Hughes battle Blue Jays have won

Hughes (Phil Hughes) poor today, only 5 minutes to vote 3.2 hit exit, was struck a total of 6 security, and cast up to five walks a few too many balls into a big problem. The replacement Vazquez (Javier Vazquez) invested in 9 Board, simply because of Hill's solo shot lost 1 point.
Hill hit the solo shot before, no hits through 20 at bats, and only 2 walks in the big downturn Rod plays down from the first 6 rods 8 rods, this home run will not only let him sweep to open the haze, at that time helped lead the team back to 4 points. The Blue Jays team home run number 192 now ranks the highest in Major League, August 34 is also the highest monthly.

Previous six starts, Hughes battle Blue Jays have won, but the team is way behind today, but yesterday against the outbreak hit the four security of Tucker Xue pull (Mark Teixeira), but today there is no mention of 4 are paid double kill hit, one of the reasons is lost.