NFL labor agreement on sensitive issues

Q: In the last season, mid-year, restricted free agent by what decision?
A: The salary cap in a season, if only one player played three seasons, then when the contract expires becomes a restricted free agent, in the 2010 season, the players whether it is the effectiveness of 3 years, 4 years or 5 years, after the expiration of the contract is a restricted free agent, but the compensation and the transfer than before has not changed.
Q: The last one season and year, the team can also specify the privileges of the players or the players do the transition?
Answer: Yes, the team players can label. Season in a salary cap, teams can specify a privileged player or transition player, a season in the last year, the team can specify a transition player, a transition player wages must be the same location up to 10 people on average wages , or in the past year, 120% of the total wages, whichever the higher amount. When the transition to the players after the expiration of the contract, the original team has the right to match within 7 days to consider whether other teams to his contract, the team sent out the same if the original contract, then the players have to stay if you do not intend to match, can not from the Other clubs be compensated.
Q: What is the "top eight program"?
A: In most there is a season, 8 teams in the playoffs last season's team is limited, not free from other teams to sign into the non-restricted free agent. In general, access to union final four teams from the other teams to sign free agent into a limited number of specific number of other teams have been signed away by the free agent to decide the number, they can not sign any university players, unless the The player has already been signed to other teams about.
Did not enter the federation final four playoff teams in addition can be signed away the quantity of free agent to sign other free agents, it can also in a number of financial parameters under the guidance of signing more players, which would be each team can only be checked in the first year of a contract more than 5.5 million U.S. dollars annual salary of the players, or into an unlimited number of contracts signed during the first year annual salary of 370 million dollars of non-restricted free agent, but the player's wage growth is limited .
Q: The last one season, there were no agent market?
A: There may be. Union collective agreement to give rookie players unilaterally to maintain or abolish the power of the market.
Q: The last one season, there were no minimum wage bill?
A: There is no minimum wage. Total amount of the minimum wage in 2009 was 100 million 7740008 1000 U.S. dollars, which means each team at least 7 million to spend 100 million on players wages (excluding benefits), salary cap in 2009 is 100 million 23 million U.S. dollars.
Q: The last one season, there were no personal minimum wage?
A: Yes, but the rate of increase than those with a small salary cap year.
Q: Are there players in the contract clause in the final years of a season still in force?
A: Yes, a number of years in a salary cap contracts, such as "30% growth in the rules" in the last years of a season still in effect, the rules of the 2010 wage increase over the previous year's rate, for example, a player 20009 annual salary of 50 million, he was the growth of wages in 2010 the amount shall not be higher than 15 million dollars (500,000 X30%).