The Cardinals beat Renan's pitching line is subject to repression

The Cardinals beat Renan's pitching line is subject to repression, until the Board was only 7 Harold Day (Matt Holliday) of the base hit and Jay (Jon Jay) the promotion of Tim 1 minute, 1 to 4 than the number of tracked backward . Renan The campaign starting 7.2 Board despite being swept eight hits, but timely resolve the crisis, only 1 point out, successful revenue this quarter, 6 wins.

Although the Cardinals 9 Bureau Felize (Pedro Feliz) and a solo shot to do the final chase points, but still can not change the backward situation, taken away people 4 to 2 victory for the Cardinals, only the two sides 4, Lien get a win. And after the game the Cardinals in the National League Central and the first row of the Cincinnati Reds have won 5 games is poor, outside the margin of victory card, the 3 games behind the Philadelphia Phillies.

Cardinals head coach of La Russa (Tony La Russa) said: "They really pressure off our performance." But Wright is that the Cardinals for the whole season winning percentage of less than 5 percent of the team are playing well, "I'm not saying that people are bad team, they are quite threatening, but we let go of this series, failed to grasp it. "


Yankees rely on three starting pitchers

New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays tied the current AL East leader, remaining about a month of fierce fighting and regular season can be expected, while the rotation stability becomes critical. Today the New York media for the Vazquez (Javier Vazquez) transactions over again to the assessment that although he can eat innings, but the situation this year than last year's sharp decline, if the team into the playoffs would still be less ready to He first made.

Last year's playoffs, Yankees rely on three starting pitchers, "Sabathia" Shabaxiya (CC Sabathia), Barnett (AJ Burnett) and Bob Pettit (Andy Pettitte), to defeat the Minnesota Twins way, the Los Angeles Angels successfully reach the World Series, finally defeated the Philadelphia Phillies, won one fell swoop Kuiwei long title. This year, however many dilapidated than rotation, leaving only sand fat more stable, but also the road to the playoffs the Yankees emerged crisis.

But last year, both Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain), Hughes (Phil Hughes), high-Ting (Chad Gaudin) or Dmitri (Sergio Mitre), has failed to stabilize down a No. 5 starter, thus, president of Kai Xu Man (Brian Cashman) Atlanta Braves decided to trade for Vazquez.

Hughes battle Blue Jays have won

Hughes (Phil Hughes) poor today, only 5 minutes to vote 3.2 hit exit, was struck a total of 6 security, and cast up to five walks a few too many balls into a big problem. The replacement Vazquez (Javier Vazquez) invested in 9 Board, simply because of Hill's solo shot lost 1 point.
Hill hit the solo shot before, no hits through 20 at bats, and only 2 walks in the big downturn Rod plays down from the first 6 rods 8 rods, this home run will not only let him sweep to open the haze, at that time helped lead the team back to 4 points. The Blue Jays team home run number 192 now ranks the highest in Major League, August 34 is also the highest monthly.

Previous six starts, Hughes battle Blue Jays have won, but the team is way behind today, but yesterday against the outbreak hit the four security of Tucker Xue pull (Mark Teixeira), but today there is no mention of 4 are paid double kill hit, one of the reasons is lost.


The way the bullet and the Westbrook

The way the bullet and the Westbrook, 8 Board will again Posada, Granderson jointly pushed back after the iron catching on base hits, both season before the Yankees fought in the American League Central, the Indians of the back of its hand to Granderson 1 Stick to send the ball on the right field bleachers children so hard to play to keep the U.S. technology autumn sequel.

Center line of a serious card playing shells (10 0), the Yankees audience only Swisher, Posada, Granderson contributed four hits, but fortunately enough to power two long-playing to help Javier Vazquez 7 Board lost 2 points 9 premium content celebrate the victory, Mariano Rivera 9 Bureau of Conservatism, from Carlos Santana start to hit the impact point of the first 21 recorded aid.

Indians 6, hits are still better than the Yankees, helpless hard consistency, Westbrook missed the victory won from the hands of the old club, responsible for loss of 8 Board 3 voted to swallow bitter defeat.


Former Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego pitcher Tom disabilities can (Brett Tomko)

Former Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego pitcher Tom disabilities can (Brett Tomko), only to be tomorrow's medical examination by, become a member of the Kansas City Royals.

According to ESPN.com reports that Tom may have been with the Royals 1 year 3 million U.S. dollars contract agreement, but Royals general manager of Moore (Dayton Moore) and do not want to comment directly on this matter, but the coach is through James Hillman members to make this levy.

Tang Ke, 34, experienced a Hillman favorite starting pitcher, if he does not squeeze into the starting pitching staff, but also as a competent long relief pitcher. Royals this year, the original Chinese and the other two starting hands, including the Po-(Jon Leiber), went to the Chicago Cubs, the Japanese pitcher Hiroki Kuroda was the Los Angeles Dodgers team recruited, so to make the Royals more actively to seek Tom can be joined, according to ESPN.com reports that the Royal also offers his 150-million incentive bonus.

Tang Ke pay 4.1 million U.S. dollars last year, last year the Dodgers and Padres, a race of 40 games, 19 games as a starter, won 10, lost 4 record, 5.55 ERA. Tom can have 11-year old major league ball were played for six teams, a career record of 93 wins 92 lost, ERA 4.62, in 1998 Reds and the Cardinals in 2003 to vote out of 13 wins a season results.

Currently Royals starting pitcher candidates have Jimmy Xu (Gil Meche), class Ni Shite (Brian Bannister) and Ge Linke (Zack Greinke), Tom can lead a medical examination if the pass must be sought in spring training performance, and then with the Indira Rosa (Jorge De La Rosa), Davis (Kyle Davies), Hideo Nomo, Bell (John Bale), Huoqi Wa (Luke Hochevar), Hanson (Luke Hudson) and Lawrence (Brian Lawrence) for the other two starting pitcher places, including Hideo Nomo, and Lawrence was not in 40 list, the list is invited.

Only season with the Yankees 31-year-old Rann (Lane) signed a minor league contract

29-year-old Green, who joined the Yankees in 2006, then pay a 2 percent hit rate of 40, two home runs and four RBIs, he is a third baseman Rodríguez (A-Rod) of the replacement, as long as A -Rod defense out of position, Green can always replace the line of fire, and his fielding can be assured for the Yankees. 27-year-old pitcher Rui Sina Zengyin finger injury, played between the Yankees continued in a two-stage ball, played a few small record a win 3 lose, ERA 4.01.

Only season with the Yankees 31-year-old Rann (Lane) signed a minor league contract, Rann career in the Houston Astros and San Diego Padres for playing 497 games, batting averages 2 percent 41,2005, he has belted 26 home runs, has been set as the Yankees first baseman, and Jason Giambi during spring training (Jason Giambi), Beite Ming (Wilson Betemit) and Duncan (Shelley Duncan) in the first base position generate competition.

The remaining candidates invited include infielder Castro (Bernie Castro), the right pitcher Guise (Daniel Giese), left-hander Philip (Heath Phillips), Toronto infielder still (Cody Ransom), the right pitcher Strickland (Scott Strickland ) and the left-hander Cui Bo (Billy Traber), among others.


This program is recorded in the December 28

Top U.S. time Sunday night CBS talk show "60 Minutes" broadcast host Wallace (Mike Wallace) Interview with "Rocket Man" Clemens on the full content of doping. Rocket man has repeatedly proven innocent, and even willing to accept the lie detector, said he "probably" will retire!

This program is recorded in the December 28, last Thursday the U.S. media has done a segment reporting, the focus is still around in the rocket denied injected drugs, for the "Mitchell Report" and the former Yankees trainer McNamee physical The evidence, he stressed that there were only injected painkillers and B12 side nutrients, and once the Yankees general manager Joe Torre in prison see next, injected an anti-inflammatory analgesic agents.

"If I had injected drugs, I should become a super-strong man, you can use to pull heavy loads of teeth." Rocket said, would have known McNamee accused him, he would talk about, instead of this kind of change in top and let it be.

McNamee told Mitchell is responsible for detecting drugs, said that he had in 1998-2001 season, the Rockets were injected for 16-21 times of steroids and human growth hormone, but it is in these things required to become Major League before doping.


Yankees pitcher giving birth to the young

Infirm, the "Rocket Man" Clemens (Roger Clemens), this may no longer be off, because a small New York Yankees owner Hank (Hank Steinbrenner) today in the U.S. media interview, clearly stated: "No Clemens once again the sign up! "

Clemens seventh Cy Young Award while braving halo, CD-year high of 46, the effectiveness of the Yankees last year, winning 6 of 6 lost record, 4.18 ERA, in particular the situation of his final season continued, first groin strain, then right foot left foot injury and blisters, the Yankees needed him most, he was linked to the wounded, the tiger fight Geranium Strictipes view.

Clemens has been a recent doping scandal devastated, afraid for his life way and go down the drain. Hank interview today that the U.S. media about the Yankees future plans, when asked about the fate of Clemens, the Hank categorically said: "Impossible", also the smell of his discourse Clemens complain in the postseason, he stressed: "The Yankees have an array of 35-year-old pitcher Pettitte (Andy Pettitte), he only signed a 16 million U.S. dollars a year contract to replace Clemens Williams's work to lead the young players, even if Clemens was still good, they are the Yankees do not meet the demand. "

Clemens and the Yankees last year signed a 28 million U.S. dollars a year contract on May 6 signing his contract, June 9 start until the first start, he was a race last year, a total of 18 games, starting 17 games, take only 6 wins, does not seem effective, but the Yankees based on the number of his appearances, though not to pay full salaries, the only Yankees in the first round has been eliminated from the playoffs, the Yankees hit a lot of money looking for high-level veteran of tragedy, at the moment is self- Yu.

Yankees pitcher giving birth to the young, including Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain), Hughes (Phil Hughes) and Kennedy (Ian Kennedy) are young and promising, the Yankees seem to have reached a moment of regime change, and Hank admits that: "to see Chamberlain After the performance, so we changed a lot of ideas, particularly on Chamberlain's locker next to Clemens, it is hard not to associate them in one. "

From Wang, Kano (Robinson Cano), Cambrera (Melky Cabrera), to Chamberlain, Hughes, Kennedy and other players came gradually chops Yankees farm, completely breaking the century-old Yankees of old thinking, but also displayed in the Yankees future-oriented young, the old pitcher will enter withered.


Mitchell's report did not punish the players to make recommendations

Pervan said: "We have repeatedly asked for the entire summer, the names of individual players, we should think about from time to reliable sources."

Mitchell's report did not punish the players to make recommendations, only expressed by the ruling executive Seyrig, but its content is to expose baseball doping over the years of neglect, and trade unions on the investigation to avoid fear.

The report details Clemens, New York Yankees pitcher Pettitte and has served as the Toronto Blue Jays and Yankees trainer's Mai Nami relationship. Reports that Mai Nami admitted in Clemens's buttocks injections.

White House spokesman said President Bush would like to know the contents of the report. Bush was the owner of the Texas Rangers.

said: "The president looks forward to the report, he hoped that this report marks the beginning of the end of steroid abuse."


Anderson has served the Bay Area Laboratory case of sentences

Anderson has served the Bay Area Laboratory case of sentences, but because of the refusal to investigate the case of Bonds to the Bay Area Laboratory jury witness to lie the case, and the other was sentenced to 10 months and is still serving.

2 months ago, Senator Mitchell asked the U.S. doping investigation launched in the major leagues main Xiselige, it may revoke Bonds's home run record, but he did not mention this in a statement.

Selig said in a statement: "I have not seen the suit and the details of the case, but the United States each person is proven guilty, is innocent, I am very serious about the prosecution case will progress closely."

"I will continue efforts to enhance the performance of the eradication of illegal drugs than in the Major Leagues."

Major league baseball players association executive director Pervan urged restraint in the statement. He said: "The prosecution of certain claims only, in this country every defendant, including Barry Bonds, until until proven guilty, has the qualifications to be presumed innocent."


As in the previous quarter had 15 wins for the Yankees left to vote Pei Tite

Pshada contract, on the other veteran Rivera (Mariano Rivera) as an index for the renewal of Returned Overseas-based significance, both are in 1995 and rose to the big leagues has been the Yankees, Rivera career Accumulated field 443 successful rescue, the patron saint of priests active players behind Hoffman (Trevor Hoffman) in the 524 field.

As in the previous quarter had 15 wins for the Yankees left to vote Pei Tite (Andy Pettitte) officially opened the same day free agent market.

In the playoffs last season by getting rid of the tiger outside the door, the speed of the ball to send relief pitcher Zuma Ya (Joel Zumaya) shoulder injury that required surgery cases, 13 decided to seven million U.S. dollars and Terminator Jones (Todd Jones) renewal year, Jones won 38 games last season successful rescue, ranked fifth in the AL.


Following the old coach Joe Torre (Joe Torre) leave the Yankees selected

Following the old coach Joe Torre (Joe Torre) leave the Yankees selected, the "golden boy" Luodelizi (Alex Rodriguez) and then leave the club shocker thrown once again "shake" New York!

In order to help A-Rod for a more lucrative contract, dominated by the broker Porras "money bucket" on the 29th to make Yankees fans appear shocking development, according to the Associated Press reports that Luodelizi released through the broker E -mail said it would exercise the escape clause, giving up 3 years with the Yankees the rest of the contract, into the free agent market.

Under the current contract, A-Rod If you choose to continue Phi Yankees shirt, the next three years will be 72 million U.S. dollars into the bags, of which 21 million U.S. dollars paid by the former club Rangers, announced today Luodelizi exercise escape clauses, the Yankees will not only Rangers lost the financial aid, have to stick to the new season of four candidates for nerve-racking.

The Yankees had already indicated that "good Never look back" position, if A-Rod choice to give up the contract, the Yankees will not bid into the free market, the super agent Porras has let it be for A-Rod for 3 years billion 60 million U.S. dollars of contracts, 30 million U.S. dollars annual salary is also interested in fighting for A-Rod to the Angels back down.

A-Rod really worth 30 million U.S. dollars annual salary? Porras said Luodelizi joined the Yankees, not only to increase ticket sales, exclusive of the value of YES TV network has also soared from one billion U.S. dollars to 3 billion U.S. dollars at one go, not to mention A-Rod also pay a 3 percent this quarter, 14 batting average, 54 homers and a career-high record of 156 RBIs in the rosy results, a great opportunity to aspirations to the American League MVP.


Cardinals win the World Series champion in 2006

Although the Cardinals season record "slide", then the team still show high-level sincerity, decided to give La Lusha (Tony La Russa) two years to return to the peak.

Cardinals win the World Series champion in 2006, this season the defending army hardly a trace of momentum, hit a disappointing 78 wins 84 lost performance, and even get into the playoffs is the general manager has been "the cloth cover," to walk, unexpectedly momentum Yankees fall of Lalu Sha been included in coach fill the list, the Cardinals see the signs wrong, quickly with the 63-year-old two-year contract in the name of coach to ensure that the team competitive.

La Lusha has 29 years of major league coaching experience, was named a league-best four times head coach, led the Athletics for the first time in 1989, won the World Series champion, fought in 1996, St. Louis, 2004,2005 consecutive season lay 100 years winning record last year, is not optimistic case, a 4:1 win over the Tigers climb to the top, La Lusha Cardinals coaching 12 seasons, 887 wins record total of 1055 defeat, winning 5 percent 43.