Nokia's only loss turn to win

Experienced a nightmare third quarter in 2009, after January 29, the world's largest mobile phone maker Nokia announced in 2009 the last reported quarter, the data show that the fourth quarter of last year, Nokia's net sales of 12 billion euros, with compared with the previous quarter, an increase of 22%, profit 1.473 billion euros (about 140 billion yuan).

Nokia's proud of the "boss" status in recent years, suffered an unprecedented challenge, Samsung, Apple and other giants to use fashion design and program software advantages that the status of the impact of the Nokia 2008, Nokia's share of smart phones has dropped to 35% so, to March 2009, Nokia's share even in the United States fell below 10%. Last year, the first and second two quarters, Nokia's net profit year on year decline in the third quarter of last year, Nokia and even the worst fiscal record of the decade, reported a loss of approximately 5.318 billion yuan. Now, Nokia's share began to have recovered. January 29, Nokia (China) is a department manager, told reporters that the fourth quarter of 2009 is expected in the mobile terminal 39% share in the year is expected to 38%.

In this regard, Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, said, mainly due to the first touch-screen and full keyboard cell phone market, smart mobile phone market share has improved.