Following the old coach Joe Torre (Joe Torre) leave the Yankees selected

Following the old coach Joe Torre (Joe Torre) leave the Yankees selected, the "golden boy" Luodelizi (Alex Rodriguez) and then leave the club shocker thrown once again "shake" New York!

In order to help A-Rod for a more lucrative contract, dominated by the broker Porras "money bucket" on the 29th to make Yankees fans appear shocking development, according to the Associated Press reports that Luodelizi released through the broker E -mail said it would exercise the escape clause, giving up 3 years with the Yankees the rest of the contract, into the free agent market.

Under the current contract, A-Rod If you choose to continue Phi Yankees shirt, the next three years will be 72 million U.S. dollars into the bags, of which 21 million U.S. dollars paid by the former club Rangers, announced today Luodelizi exercise escape clauses, the Yankees will not only Rangers lost the financial aid, have to stick to the new season of four candidates for nerve-racking.

The Yankees had already indicated that "good Never look back" position, if A-Rod choice to give up the contract, the Yankees will not bid into the free market, the super agent Porras has let it be for A-Rod for 3 years billion 60 million U.S. dollars of contracts, 30 million U.S. dollars annual salary is also interested in fighting for A-Rod to the Angels back down.

A-Rod really worth 30 million U.S. dollars annual salary? Porras said Luodelizi joined the Yankees, not only to increase ticket sales, exclusive of the value of YES TV network has also soared from one billion U.S. dollars to 3 billion U.S. dollars at one go, not to mention A-Rod also pay a 3 percent this quarter, 14 batting average, 54 homers and a career-high record of 156 RBIs in the rosy results, a great opportunity to aspirations to the American League MVP.