Titan super running back named the Best Offensive Player

AP's Top offensive player of the Year title of the final Whispering Chris - Johnson, the Titans running back ran in the 2009 season, more than 2,000 yards achievements Lianpao with access distance of 2509 yards total offense record NFL records, but has also become the first NFL history, a red ball at the same time more than 2000 yard catch more than five hundred yards of the player.

In 50 ballots cast, Johnson received an overwhelming majority of 38.5, the second team from Saints quarterback Drew - Brisbane, received only 9 support, Johnson said: "I actually know, I feel to his own experience of a fantastic season. "Johnson's 16 touchdowns after the Vikings running back Adrian - Petersen consecutive games of at least 6 red ball 125 yards to create a new NFL record. Johnson that he is running the fastest NFL player, unless the current men's 100 meters record holder Bolt joined the NFL, his goal was to break Eric - Dixon to maintain a single red ball 2105 yards last season records and regular season MVP .