terry Wu sprained thumb

Major League Baseball, Philadelphia Phillies with six leading to the bottom of the ninth than three two-out, he was asked play Cincinnati Reds in the third home run tied the Buddha more than a few, but a playoff 10 Board Philadelphia then scored on the third to beat the Reds nine to six. Chicago Cubs to three to one win over the Pittsburgh Pirates, Milwaukee Brewers were recruited at seven to five to defeat the Houston Astros.

Phillies second baseman Terry Wu sprained thumb, third baseman Poland to the elbow injury, replacement third baseman Dobbs did not show the three at bats, but replacement second baseman Wadi Zi hit the third of four Board home run, along with Bureau of Shini De-third of guns, once the Phillies leading Reds to six to one; the sixth inning Reds Hernandez hit a double recovery of two points, nine innings last counterattack under the Buddha asked two outs hit the third home run, six to six-Phillies tied; but playoff 10 Jushang Ban Howard is playing second base for a hit, plus the Bani Zi's base hit with Francis Ke hits, the Phillies again won the third, after three hours of the game or beat Reds. Shini De three hits with three runs, Wadi Zi quarter of RBI.


Boston Red Sox and the San Francisco Giants 2 games in the series before the war

Boston Red Sox and the San Francisco Giants 2 games in the series before the war, made a victory each, but the Red Sox can win this one is not easy. Because the Red Sox before the start of a war Pakistan Coates (Clay Buchholz) yesterday (27) days only voted in one bureau, because of a knee injury on exit, so the Red Sox game-used eight pitchers to solve the giant. However, the Red Sox starting today, only relying on Leicester (Jon Lester) to crush the giant, Leicester just finished off a 9-Board performance sub-9K more to help the Red Sox by 5 to 1 win.

Red Sox 26, Giants strong left wrist Leicester to Yingpeng Young Award State League pitcher Linse Kang (Tim Lincecum), this "giant" encounter of the final upper hand by Leicester. Linse Kang The campaign was only the Council voted 3 to 5 hits, 3 walks on balls, including Ortiz (David Ortiz) in a total of Council's solo shot, Linse Kang lost a total of 4 exits to become lost War pitcher.

This defeat will not only interrupt personal start three straight, while only 3 innings pitched this season even the shortest break out the number of game records. It is worth noting, however, "Dad," Ortiz of that H, is the giant AT & T Park home of 11 years, the opening of the first 72 home run into the sea, is the first 20 patients completed the visiting team players.


Vote with the left-Ni Fude also appeared in his 8 Yong board a board

Kuo in the three-speed ball, strike out with his slider, Kitt single field season for the first time swallow 3K, Torre laughed and said: "This is my special birthday present to prepare."

Tixie La, A-Rod and Cano rod plays a central connection, the same little Guo bid is handy and won the relay in June for the first time success, only a thin 2 individuals on the tied up 14 times a season record left to play this season has not been knocked hits, Kuo said: "I really did not notice, I just want to solve every batter."

Vote with the left-Ni Fude also appeared in his 8 Yong board a board under the Bureau of the relay throw while 0.2 Board 2 walks, but did not lose points, a big offensive Bureau Tiger 9 Unfortunately, to 3:4, see the negative, Warriors Kawakami starting pitcher this season pitcher finally stretching the Constitution to open Hu, to avoid becoming the first team to open season 10-game losing streak history of pitching.