Patriots 18 wins make history

Patriots through a perfect match is not, finally created a new NFL history, one season of 18 war victory. Dolphins 1972 perfect season is to win Super Bowl 17 victory war. Patriot game is repeated only a thin dolphins perfect season.

The game was the second week of the regular season opponents met again. This race is for the Patriots, far less than the regular season was an exciting. Especially given the rival team's three stars main lightning all seriously injured, barely played, the Patriot's performance can only pass muster. Quarterback Brady was intercepted three passes, things take over Morse almost disappeared, only 1 catch 18 yards. But the Patriot defense this war was a very prominent, rather break than bend, can be said to win the hero. Lightning team scored 3 times within the Patriot 10 yard line, can only be ending on penalties. Especially the first two penalties, even if there are one to touchdowns, Lightning can lead patriot game situation may change. In contrast Patriots scored four times lightning red zone, three touchdowns passes to be anti-1 cut, very high success rate.

Lightning team is not up front, main running back Tomlinson can not play a main reason. The game, Lightning team three masters, quarterback Rui Fusi right knee injury, running back Tomlinson injured his left knee, proximal left front toe Gates has been playing hurt two games. Tomlinson before the game could have been of the three most promising comeback, but he played only two attacks, 2 red ball 5 yards, 1 catch, on the left knee pain out of the race. Rui Fusi and Gates While support to the end of the game, but play a significant discount level. Gates only 17 yards the ball two times, there is no significant threat to the Patriots. Rui Fusi move at the pace clearly seen staggering gait, passing accuracy greatly reduced.


The first year after the Super Bowl Sunday is the NFL gathered on the traditional

The first year after the Super Bowl Sunday is the NFL gathered on the traditional. Expert teams to give up all its pains and sorrows season and opt for meet in the sun was shining and the ocean breezes of Hawaii, Honolulu to conduct an exhibition match. Since it is exhibition, naturally, would not be so keen to death Xiang Bo, defender offensive players usually put a horse, so the performance of offensive players is more eye-catching and more freely. Attack and defense is basically one to one manner, the overall tactical coordination is very difficult to act as a go up within a week. The League of Nations in the last 42 to 30 victory over Midland.

In accordance with tradition, the League and American League All-Star team by the coaching staff and the American League Championship League coach as a negative, unable to enter the Super Bowl as a consolation match. So this year's Wing is Lightning coach the United States troops, the League of Nations is the Packers coaching staff.

NFL's All-Star Game for the entry requirements are not clearly defined, All-Star for personal reasons or injury can not attend. This year's American League and National League starting quarterback both missed the American League and National League of the Brady law did not participate in Eph. Therefore, AP starting quarterback Peyton Manning from the Colts as the League of Nations starting from Tony Romo. AP added to the Browns quarterback D. Anderson into the quarterback replacement, the League added to the Buccaneers quarterback Jeff Garcia to four Sub-Wei reserve.


Lightning 23, Titans 17

Lightning 23, Titans 17

Lightning in this crucial game against a wild card contender Titan, consolidating his own Midland fourth position. The two sides were not in the first half touchdowns with only 44 yards on penalties Titans lead three minutes. Lightning quarterback Dreyfuss poor performance of the former three, but the first four consecutive two touchdown passes, forced Titan into overtime. Tomlinson, last year's world number one Chong showing hero in overtime, 16 yards push deep up front, so that a burst of Titan fell to the ground.

Bears 16, Redskins 24

Redskins Campbell, the young quarterback injured in the second quarter end. Picea replaced veteran Collins. 10 years, has never been started, and just had a second touchdown pass of the Collins, the Redskins pass defense against cut-off, after a recorded message array 21 yards long. Redskins by 7 to 0 first half lead. Section IV concludes with a push deep attack, Collins again, 16 yards passing succeeded, Redskins beat the Bears. Contrast Bears quarterback Grossman, Gehrig replaced shortly after they played, the latter performance is unsatisfactory, 2 passes were erythrodermic team Sperling anti-cut. Collins, in the end how old? He was once the Bill four teams into the Super Bowl, 2002 Hall of Fame quarterback Jim - Kelly's replacement.


Raiders away 22-29 loss to Vikings

Raiders quarterback Daunte Culpepper. Every time Battle of the team he had played when both scored excellent achievements. This field is no exception, Sunday's game in his 39 pass 23 to lead the silver and black army advancing 344 yards! And passing touchdowns one time. Polish artillery Sebastian Janikowski. 5 shooting Fifth contributed 16 points (including touchdowns additional points). Raiders defensive group also forced the other side lose the ball five times. Unfortunately, these seem not enough to win silver and black regiment, the ultimate Raiders in 22-29 loss to the road on the Vikings.

Assume personal command of the race Sunday at home by the Vikings in the first attack. The first attack on a long pass from quarterback S. Rice took over the outside V. Shiancoe, advancing 79 yards! Instant immediate concern Raiders defensive interior. Subsequently, the running back Chester Taylor short-term assault, 10 yards touchdowns. Vikings to 7-0 head start. 6 minutes after the raid had been side six yards in the office because of a foul, penalized 6 yards, gave the Vikings a security score (Safety). Section I, 10 minutes, Silver Legion Janikowski black injection location 42 yards the ball, recovering from two-thirds.


Titan super running back named the Best Offensive Player

AP's Top offensive player of the Year title of the final Whispering Chris - Johnson, the Titans running back ran in the 2009 season, more than 2,000 yards achievements Lianpao with access distance of 2509 yards total offense record NFL records, but has also become the first NFL history, a red ball at the same time more than 2000 yard catch more than five hundred yards of the player.

In 50 ballots cast, Johnson received an overwhelming majority of 38.5, the second team from Saints quarterback Drew - Brisbane, received only 9 support, Johnson said: "I actually know, I feel to his own experience of a fantastic season. "Johnson's 16 touchdowns after the Vikings running back Adrian - Petersen consecutive games of at least 6 red ball 125 yards to create a new NFL record. Johnson that he is running the fastest NFL player, unless the current men's 100 meters record holder Bolt joined the NFL, his goal was to break Eric - Dixon to maintain a single red ball 2105 yards last season records and regular season MVP .


Baker in the New York Jets and played seven seasons

Martin, 27 years old, in 2009 for the St. Louis eight appearances, before joining the Rams before he played for the Green Bay three seasons of his career a total of 58 times the ball a total of 848 yards, 6 touchdowns.

Baker in the New York Jets and played seven seasons, last year he was playing varsity in the New England Patriots reserve. His best performance was in 2007 in the Jets, he had 41 catches for 409 yards, scoring three touchdowns.

Seattle also, and running back Tyler - Rolle and defensive end Matt - Overton lifting of the contract.


NFL labor agreement on sensitive issues

Q: In the last season, mid-year, restricted free agent by what decision?
A: The salary cap in a season, if only one player played three seasons, then when the contract expires becomes a restricted free agent, in the 2010 season, the players whether it is the effectiveness of 3 years, 4 years or 5 years, after the expiration of the contract is a restricted free agent, but the compensation and the transfer than before has not changed.
Q: The last one season and year, the team can also specify the privileges of the players or the players do the transition?
Answer: Yes, the team players can label. Season in a salary cap, teams can specify a privileged player or transition player, a season in the last year, the team can specify a transition player, a transition player wages must be the same location up to 10 people on average wages , or in the past year, 120% of the total wages, whichever the higher amount. When the transition to the players after the expiration of the contract, the original team has the right to match within 7 days to consider whether other teams to his contract, the team sent out the same if the original contract, then the players have to stay if you do not intend to match, can not from the Other clubs be compensated.
Q: What is the "top eight program"?
A: In most there is a season, 8 teams in the playoffs last season's team is limited, not free from other teams to sign into the non-restricted free agent. In general, access to union final four teams from the other teams to sign free agent into a limited number of specific number of other teams have been signed away by the free agent to decide the number, they can not sign any university players, unless the The player has already been signed to other teams about.
Did not enter the federation final four playoff teams in addition can be signed away the quantity of free agent to sign other free agents, it can also in a number of financial parameters under the guidance of signing more players, which would be each team can only be checked in the first year of a contract more than 5.5 million U.S. dollars annual salary of the players, or into an unlimited number of contracts signed during the first year annual salary of 370 million dollars of non-restricted free agent, but the player's wage growth is limited .
Q: The last one season, there were no agent market?
A: There may be. Union collective agreement to give rookie players unilaterally to maintain or abolish the power of the market.
Q: The last one season, there were no minimum wage bill?
A: There is no minimum wage. Total amount of the minimum wage in 2009 was 100 million 7740008 1000 U.S. dollars, which means each team at least 7 million to spend 100 million on players wages (excluding benefits), salary cap in 2009 is 100 million 23 million U.S. dollars.
Q: The last one season, there were no personal minimum wage?
A: Yes, but the rate of increase than those with a small salary cap year.
Q: Are there players in the contract clause in the final years of a season still in force?
A: Yes, a number of years in a salary cap contracts, such as "30% growth in the rules" in the last years of a season still in effect, the rules of the 2010 wage increase over the previous year's rate, for example, a player 20009 annual salary of 50 million, he was the growth of wages in 2010 the amount shall not be higher than 15 million dollars (500,000 X30%).


End of number one Super Bowl MVP quarterback battle

Face may become the best quarterback in NFL history, Peyton - Manning, Drew - Bruce doubt in everyone's eyes entered the altar, four won the regular season MVP's Peyton - Manning performance Dashishuizhun , only one touchdown pass, and were steals a times, but the Saints defense stronger, more balanced ground-air offensive. Drew - Brisbane 39 passes were successful 32 times, advancing distance of 288 yards, two touchdowns passing, in addition to passing a total distance of handicap, other data are finished blasting Brisbane Manning, quarterback scores can truly reflect the gap: 114.5 compared with 88.5 and, more importantly, led in his first time, the Saints reached the Super Bowl champion got his wish to win the final.

After Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans, NFL free agent in St. Miami believers have tried to avoid the contract team because of the team with the cities, to go through reconstruction, there are too many burdens, drama, and beyond are expected to know. But Drew - Brisbane not in the column, and in 2006 suffered a serious shoulder injury in Brisbane became a free agent, but a real interest in his team is only two, of which only the Saints are rebuilding his full confidence, Brisbane then abandoned the warm and humid, the scenic coast of Miami, selection of urban renewal in New Orleans. After tempered too phoenix, February 8, 2010, Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Brisbane to prove his original choice is correct - the first time the Saints win the Super Bowl championship.

New Orleans stood behind the whole Brisbane, he was high hopes for a still in the rebuilding of the city, the Super Bowl champions will be a tremendous honor pride. Hope for the future was sitting Field - Brisbane's youngest son to the scene to cheer for the father, the small guy wearing his father's shirt, charmingly naive, it seems that the father did not know that Taiwan and USA Spring Festival Evening is the number one hero. Brisbane the event are strong, strong, and our judgments outstanding abilities, often in electro-optic and make an informed choice between Firestone, send a very penetrating power of the pass, they tear each other's line of understatement, direct stabbing opponent's heart, this games, face the Super Bowl, Brisbane once again proved they have the super-mental quality, from beginning to end he organized in an orderly attack, 32 successful passes tied - Tom Brady's Super Bowl record keeping.


Well-known players and Jaguars NFL team signed

Chapman, a total of 54 career sack, becoming an elite quarterback in recent years, one of surprise. He created a 06-08 season sack record of 37, but the 09 season due to injury struggling. Last season in the new defensive coach Daum - Couples, men, Chapman was asked from the 4-3 formation in the defensive end into a 3-4 formation of outside health, of this apparent change requires him to learn surprise a quarter of Wei subtle changes in the way - from a standing position into a bent, occasionally falling into the passing range. Although Chapman has never publicly complained about the location change, and coach said his work ethic has never wavered, but the obvious change in his position, and not particularly passionate. Chapman gradually adapted to his new position, but almost impossible to spot, like a quarterback who, as efficient, pre-injury he was only 3.5 sack performance.

Chapman on November 15 last year, Green Bay beat Dallas game inadvertently concussion, which he for the first time since 2003, injury. He next week's game against the San Francisco back, but because of a knee injury led to reimburse the season. Packers coaches have said they want to renew off-season period and Chapman, and optimistic that he, as an outside Wei will continue to progress. It is generally predicted Chapman will be joined as a free agent to provide a 4-3 formation team.

"Obviously I've got used to the 3-4 formation," Chapman said in January. "I do not have the opportunity to comment throughout the year of the time, and then said:" Hey, that's great. "But I am in this position is becoming more comfortable. Having said that, in the 4-3 formation that I have more experience, I think these two locations I can do that." Chapman last year, December 4 had surgery in January, he said the progress of rehabilitation "was very much encouraged," and look forward to training camp ready to play his position. "Things are very, very good progress," Chapman said. "I'm very pleased."


Beckham after the World Cup return to the Galaxy

With the first than when joining AC Milan, David Beckham's "second malignancy" can be said to quiet many, in the Jinji Lun, Beckham has lost the main location, in the initial "lease renewal after the expiry of Beckham "The idea has been shelved temporarily, in this context, the club announced that the Los Angeles Galaxy Beckham after the World Cup will return to the United States is still playing.

"Beckham will return to the Los Angeles Galaxy after the World Cup play, which is no doubt." This is the United States Major League chairman Don - Gabel announced yesterday, in fact, David Beckham and the Los Angeles Galaxy The contract will have the priority provisions of the decision that is the winter of 2009, after David Beckham can choose whether to continue playing in the Los Angeles Galaxy, if he is willing to continue to stay in AC Milan, then he could choose to terminate the contract, but it now appears that , David Beckham and AC Milan both sides wish to continue further along this road, Beckham will also be automatically associated with the Los Angeles Galaxy next two years, the contract will remain in force. In the end, Beckham will retire in the United States, while AC Milan will also choose a younger line.

But this season, Beckham is still in the remaining time will be AC Milan, and trusted adviser to the current round of the Rome, Pato can not play, Beckham is still the most likely location of midfield, as Gennaro Gattuso suspended, At present only the AC Milan Pirlo, Massimo Ambrosini, Mathieu Flamini, four midfielder David Beckham is available, but Beckham is not the General Assembly, as when he arrived as a guest wing, and the issue of surrogate in Pato Leonardo choice of a lot of media speculation there are many, Leonardo was initially inclined to Mancini, which is right in his post-match press conference in Atlanta, said, in addition, recent media reports Leonardo also intends to use Klaas-Jan Huntelaar and the composition of pairs of striker Marco Borriello, Ronaldinho, or Shence activity behind them, the latest news is that Adia in the squad warm-up match 6-0 victory over third-line match in two goals in the independent, performance eye-catching, but also gave Leonardo a new choice.