Nokia's only loss turn to win

Experienced a nightmare third quarter in 2009, after January 29, the world's largest mobile phone maker Nokia announced in 2009 the last reported quarter, the data show that the fourth quarter of last year, Nokia's net sales of 12 billion euros, with compared with the previous quarter, an increase of 22%, profit 1.473 billion euros (about 140 billion yuan).

Nokia's proud of the "boss" status in recent years, suffered an unprecedented challenge, Samsung, Apple and other giants to use fashion design and program software advantages that the status of the impact of the Nokia 2008, Nokia's share of smart phones has dropped to 35% so, to March 2009, Nokia's share even in the United States fell below 10%. Last year, the first and second two quarters, Nokia's net profit year on year decline in the third quarter of last year, Nokia and even the worst fiscal record of the decade, reported a loss of approximately 5.318 billion yuan. Now, Nokia's share began to have recovered. January 29, Nokia (China) is a department manager, told reporters that the fourth quarter of 2009 is expected in the mobile terminal 39% share in the year is expected to 38%.

In this regard, Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, said, mainly due to the first touch-screen and full keyboard cell phone market, smart mobile phone market share has improved.


The wrong way to lose weight

2:00 bowel thin liquid magic

Merchant claims that: cutting-edge high-tech, Lee Su-fat human lymph transdermal connectivity to speed up the calories and fat into free fatty acids, and excreted through the lymphatic system to achieve fast weight loss weight-loss purposes.

User feedback: I saw on television this product, so he called an order for the product. Sent two boxes, a box is a liquid, a pill box. Advertisement saying there was no medicine, only in the right lobe, and 3 cm under the navel wiping the line, 12 days effective, and 3 days by 3.5 kilograms. But I have spent the last 78 days, and still no response a bit. Finally, I still try holding the feelings of Chile Yao film, then diarrhea, but then feel uncomfortable, it can not be used again.
Big Jiemi the truth: the so-called principle of lymphatic row of fat, professional doctors shook their heads: "We are like a doctor by profession, it is difficult to understand what this means." But what is certain is that lymph can not lose weight to play such a an important role. Lymphatic circulation is an integral part of the human body, fat decomposition products into the blood, and the lymphatic system has a number of material exchange, lymphatic indeed capable of delivering the decomposition of fat, but the amount is minimal, even if the drugs can accelerate the decomposition of fat within the lymphoid metabolism, for the role of weight loss is almost negligible.

Body surface fat joke row

Merchant claimed: and the "magic medicine" compared to "a single step liposuction paste" the effect is more intuitive, like the two plaster patch attached to the soles of the feet, a few hours later removed, the patch becomes dark brown. Such a "high-tech in vitro liposuction detoxification product" could "make a real break down fat cells, transforming, and to eliminate excess body fat."

User Feedback: 1 consumers find that using "a single step liposuction paste" null and void, after doing an interesting experiment, exposing the "first step liposuction paste" secrets. She posted the product on its own kettles, over time, "liposuction paste" also became a dark brown, abruptly from the water bottle out of the "fat" to.

Jie Mi truth: only through the energy metabolism, body fat, so fat into fat metabolites - water, carbon dioxide, ketones and other substances excreted in vitro, fat can not be directly eliminated from the body, "liposuction in vitro" concept is nonsense .

To deal with the many weight loss products, Dalian University Affiliated Xinhua Hospital, Wang Chen, director of physician introduced the Road: effective way to lose weight is to burn calories and promote metabolism. Because 70% of body heat through their own metabolic consumption, exercise may be consumed by only 15%. So, whether active or passive movement movement, the final analysis, not through the exercise to burn fat, but by prolonged aerobic exercise to improve the body's metabolic rate to burn up the fat.

Slimming products in the choice to avoid the need to pay attention to four errors:

1, the purpose of weight loss errors in 80.7% of people use weight loss products in order to maintain a good shape, only 29.3 percent of people in order to let the body more healthy.

2, many people want immediate results within a month or two, such as the reduction can not afford to immediately replace the other products, in fact, lose weight quickly, is not conducive to health.

3, just-do-as long as the short cut down on the line, simply do not understand the mechanism of weight loss products, the use of the blind.

4, focusing only on weight-loss effect, pay no attention to security. Most people judge the standard weight-loss products is a good or bad can reduce the number of only 4% of the people mentioned in security issues.

Experts pointed out that: to lose weight should first take into account the safety, security is guaranteed only under the premise makes sense to lose weight.


The food basket of food to lose weight

Many ways to lose weight, diet food products will be done, do not underestimate the usual basket, once it is arranged, perhaps it will be your first step to embark on the road to lose weight does.

Melon: melon fat-free, containing sodium is low, with a diuretic to the water effect. A majority of body fat accumulation of excessive moisture, muscle weakness is not real, non-governmental experience, common melon Shaotang Beverage Service, can expel excessive moisture, weight loss efficacy evident in winter when no wax gourd, wax gourd skin can be dry 30 grams, add water amount of fried drink, but also allows people who are obese gradually thin.

Cucumber: medical experiments proved that inhibit cucumber contains a carbohydrate into fat propanol acid substances, obese people eat it regularly cucumber have to lose weight effect. Cucumber also contains fine cellulose, the promotion of the intestine and reduce the excretion of cholesterol are effective.

Papaya: Papaya milk contains two kinds of enzymes. One is papain, can be broken down proteins into amino acids; another lipase, the fat has a strong decomposition capability. Therefore, regular consumption of obese people to lose weight have a certain effect.

Plum: It is a rich organic acids and inorganic acids, alkaline food, especially citric acid containing same stuff on the metabolic heat has a very good role. Some experts believe that it is the leader in weight loss food. It is reported that Japan and other countries people to eat plums and their products, "Meirou Baptist Youth", "plum juice concentrate," "plum preserves" and other fashion known to the world to lose weight.

Corn: It has diuretic, gallbladder, blood pressure and other effects, with sun-dried corn to be 10-15 g, add water about 250 grams of tea brewing on behalf of the use, there are diuretic and to reduce the role of cholesterol accumulation while keeping slimming effect.


Italian Prime Minister to promote the strengthening of the supervision of YouTube and other sites

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is pushing for increased regulation of the Internet to monitor the object, including Google's video sharing site YouTube.

According to the eminent political commentary blog, "Huffington Post" message, the Italian regulation on the Internet have gone in front in other European countries, the Government has developed a video on the Web site to review the Act and will be in February 4, the entry into force.

The 34-page decree requirements include Internet sites, including YouTube videos uploaded need to be audited, mainly to the prevention of violence and pornography, the proliferation of video on the Internet. The Act also allowed telecom operators to shut down Web sites of such non-compliance with the Act, or face 150-150000 euros ranging from fines.

This Act in Italian society caused enormous repercussions. There are human rights organization said in a statement the bill would pose a threat to freedom of expression in Italy. Now includes Google, media freedom watchdog, and telecommunications providers are in urgent consultations between the response to the advent of the bill.

Google European Policy Office of the High Counsel Mark will be 29, said he expects the proposal to withdraw, change or delay the entry into force. He said, "We are concerned that YouTube so simply to the general public to provide content services to enterprises and the actual control over the content of the traditional network confused, as this would damage the entire Internet system."

The driving force behind the Act is believed to Berlusconi. Because the regulations in mid-December last year, being in writing, but at the moment, a subsidiary of Berlusconi's media group is a result of the illegal use of its YouTube videos and claims the occasion of 500 million euros. In addition, YouTube had also posted a video Berlusconi attacked, when many Internet users to post to YouTube and Facebook, "applauded." Followed by Italian Interior Minister Roberto Maroni said the network would like to make restrictions on the motion, triggering controversy.
More news: http://shoe-sky.blogspot.com/


The United States through the "net" trouble trying to do?

Recently, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the "Internet freedom" made a speech, accusing China's Internet management policies, insinuate Chinese restrictions on Internet freedom, to the world to market their so-called "freedom of information." Before the U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi was an uproar against the United States along with other high-tech companies, saying that "Google's actions are all businesses and governments should learn from the example." U.S. government officials to Google desire to withdraw from China, or for explicitly or implicitly attacks on China's Internet freedom, their intention?
Network attack - in the end who is attacking and who is the victim?

Hillary talked about Google, "often face varying degrees of cyber attacks." In fact, the hacker attacks on the network can be described as the world's pollution, the world are affected by their intrusion. Since 1994, the formal introduction of the Internet in China has always been faced with China's Internet hacker attacks, network viruses and other illegal and criminal activities, serious threat. According to the sampling data show that in China alone in 2009 were outside the control of the computer IP addresses reached more than 100 million, have been tampered with hacker organization's website up to 42000; in by the network virus threats, last year only to be " fly-off, "a network worm infected the number of computers per month reached 18 million units, accounting for the world's infected hosts 30% of the total, ranking the world. Can be said that our country is the biggest victim of cyber-attacks.

Hacker attacks are spontaneous acts of Internet users, there are some countries, the government organizational behavior. In fact, the United States in the latter be called first in the world, the headquarters of the United States is not only hackers, but also the world's first country to introduce the concept of network warfare, is the first one will be applied to real country. The United States also establish and develop a new military branch - Army network. According to the U.S. "New York Times" reported that the U.S. Department of Defense to take measures to strengthen the U.S. military prepare for network warfare capabilities, the U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates in June last year, the official ordered the creation of Cyber Command to unify the coordination of network security to protect U.S. forces and conduct network warfare such as computer network-related military operations. As in May 2009, Microsoft Corp., according to the U.S. government's mandate, cutting off Cuba, Iran, Syria, Sudan and North Korea five countries MSN instant messaging service port. Before and after the election in Iran, the United States in order to support the electoral defeat of the reformists, the use of push special (Twitter) to help create public opinion opposition momentum. Can be seen in the United States, where the Internet is a practical tool for the sanctions, the Internet acts as the U.S. government to crack down on other countries of the "hatchet man" and "accomplice" effect. While unreasonably criticized his country, but on their readiness to strengthen the network warfare capabilities, such an approach is not kindness.