Hamels war Reds career first issue of 8 games

Philadelphia Phillies Chase Utley is also the fifth fire, Reds starter Johnny Cueto from the hands smacked solo shot, which is in the playoffs, Utley's 10th career home runs, the Phillies will be score to the rate of 2 to 0.

Reds relief pitcher did not subsequently re-4 points out, but unfortunately the lackluster performance of hitters, the team was completely Hamels fire suppression, the entire five scattered hits, only Ramon Hernandez hit a long fight.

Reds fight back nine as the last chance, the first batters to hit Brandon Phillips on base, but the next bar Joey Votto has hit a double play, an instant star of the offensive arrogance has come to naught, in Hamels Phillies finally led to 2 to 0 shutout Reds.

Hamels war Reds career first issue of 8 games, the results are perfect 7 wins 0 defeat, the war and shows the 2008 World Series MVP's skill, he will not Tangong victory thanks to all the team members, "regardless of pitchers or the batter, the performance is very good! "He also praised Halladay is a very good pitcher and leader," He is my very good to learn from! "

Philadelphia swept the Reds at home in the Redskins after the Yankees became the second branch, following the second round of the playoffs the team advance; their next round opponent will be giants and warriors of the winning team, the current race in the series has made giant license to listen to 2 to 1 advantage.