The first year after the Super Bowl Sunday is the NFL gathered on the traditional

The first year after the Super Bowl Sunday is the NFL gathered on the traditional. Expert teams to give up all its pains and sorrows season and opt for meet in the sun was shining and the ocean breezes of Hawaii, Honolulu to conduct an exhibition match. Since it is exhibition, naturally, would not be so keen to death Xiang Bo, defender offensive players usually put a horse, so the performance of offensive players is more eye-catching and more freely. Attack and defense is basically one to one manner, the overall tactical coordination is very difficult to act as a go up within a week. The League of Nations in the last 42 to 30 victory over Midland.

In accordance with tradition, the League and American League All-Star team by the coaching staff and the American League Championship League coach as a negative, unable to enter the Super Bowl as a consolation match. So this year's Wing is Lightning coach the United States troops, the League of Nations is the Packers coaching staff.

NFL's All-Star Game for the entry requirements are not clearly defined, All-Star for personal reasons or injury can not attend. This year's American League and National League starting quarterback both missed the American League and National League of the Brady law did not participate in Eph. Therefore, AP starting quarterback Peyton Manning from the Colts as the League of Nations starting from Tony Romo. AP added to the Browns quarterback D. Anderson into the quarterback replacement, the League added to the Buccaneers quarterback Jeff Garcia to four Sub-Wei reserve.