Molina knocked in the red was not to be trapped in backwardness

Rangers struck the first blow, let the audience win their 4 red, especially the Bureau of catcher Bengie Molina on the reversal of the 6 3-gun, a bar sink is the key to the Yankees, Rangers whistle on pain of 10 to 3 flat Yankees , in the series achieved 3 wins and 1 defeat of the license to listen to advantage.

Rangers at Yankee Stadium, "to become masters" to four home runs in the superior firepower down on landlords and did not leave any feelings to the Yankees, in which four bombers were on, he shot 3-Molina of the most critical, because the Rangers In so after the first 5 inning, still behind by 2 to 3, but in the season the Giants transferred catcher from the Board on 6 out of left field sweep 3 stick bombs, reversing the whole situation, also from the Rangers all the way to set foot on the royal road.

Molina knocked in the red was not to be trapped in backwardness, the Yankees deflated the ball seems to have become depressed, like, 7 and 9 Bureau of the Council was Josh Hamilton hit consecutive solo shot, followed at 9 by Nelson Cruz on the Board carry out of left field 2-run homer, again and again to the Spanish-American hegemony in a points score board put up, but the Yankees are playing to this level of lying, but also to New York fans could not stand, left the game early on.


Gardner and Granderson on the left-hander this season when the rate was 2 percent against 85

Starter in the Yankees lineup, there are three left to play pure player, were Robinson Cano, Brett Gardner and Curtis Granderson, the center of one hitter Cano is one of the Yankees, Gardner is a devastating hitter with speed, but Granderson is After hitting coach after the tuning, to adapt to vote for the significant increase in left. Three batters with different features, and is essential for tackling the Yankees lineup, the Rangers must first want to make a good deal countermeasures.

And looking at the opponent's bullpen adjustment of Yankees manager Joe Girardi said: "This gives them more choice duel. They may be faced with a left-hander Robbie (Cano), replaced after right-hander, the left vote to re-introduce the next play, in the face Gardy (Gardner) and Grandy (Granderson). "But even if the opponents left to fight for their own special arrangements troops, Girardi was in the old God said:" We have no big problem. "

Cano, Gardner and Granderson on the left-hander this season when the rate was 2 percent against 85,2 and 2 into 34 into 52, and 3, when people are facing left-hander to face right-hander hit rates than low, The Rangers received such an arrangement can suppress the effect, still have to field the outcome.


Yankees manager Joe Girardi to move out of the experience of cheering for the army

Yankees can do so, 4 degrees out of Rangers, one of the key state is not the ideal season and Burnett, good news is that Burnett met 3 times this season with 1 win 0 Rangers defeat, 2.50 ERA results, during 18 Board responsibilities to lose 5 points, striking out 17 times the contents of the exciting, and Sabathia, Pettitte, Hughes (backup) 2 to 3 times a race win, 15 loss of the Select Board 7 hits and 3 Gengrang opponents overwhelming.

As Lee (2 games), Tommy Hunter, CJ Wilson (3 games) encountered a total of 6 wins and 1 defeat the Yankees record 1, period 33 and 2 / 3 innings gave up 34 hits and 16 responsible for the content of lost confidence in the Yankees doubled.

Yankees manager Joe Girardi to move out of the experience of cheering for the army: "We have a wealth of playoff experience, players also have seen big storms, they know how to make adjustments before and after the game, not winning or losing a game much emotional ups and downs, which are factors that help the team continue to move forward. "

As for the Rangers, the first time in team history broke into the League Championship Series certainly welcome, burning ambition to beat the Yankees can understand, but only if Lee has to support not only depend on the overall situation, the AL's top class show against fire, if not out of season Race 4 degrees after the bitter fruit planted will give the Yankees more bleak.


Hamels war Reds career first issue of 8 games

Philadelphia Phillies Chase Utley is also the fifth fire, Reds starter Johnny Cueto from the hands smacked solo shot, which is in the playoffs, Utley's 10th career home runs, the Phillies will be score to the rate of 2 to 0.

Reds relief pitcher did not subsequently re-4 points out, but unfortunately the lackluster performance of hitters, the team was completely Hamels fire suppression, the entire five scattered hits, only Ramon Hernandez hit a long fight.

Reds fight back nine as the last chance, the first batters to hit Brandon Phillips on base, but the next bar Joey Votto has hit a double play, an instant star of the offensive arrogance has come to naught, in Hamels Phillies finally led to 2 to 0 shutout Reds.

Hamels war Reds career first issue of 8 games, the results are perfect 7 wins 0 defeat, the war and shows the 2008 World Series MVP's skill, he will not Tangong victory thanks to all the team members, "regardless of pitchers or the batter, the performance is very good! "He also praised Halladay is a very good pitcher and leader," He is my very good to learn from! "

Philadelphia swept the Reds at home in the Redskins after the Yankees became the second branch, following the second round of the playoffs the team advance; their next round opponent will be giants and warriors of the winning team, the current race in the series has made giant license to listen to 2 to 1 advantage.


But the evil empire back then on the Qiju

But the evil empire back then on the Qiju, first iron catch Jorge Posada (Jorge Posada) has been walked on base, and then sent back to Berkman hit doubles 1 minute and meritorious deeds, with the Hougudena (Brett Gardner) in the bunt and Jeter (Derek Jeter) of the hits, not only earned 1 point and then also put Pavano hit off the stage, ended in the seventh inning the Yankees continued to 4 to 2 lead.

Finally, in nine innings, and a series of hits and stolen bases the Yankees won the sub-letting, followed relying on Wood (Kerry Wood) and Rivera (Mariano Rivera) show the same great relief, in order to successfully beat back the Twins 5 to 2 , and grabbed the first license to listen to 2 to 0 advantage. As for today's most dazzling light Pettitte, also scored 19 career postseason wins.

Next, the two teams will move to New York in the 10 and 11 (Taiwan time) for three or four (if necessary) war on behalf of the Yankees has been a draw, it is possible to celebrate in their own home to qualify for the American League Championship Series . Another battlefield in the American League again today by the Texas Rangers 6 to defeat the Tampa Bay Rays 0, obtained license to listen to advantage.