The way the bullet and the Westbrook

The way the bullet and the Westbrook, 8 Board will again Posada, Granderson jointly pushed back after the iron catching on base hits, both season before the Yankees fought in the American League Central, the Indians of the back of its hand to Granderson 1 Stick to send the ball on the right field bleachers children so hard to play to keep the U.S. technology autumn sequel.

Center line of a serious card playing shells (10 0), the Yankees audience only Swisher, Posada, Granderson contributed four hits, but fortunately enough to power two long-playing to help Javier Vazquez 7 Board lost 2 points 9 premium content celebrate the victory, Mariano Rivera 9 Bureau of Conservatism, from Carlos Santana start to hit the impact point of the first 21 recorded aid.

Indians 6, hits are still better than the Yankees, helpless hard consistency, Westbrook missed the victory won from the hands of the old club, responsible for loss of 8 Board 3 voted to swallow bitter defeat.