Former Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego pitcher Tom disabilities can (Brett Tomko)

Former Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego pitcher Tom disabilities can (Brett Tomko), only to be tomorrow's medical examination by, become a member of the Kansas City Royals.

According to ESPN.com reports that Tom may have been with the Royals 1 year 3 million U.S. dollars contract agreement, but Royals general manager of Moore (Dayton Moore) and do not want to comment directly on this matter, but the coach is through James Hillman members to make this levy.

Tang Ke, 34, experienced a Hillman favorite starting pitcher, if he does not squeeze into the starting pitching staff, but also as a competent long relief pitcher. Royals this year, the original Chinese and the other two starting hands, including the Po-(Jon Leiber), went to the Chicago Cubs, the Japanese pitcher Hiroki Kuroda was the Los Angeles Dodgers team recruited, so to make the Royals more actively to seek Tom can be joined, according to ESPN.com reports that the Royal also offers his 150-million incentive bonus.

Tang Ke pay 4.1 million U.S. dollars last year, last year the Dodgers and Padres, a race of 40 games, 19 games as a starter, won 10, lost 4 record, 5.55 ERA. Tom can have 11-year old major league ball were played for six teams, a career record of 93 wins 92 lost, ERA 4.62, in 1998 Reds and the Cardinals in 2003 to vote out of 13 wins a season results.

Currently Royals starting pitcher candidates have Jimmy Xu (Gil Meche), class Ni Shite (Brian Bannister) and Ge Linke (Zack Greinke), Tom can lead a medical examination if the pass must be sought in spring training performance, and then with the Indira Rosa (Jorge De La Rosa), Davis (Kyle Davies), Hideo Nomo, Bell (John Bale), Huoqi Wa (Luke Hochevar), Hanson (Luke Hudson) and Lawrence (Brian Lawrence) for the other two starting pitcher places, including Hideo Nomo, and Lawrence was not in 40 list, the list is invited.