Italian Prime Minister to promote the strengthening of the supervision of YouTube and other sites

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is pushing for increased regulation of the Internet to monitor the object, including Google's video sharing site YouTube.

According to the eminent political commentary blog, "Huffington Post" message, the Italian regulation on the Internet have gone in front in other European countries, the Government has developed a video on the Web site to review the Act and will be in February 4, the entry into force.

The 34-page decree requirements include Internet sites, including YouTube videos uploaded need to be audited, mainly to the prevention of violence and pornography, the proliferation of video on the Internet. The Act also allowed telecom operators to shut down Web sites of such non-compliance with the Act, or face 150-150000 euros ranging from fines.

This Act in Italian society caused enormous repercussions. There are human rights organization said in a statement the bill would pose a threat to freedom of expression in Italy. Now includes Google, media freedom watchdog, and telecommunications providers are in urgent consultations between the response to the advent of the bill.

Google European Policy Office of the High Counsel Mark will be 29, said he expects the proposal to withdraw, change or delay the entry into force. He said, "We are concerned that YouTube so simply to the general public to provide content services to enterprises and the actual control over the content of the traditional network confused, as this would damage the entire Internet system."

The driving force behind the Act is believed to Berlusconi. Because the regulations in mid-December last year, being in writing, but at the moment, a subsidiary of Berlusconi's media group is a result of the illegal use of its YouTube videos and claims the occasion of 500 million euros. In addition, YouTube had also posted a video Berlusconi attacked, when many Internet users to post to YouTube and Facebook, "applauded." Followed by Italian Interior Minister Roberto Maroni said the network would like to make restrictions on the motion, triggering controversy.
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