Cardinals win the World Series champion in 2006

Although the Cardinals season record "slide", then the team still show high-level sincerity, decided to give La Lusha (Tony La Russa) two years to return to the peak.

Cardinals win the World Series champion in 2006, this season the defending army hardly a trace of momentum, hit a disappointing 78 wins 84 lost performance, and even get into the playoffs is the general manager has been "the cloth cover," to walk, unexpectedly momentum Yankees fall of Lalu Sha been included in coach fill the list, the Cardinals see the signs wrong, quickly with the 63-year-old two-year contract in the name of coach to ensure that the team competitive.

La Lusha has 29 years of major league coaching experience, was named a league-best four times head coach, led the Athletics for the first time in 1989, won the World Series champion, fought in 1996, St. Louis, 2004,2005 consecutive season lay 100 years winning record last year, is not optimistic case, a 4:1 win over the Tigers climb to the top, La Lusha Cardinals coaching 12 seasons, 887 wins record total of 1055 defeat, winning 5 percent 43.