Although the old-school next year

He added: "Children continue to grow, and I almost eldest son graduated from high school, I hope to participate in some of his high school life. I think they have a responsibility to spend more time with three sons, especially now that they had grown critical age, this is the biggest reason I am thinking about retirement. "

Although the old-school next year, the 39-year-old, but he still shows excellent pressing force this year, a total of 2010 record of 11 wins, 3 lost, ERA 3.28. He is currently 13 campaign season, won 19 playoff wins and 10 lost the most, 3.83 ERA results, experience is priceless.


Cliff Lee back in and (Cliff Lee) before meeting the New York Yankees

Cliff Lee back in and (Cliff Lee) before meeting the New York Yankees general manager Katsu Man (Brian Cashman) already went to Tampa last weekend and captain Derek Jeter (Derek Jeter) in close talks with both sides satisfied with the results of the meeting However, some contracts still no results. "New York Daily News," revealed that Kitt expect 4 years 80 million dollars (about 2.4 billion NT), the Yankees did not respond positively.

Yankees considerable value this meeting, the boss Stan Bu Ruina (Hal Steinbrenner), president of Raven (Randy Levine), and Kai Xu and Kit Man are at Tampa and the broker, "so homely," the Yankees declined to comment on contents of the talks. Both sides thought the contract and the Kit for future orientation are discussed. "New York Daily News" According to sources, it was a harmonious atmosphere of the meeting.

As for the terms of the contract, both sides apparently still have the perception gap. The Yankees made three years from 45 million to 60 million U.S. dollars contract price tag, and Kitt is sure he can get a piece of paper 4, the average annual salary of approximately $ 20,000,000 of the new contract. The bottom line is that the Yankees current 3-year contract, 4 years for the captain mentioned about, looks a little reluctant to accept.


"New York Daily News" columnist McAllen (Anthony McCarron) also pointed out that since 2 years ago

2008 American League Cy Young winner, "Romantic Swordsman" Cliff Lee (Cliff Lee), is recognized as the major league free agent this winter, the largest coffee market players, while the "evil empire" the New York Yankees have long been a silver bullet ready offensive . Today (7) New York, media reports, the Yankees will be made within 72 hours of contract Cliff Lee, but to get people's biggest rival, is Cliff Lee, "former team" Texas Rangers and the AL West Los Angeles Angels.

"YES" Taiwan pointed out that the Yankees within 72 hours after the first time ever will make the contract price tag to Cliff Lee, for his strong left wrist join. "YES" speculated that Li's contract price tag should not exceed 2 years ago, "Sha fat," Sabah West (CC Sabathia) 7 years 161 million, because there is no urgent need for the Yankees sign him, and the circumstances can not be compared . The major league season for free agent will be opening tomorrow, 12 o'clock.

In addition, "New York Daily News" columnist McAllen (Anthony McCarron) also pointed out that since 2 years ago, the team with a lot of fat sand bid to force the Yankees brought out a pitcher in the history of the most expensive contract in order to scare off competitors from various quarters. But this year only the Rangers and the evil empire is considered to be rivals compete for Cliff Lee, so naturally does not need such a high amount of the proposed contract.


World Series in two games before the Giants lost to the Rangers away

The Rangers have already lost 2, 31, the third battle in the World Series pulled one back, it really is important, because history has never been the team after the 3 game losing streak, but also won the World Series champion, and past and Tour Cavalry teams in the same boat, only 11 team can reverse last champion, the Rangers to become the 12th team to perform amazing drama.

World Series in two games before the Giants lost to the Rangers away, and the third war back home can be said that the team put great effort, finally won their first World Series team in the history of the victory, the other more significant , that is, the Rangers have a chance to win 2 0 defeat to perform reversal of the disadvantages.

The history of the World Series opened, the last time after the reversal in the second straight team championship, the Dodgers in 1981, the year before the Dodgers lost to the Yankees two games on the road, then back home after the row to the Yankees 3 games Finally, it is war in the first 6 to 9:2 victory over the Yankees to complete the 2 game losing streak after four straight wins reversal show, which is a two-game losing streak on the final champion, is already 29 years ago.


Molina knocked in the red was not to be trapped in backwardness

Rangers struck the first blow, let the audience win their 4 red, especially the Bureau of catcher Bengie Molina on the reversal of the 6 3-gun, a bar sink is the key to the Yankees, Rangers whistle on pain of 10 to 3 flat Yankees , in the series achieved 3 wins and 1 defeat of the license to listen to advantage.

Rangers at Yankee Stadium, "to become masters" to four home runs in the superior firepower down on landlords and did not leave any feelings to the Yankees, in which four bombers were on, he shot 3-Molina of the most critical, because the Rangers In so after the first 5 inning, still behind by 2 to 3, but in the season the Giants transferred catcher from the Board on 6 out of left field sweep 3 stick bombs, reversing the whole situation, also from the Rangers all the way to set foot on the royal road.

Molina knocked in the red was not to be trapped in backwardness, the Yankees deflated the ball seems to have become depressed, like, 7 and 9 Bureau of the Council was Josh Hamilton hit consecutive solo shot, followed at 9 by Nelson Cruz on the Board carry out of left field 2-run homer, again and again to the Spanish-American hegemony in a points score board put up, but the Yankees are playing to this level of lying, but also to New York fans could not stand, left the game early on.


Gardner and Granderson on the left-hander this season when the rate was 2 percent against 85

Starter in the Yankees lineup, there are three left to play pure player, were Robinson Cano, Brett Gardner and Curtis Granderson, the center of one hitter Cano is one of the Yankees, Gardner is a devastating hitter with speed, but Granderson is After hitting coach after the tuning, to adapt to vote for the significant increase in left. Three batters with different features, and is essential for tackling the Yankees lineup, the Rangers must first want to make a good deal countermeasures.

And looking at the opponent's bullpen adjustment of Yankees manager Joe Girardi said: "This gives them more choice duel. They may be faced with a left-hander Robbie (Cano), replaced after right-hander, the left vote to re-introduce the next play, in the face Gardy (Gardner) and Grandy (Granderson). "But even if the opponents left to fight for their own special arrangements troops, Girardi was in the old God said:" We have no big problem. "

Cano, Gardner and Granderson on the left-hander this season when the rate was 2 percent against 85,2 and 2 into 34 into 52, and 3, when people are facing left-hander to face right-hander hit rates than low, The Rangers received such an arrangement can suppress the effect, still have to field the outcome.


Yankees manager Joe Girardi to move out of the experience of cheering for the army

Yankees can do so, 4 degrees out of Rangers, one of the key state is not the ideal season and Burnett, good news is that Burnett met 3 times this season with 1 win 0 Rangers defeat, 2.50 ERA results, during 18 Board responsibilities to lose 5 points, striking out 17 times the contents of the exciting, and Sabathia, Pettitte, Hughes (backup) 2 to 3 times a race win, 15 loss of the Select Board 7 hits and 3 Gengrang opponents overwhelming.

As Lee (2 games), Tommy Hunter, CJ Wilson (3 games) encountered a total of 6 wins and 1 defeat the Yankees record 1, period 33 and 2 / 3 innings gave up 34 hits and 16 responsible for the content of lost confidence in the Yankees doubled.

Yankees manager Joe Girardi to move out of the experience of cheering for the army: "We have a wealth of playoff experience, players also have seen big storms, they know how to make adjustments before and after the game, not winning or losing a game much emotional ups and downs, which are factors that help the team continue to move forward. "

As for the Rangers, the first time in team history broke into the League Championship Series certainly welcome, burning ambition to beat the Yankees can understand, but only if Lee has to support not only depend on the overall situation, the AL's top class show against fire, if not out of season Race 4 degrees after the bitter fruit planted will give the Yankees more bleak.


Hamels war Reds career first issue of 8 games

Philadelphia Phillies Chase Utley is also the fifth fire, Reds starter Johnny Cueto from the hands smacked solo shot, which is in the playoffs, Utley's 10th career home runs, the Phillies will be score to the rate of 2 to 0.

Reds relief pitcher did not subsequently re-4 points out, but unfortunately the lackluster performance of hitters, the team was completely Hamels fire suppression, the entire five scattered hits, only Ramon Hernandez hit a long fight.

Reds fight back nine as the last chance, the first batters to hit Brandon Phillips on base, but the next bar Joey Votto has hit a double play, an instant star of the offensive arrogance has come to naught, in Hamels Phillies finally led to 2 to 0 shutout Reds.

Hamels war Reds career first issue of 8 games, the results are perfect 7 wins 0 defeat, the war and shows the 2008 World Series MVP's skill, he will not Tangong victory thanks to all the team members, "regardless of pitchers or the batter, the performance is very good! "He also praised Halladay is a very good pitcher and leader," He is my very good to learn from! "

Philadelphia swept the Reds at home in the Redskins after the Yankees became the second branch, following the second round of the playoffs the team advance; their next round opponent will be giants and warriors of the winning team, the current race in the series has made giant license to listen to 2 to 1 advantage.


But the evil empire back then on the Qiju

But the evil empire back then on the Qiju, first iron catch Jorge Posada (Jorge Posada) has been walked on base, and then sent back to Berkman hit doubles 1 minute and meritorious deeds, with the Hougudena (Brett Gardner) in the bunt and Jeter (Derek Jeter) of the hits, not only earned 1 point and then also put Pavano hit off the stage, ended in the seventh inning the Yankees continued to 4 to 2 lead.

Finally, in nine innings, and a series of hits and stolen bases the Yankees won the sub-letting, followed relying on Wood (Kerry Wood) and Rivera (Mariano Rivera) show the same great relief, in order to successfully beat back the Twins 5 to 2 , and grabbed the first license to listen to 2 to 0 advantage. As for today's most dazzling light Pettitte, also scored 19 career postseason wins.

Next, the two teams will move to New York in the 10 and 11 (Taiwan time) for three or four (if necessary) war on behalf of the Yankees has been a draw, it is possible to celebrate in their own home to qualify for the American League Championship Series . Another battlefield in the American League again today by the Texas Rangers 6 to defeat the Tampa Bay Rays 0, obtained license to listen to advantage.


The third round of war-based socks

Ten playoff Bureau, Miranda (Juan Mirand) from Hideki Okajima walked hand bend into the bye, 4-3 win over the Red Sox, Yankees, swept to resolve the fate of the playoffs the Red Sox lost the hope of getting slimmer and slimmer.

The third round of war-based socks, kick down the first 8 Bureau, the Yankees leading 2-1, sending nine innings on the "patron saint" Rivera (Mariano Rivera), was knocked out three hits, lost 2 points, the Red Sox reversed the war situation, 3: 2, leading down; nine innings, the Red Sox also sent the Terminator Piper (Jonathan Papelbon), consecutive to the Yankees 2-5 bars on base, tied with three hits, front stretch to 10 Council.

Ten Council, the Red Sox Hideki Okajima for the rescue, Glenn Anderson (Curtis Granderson), Gardner (Brett Gardner) win their hits, plus Red Sox catcher Martinez (Victor Martinez) bad, to seize one, three base, the Red Sox had to fill up the basepaths this time betting double play, walked Derek Jeter (Derek Jeter), Hideki Okajima did not expect to actually cast a deadly for Miranda walks, the Yankees get winning points.


Wainwright starting 6 Bureau, was knocked six hits

Wainwright starting 6 Bureau, was knocked six hits, investment 7K, 1BB, lost 1 point, responsible for loss of 1 point, the current record of 20 wins, 11 lost, 2.42 ERA, but also following the Yankees Sabah West (CC Sabathia) and Philadelphia Phillies Hale Dai (Roy Halladay) this year after the first three major league wins achieved strong cast of 20.

20 wins for the win, Wainwright said he was happy to win 20 games and two other of the Cy Young Award for pitching analogy, Wainwright is also the Cardinals following the 2005 Carpenter (Chris Carpenter), the re-emergence of 20 wins pitcher.


Yankees have long been suspended for the challenges the World Series title

Since the 2009 publication of "In the days of the Yankees," a book stirred no small controversy, the Torre apologized again today, but also with Cashman goodbye hug to show all the old scores, "I am very sorry to everyone the false impression that the book The content is complaining about the Yankees, Cashman, I hope we can forget about those misunderstandings, cherish. "In this regard, Cashman also expressed good intentions," I know, a lot of things not out of his hand, say it all the past, I agree with him, the misunderstanding in the past, like. "

2007 season, the Yankees have long been suspended for the challenges the World Series title, unfortunately, failed again; quarters, general manager Joe Torre was on contract with the pellet repeatedly failed to reach consensus, and even the Yankees because of dissatisfaction with proposed provisions include incentives and cut pay for 1 year contract, with a bloom, including Bova (Larry Bowa), including the Los Angeles Dodgers fought a little coaching exodus; and Torre in 2009 published "in the days of the Yankees", the implied gas Cashman was not for their own group to fight for the ball more reasonable 2-year renewal terms, the two sides forged liangzi this.


Dodgers defeat the current record of 72 wins of 77

Los Angeles Dodgers record low this year, today (19) by Los machine blow after the recent Kutun four straight games, and swallowed the last 10 7 defeat of war; good, and Dodgers general manager Kelie Ti (Ned Colletti) pointed out that "the team this season is an important reason for the collapse of one cow," but for the strong vote in Taiwan Kuo, who is praised added that, "Guo's performance is alarming, it is amazing."

Dodgers defeat the current record of 72 wins of 77, ranking last in the NL West, winning percentage of less than 5 percent, and has missed the playoffs. It makes an ugly record high after the end of the season to start changes or transactions? And general manager, said Ke Lieti larger lineup changes have not been the intention, "first listen to your views, say, after careful consideration."

In the general manager Joe Torre (Joe Torre) announced his retirement, the Dodgers hitting coach to arms by next year, Mattingly (Don Mattingly) in charge; Kelie Ti on Mattingly also hold a lot of confidence and hope that he led the team to the next quarter have higher levels of performance.


Fighting in the United States baseball player Hu Jinlong Taiwan

Fighting in the United States baseball player Hu Jinlong Taiwan, is finally win their first hits this season, but unfortunately 2 to 10, the Los Angeles Dodgers San Francisco Giants were Tongzai, Dodge swallow 2 game losing streak.

Hu Jinlong take over from the Board voted 5 times to play defensive pinch bar, facing the starting Sang Qizi Giants (Jonathan Sanchez), number 2 good 1 bad ball adverse circumstances, Hu Jinlong remember the face of a speed ball, a stick to hit the outfield hit, this is his first year in Major League hits.

Then do not stay in the field Hu Jinlong garrison, when he was pitching for Board Weaver (Jeff Weaver) replace the play, Hu Jinlong hit number 1 today, 1 hits, batting average rose to 2 percent.


In 2005 the board of the Alliance Fielder

Less Fielder of the Brewers, and Astros in the war on 7 when Council scored 3 points tie, losing the final 2 to 4.

In 2005 the board of the Alliance Fielder, in September 4, 2008 started out non-stop race, during the 327 games, 326 games as a first baseman, a field as a designated hitter.

Fielder hit this season be the year the less your heart, 2 into 73 batting, 74 RBI, 4 into the rates are all 97 long-playing record low since 2006. Even so, he still wrote for 4-year record of at least 30 home runs, and the base rate of 4 percent are 06 to 4 percent after 2009 12.

Active players in games played straight times to keep people Brewers star first baseman Prince Fielder

Active players in games played straight times to keep people Brewers star first baseman Prince Fielder, today (14) due to flu symptoms, had to miss the game with the Astros, making a record 327 games under the plan period.

Even so, Fielder's consecutive game record is still a team record for the Brewers, before that by the Hall of Fame star Robin Yount in the years 1987 to 1989 to maintain the 274 field.

"About noon, when the trainers come to me," Brewers general manager Ken Macha said: "The Astros team doctor also gave Fielder an intravenous drip, we would delay the hope that continued record, but he is still very weak and had to change the first made the list. "


Red Sox pitcher Wakefield The campaign is not a good bid

Beltre in the first opened under 2 Board first shot, 2 minutes behind the gun to narrow the gap by half, 3 Bureau to Scutaro and "Dad" marathon runs, obstinately than the number of equalizer. Although the light gain another victory in the four inning, but Martinez Board under 5 with a solo shot from 3 single Bureau offensive, to help get ahead of the Red Sox for the first time, while the 6,7-Board co-offensive four points, including Scutaro 7 Board 2 points under the bombs, leaving the landlord to walk away.

Red Sox pitcher Wakefield The campaign is not a good bid, pitched 5 Board lost 5 points (4 points ERA), but his teammates against fire-breathing, so the veteran can still take off the season winning 4 of the individual, but even more commendable is, Wakefield 44-year-old pitcher revenue, surpassing Hall of Fame pitcher Dennis Eckersley in the 43 years of age for the Red Sox won their last victory, a victory for the Red Sox take away the oldest pitcher to vote.

Light starting pitcher Matt Garza The campaign is fun to play the Red Sox batters, only to support another 4 1 / 3 innings on nine hits and was knocked lost 6 points, including Red Sox win their 5 home runs in 4 H knocked from his hands, so miserable performance, of course vote to swallow defeat.


Yankees pitcher Hughes (Phil Hughes) recent situation of good times and bad

Yankees pitcher Hughes (Phil Hughes) recent situation of good times and bad, on the 6th of the Blue Jays 6, 3 home runs wild Council to suffer loss of 6 points, renewed the discussion New Yorker, this season has been cast 155.1 Authority, he is suspected of strength began to decline, while the head coach Girardi (Joe Girardi) asked this question, seems to have maintained a reserved attitude, says, "This is a million-dollar question" is not easy to answer.

This year the Yankees cf Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain) mode restrictions Hughes innings pitched, fell from 175 to 185 target about Bureau, the playoffs and unless the system range. From July 26 to vote from 6 consecutive good games, after the end of August fell into trouble following the 826 guests were ringing off the hook after the Blue Jays yesterday at home and then duel, still eat turtle swallowing defeat, the New York media that, Hughes tired?

Girardi was vague answer to this question, "Now to answer your question a bit more difficult this one million." He replied. And Hughes do not think so, "I do not feel tired, just bid for struggling fills in that case I really need a brilliant pitch." Hughes also said that when the number of backward want to go after the ball came back, it is possible make mistakes.


Shabaxiya (CC Sabathia) deserves to be the most stable in the New York Yankees ace huge cast

Shabaxiya (CC Sabathia) deserves to be the most stable in the New York Yankees ace huge cast, he today (3) Oakland Athletics first issue of war voted 8 Board, only by Ellis (Mark Ellis) hit a hit, in addition to 5K sent no mistake, leading the Yankees to 5 to 0 shutout performances, sweeping the Athletics. 19 wins after the game won more single fat sand league pitcher to win first place.

Although the athlete first published Sheridan (Dallas Braden) The campaign also perform quality pitches in his 5 Council was beaten only two hits, cast 4K, but Braden's major flaw is to be Jorge Posada (Jorge Posada) 2 hit a home run lost under 1 minute, not only with the cast was knocked an 8-Board Security, not lose points for "killing" fat comparable to, ultimately has no choice but to swallow defeat (9 wins 10 lost).

Top 5 Board evil empire alone Posada's solo shot 1 point of attack, but slow to play the diamond line in Houban Chang gotta play, they were swept in the 6,7,8 3 Board 7 hits, including bench departure Gelandesen ( Curtis Granderson) in paragraphs 6 and 7 home runs Bureau, and Bureau of Cohen 8 (Austin Kearns) of a total of RBI hits and Tim 4, the Yankees extended the lead to 5 to 0.


Chapman struck out the final ball to slip out of the Lucroy

Chapman struck out the final ball to slip out of the Lucroy, earned his career first 1K, won the audience applauded loudly, and then that went to Craig Counsell and Carlos Gomez knocked out grounder, throwing to complete this task, it is worth mentioning that Chapman at the time of the Counsell had soared out of a ball speed of 103 miles.

"Cuban Fireball man" stole all the focus, but the Reds win Zhu Jiang did not forget the main task, the gun Joey Votto and win two doubles, all with the RBI, in which the first Board 2 RBI hits to help landlords will score ahead and lead the way to the whistle, and laid the groundwork for a sub-5 Board the same key, as the Brewers until the last half of Board 3 to 4 behind catch up, this hits just can Cuocuo just lit the morale of the opponents .

Reds won the victory, coupled with the Cardinals lost to the Astros today, making two the gap between the margin of victory has come to seven games, a new high this season, Cincinnati fans want to see the team since 1995 after the landlord reached the playoffs once again the opportunity to become increasingly larger.


The Cardinals beat Renan's pitching line is subject to repression

The Cardinals beat Renan's pitching line is subject to repression, until the Board was only 7 Harold Day (Matt Holliday) of the base hit and Jay (Jon Jay) the promotion of Tim 1 minute, 1 to 4 than the number of tracked backward . Renan The campaign starting 7.2 Board despite being swept eight hits, but timely resolve the crisis, only 1 point out, successful revenue this quarter, 6 wins.

Although the Cardinals 9 Bureau Felize (Pedro Feliz) and a solo shot to do the final chase points, but still can not change the backward situation, taken away people 4 to 2 victory for the Cardinals, only the two sides 4, Lien get a win. And after the game the Cardinals in the National League Central and the first row of the Cincinnati Reds have won 5 games is poor, outside the margin of victory card, the 3 games behind the Philadelphia Phillies.

Cardinals head coach of La Russa (Tony La Russa) said: "They really pressure off our performance." But Wright is that the Cardinals for the whole season winning percentage of less than 5 percent of the team are playing well, "I'm not saying that people are bad team, they are quite threatening, but we let go of this series, failed to grasp it. "


Yankees rely on three starting pitchers

New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays tied the current AL East leader, remaining about a month of fierce fighting and regular season can be expected, while the rotation stability becomes critical. Today the New York media for the Vazquez (Javier Vazquez) transactions over again to the assessment that although he can eat innings, but the situation this year than last year's sharp decline, if the team into the playoffs would still be less ready to He first made.

Last year's playoffs, Yankees rely on three starting pitchers, "Sabathia" Shabaxiya (CC Sabathia), Barnett (AJ Burnett) and Bob Pettit (Andy Pettitte), to defeat the Minnesota Twins way, the Los Angeles Angels successfully reach the World Series, finally defeated the Philadelphia Phillies, won one fell swoop Kuiwei long title. This year, however many dilapidated than rotation, leaving only sand fat more stable, but also the road to the playoffs the Yankees emerged crisis.

But last year, both Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain), Hughes (Phil Hughes), high-Ting (Chad Gaudin) or Dmitri (Sergio Mitre), has failed to stabilize down a No. 5 starter, thus, president of Kai Xu Man (Brian Cashman) Atlanta Braves decided to trade for Vazquez.

Hughes battle Blue Jays have won

Hughes (Phil Hughes) poor today, only 5 minutes to vote 3.2 hit exit, was struck a total of 6 security, and cast up to five walks a few too many balls into a big problem. The replacement Vazquez (Javier Vazquez) invested in 9 Board, simply because of Hill's solo shot lost 1 point.
Hill hit the solo shot before, no hits through 20 at bats, and only 2 walks in the big downturn Rod plays down from the first 6 rods 8 rods, this home run will not only let him sweep to open the haze, at that time helped lead the team back to 4 points. The Blue Jays team home run number 192 now ranks the highest in Major League, August 34 is also the highest monthly.

Previous six starts, Hughes battle Blue Jays have won, but the team is way behind today, but yesterday against the outbreak hit the four security of Tucker Xue pull (Mark Teixeira), but today there is no mention of 4 are paid double kill hit, one of the reasons is lost.


The way the bullet and the Westbrook

The way the bullet and the Westbrook, 8 Board will again Posada, Granderson jointly pushed back after the iron catching on base hits, both season before the Yankees fought in the American League Central, the Indians of the back of its hand to Granderson 1 Stick to send the ball on the right field bleachers children so hard to play to keep the U.S. technology autumn sequel.

Center line of a serious card playing shells (10 0), the Yankees audience only Swisher, Posada, Granderson contributed four hits, but fortunately enough to power two long-playing to help Javier Vazquez 7 Board lost 2 points 9 premium content celebrate the victory, Mariano Rivera 9 Bureau of Conservatism, from Carlos Santana start to hit the impact point of the first 21 recorded aid.

Indians 6, hits are still better than the Yankees, helpless hard consistency, Westbrook missed the victory won from the hands of the old club, responsible for loss of 8 Board 3 voted to swallow bitter defeat.


Former Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego pitcher Tom disabilities can (Brett Tomko)

Former Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego pitcher Tom disabilities can (Brett Tomko), only to be tomorrow's medical examination by, become a member of the Kansas City Royals.

According to ESPN.com reports that Tom may have been with the Royals 1 year 3 million U.S. dollars contract agreement, but Royals general manager of Moore (Dayton Moore) and do not want to comment directly on this matter, but the coach is through James Hillman members to make this levy.

Tang Ke, 34, experienced a Hillman favorite starting pitcher, if he does not squeeze into the starting pitching staff, but also as a competent long relief pitcher. Royals this year, the original Chinese and the other two starting hands, including the Po-(Jon Leiber), went to the Chicago Cubs, the Japanese pitcher Hiroki Kuroda was the Los Angeles Dodgers team recruited, so to make the Royals more actively to seek Tom can be joined, according to ESPN.com reports that the Royal also offers his 150-million incentive bonus.

Tang Ke pay 4.1 million U.S. dollars last year, last year the Dodgers and Padres, a race of 40 games, 19 games as a starter, won 10, lost 4 record, 5.55 ERA. Tom can have 11-year old major league ball were played for six teams, a career record of 93 wins 92 lost, ERA 4.62, in 1998 Reds and the Cardinals in 2003 to vote out of 13 wins a season results.

Currently Royals starting pitcher candidates have Jimmy Xu (Gil Meche), class Ni Shite (Brian Bannister) and Ge Linke (Zack Greinke), Tom can lead a medical examination if the pass must be sought in spring training performance, and then with the Indira Rosa (Jorge De La Rosa), Davis (Kyle Davies), Hideo Nomo, Bell (John Bale), Huoqi Wa (Luke Hochevar), Hanson (Luke Hudson) and Lawrence (Brian Lawrence) for the other two starting pitcher places, including Hideo Nomo, and Lawrence was not in 40 list, the list is invited.

Only season with the Yankees 31-year-old Rann (Lane) signed a minor league contract

29-year-old Green, who joined the Yankees in 2006, then pay a 2 percent hit rate of 40, two home runs and four RBIs, he is a third baseman Rodríguez (A-Rod) of the replacement, as long as A -Rod defense out of position, Green can always replace the line of fire, and his fielding can be assured for the Yankees. 27-year-old pitcher Rui Sina Zengyin finger injury, played between the Yankees continued in a two-stage ball, played a few small record a win 3 lose, ERA 4.01.

Only season with the Yankees 31-year-old Rann (Lane) signed a minor league contract, Rann career in the Houston Astros and San Diego Padres for playing 497 games, batting averages 2 percent 41,2005, he has belted 26 home runs, has been set as the Yankees first baseman, and Jason Giambi during spring training (Jason Giambi), Beite Ming (Wilson Betemit) and Duncan (Shelley Duncan) in the first base position generate competition.

The remaining candidates invited include infielder Castro (Bernie Castro), the right pitcher Guise (Daniel Giese), left-hander Philip (Heath Phillips), Toronto infielder still (Cody Ransom), the right pitcher Strickland (Scott Strickland ) and the left-hander Cui Bo (Billy Traber), among others.


This program is recorded in the December 28

Top U.S. time Sunday night CBS talk show "60 Minutes" broadcast host Wallace (Mike Wallace) Interview with "Rocket Man" Clemens on the full content of doping. Rocket man has repeatedly proven innocent, and even willing to accept the lie detector, said he "probably" will retire!

This program is recorded in the December 28, last Thursday the U.S. media has done a segment reporting, the focus is still around in the rocket denied injected drugs, for the "Mitchell Report" and the former Yankees trainer McNamee physical The evidence, he stressed that there were only injected painkillers and B12 side nutrients, and once the Yankees general manager Joe Torre in prison see next, injected an anti-inflammatory analgesic agents.

"If I had injected drugs, I should become a super-strong man, you can use to pull heavy loads of teeth." Rocket said, would have known McNamee accused him, he would talk about, instead of this kind of change in top and let it be.

McNamee told Mitchell is responsible for detecting drugs, said that he had in 1998-2001 season, the Rockets were injected for 16-21 times of steroids and human growth hormone, but it is in these things required to become Major League before doping.


Yankees pitcher giving birth to the young

Infirm, the "Rocket Man" Clemens (Roger Clemens), this may no longer be off, because a small New York Yankees owner Hank (Hank Steinbrenner) today in the U.S. media interview, clearly stated: "No Clemens once again the sign up! "

Clemens seventh Cy Young Award while braving halo, CD-year high of 46, the effectiveness of the Yankees last year, winning 6 of 6 lost record, 4.18 ERA, in particular the situation of his final season continued, first groin strain, then right foot left foot injury and blisters, the Yankees needed him most, he was linked to the wounded, the tiger fight Geranium Strictipes view.

Clemens has been a recent doping scandal devastated, afraid for his life way and go down the drain. Hank interview today that the U.S. media about the Yankees future plans, when asked about the fate of Clemens, the Hank categorically said: "Impossible", also the smell of his discourse Clemens complain in the postseason, he stressed: "The Yankees have an array of 35-year-old pitcher Pettitte (Andy Pettitte), he only signed a 16 million U.S. dollars a year contract to replace Clemens Williams's work to lead the young players, even if Clemens was still good, they are the Yankees do not meet the demand. "

Clemens and the Yankees last year signed a 28 million U.S. dollars a year contract on May 6 signing his contract, June 9 start until the first start, he was a race last year, a total of 18 games, starting 17 games, take only 6 wins, does not seem effective, but the Yankees based on the number of his appearances, though not to pay full salaries, the only Yankees in the first round has been eliminated from the playoffs, the Yankees hit a lot of money looking for high-level veteran of tragedy, at the moment is self- Yu.

Yankees pitcher giving birth to the young, including Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain), Hughes (Phil Hughes) and Kennedy (Ian Kennedy) are young and promising, the Yankees seem to have reached a moment of regime change, and Hank admits that: "to see Chamberlain After the performance, so we changed a lot of ideas, particularly on Chamberlain's locker next to Clemens, it is hard not to associate them in one. "

From Wang, Kano (Robinson Cano), Cambrera (Melky Cabrera), to Chamberlain, Hughes, Kennedy and other players came gradually chops Yankees farm, completely breaking the century-old Yankees of old thinking, but also displayed in the Yankees future-oriented young, the old pitcher will enter withered.


Mitchell's report did not punish the players to make recommendations

Pervan said: "We have repeatedly asked for the entire summer, the names of individual players, we should think about from time to reliable sources."

Mitchell's report did not punish the players to make recommendations, only expressed by the ruling executive Seyrig, but its content is to expose baseball doping over the years of neglect, and trade unions on the investigation to avoid fear.

The report details Clemens, New York Yankees pitcher Pettitte and has served as the Toronto Blue Jays and Yankees trainer's Mai Nami relationship. Reports that Mai Nami admitted in Clemens's buttocks injections.

White House spokesman said President Bush would like to know the contents of the report. Bush was the owner of the Texas Rangers.

said: "The president looks forward to the report, he hoped that this report marks the beginning of the end of steroid abuse."


Anderson has served the Bay Area Laboratory case of sentences

Anderson has served the Bay Area Laboratory case of sentences, but because of the refusal to investigate the case of Bonds to the Bay Area Laboratory jury witness to lie the case, and the other was sentenced to 10 months and is still serving.

2 months ago, Senator Mitchell asked the U.S. doping investigation launched in the major leagues main Xiselige, it may revoke Bonds's home run record, but he did not mention this in a statement.

Selig said in a statement: "I have not seen the suit and the details of the case, but the United States each person is proven guilty, is innocent, I am very serious about the prosecution case will progress closely."

"I will continue efforts to enhance the performance of the eradication of illegal drugs than in the Major Leagues."

Major league baseball players association executive director Pervan urged restraint in the statement. He said: "The prosecution of certain claims only, in this country every defendant, including Barry Bonds, until until proven guilty, has the qualifications to be presumed innocent."


As in the previous quarter had 15 wins for the Yankees left to vote Pei Tite

Pshada contract, on the other veteran Rivera (Mariano Rivera) as an index for the renewal of Returned Overseas-based significance, both are in 1995 and rose to the big leagues has been the Yankees, Rivera career Accumulated field 443 successful rescue, the patron saint of priests active players behind Hoffman (Trevor Hoffman) in the 524 field.

As in the previous quarter had 15 wins for the Yankees left to vote Pei Tite (Andy Pettitte) officially opened the same day free agent market.

In the playoffs last season by getting rid of the tiger outside the door, the speed of the ball to send relief pitcher Zuma Ya (Joel Zumaya) shoulder injury that required surgery cases, 13 decided to seven million U.S. dollars and Terminator Jones (Todd Jones) renewal year, Jones won 38 games last season successful rescue, ranked fifth in the AL.


Following the old coach Joe Torre (Joe Torre) leave the Yankees selected

Following the old coach Joe Torre (Joe Torre) leave the Yankees selected, the "golden boy" Luodelizi (Alex Rodriguez) and then leave the club shocker thrown once again "shake" New York!

In order to help A-Rod for a more lucrative contract, dominated by the broker Porras "money bucket" on the 29th to make Yankees fans appear shocking development, according to the Associated Press reports that Luodelizi released through the broker E -mail said it would exercise the escape clause, giving up 3 years with the Yankees the rest of the contract, into the free agent market.

Under the current contract, A-Rod If you choose to continue Phi Yankees shirt, the next three years will be 72 million U.S. dollars into the bags, of which 21 million U.S. dollars paid by the former club Rangers, announced today Luodelizi exercise escape clauses, the Yankees will not only Rangers lost the financial aid, have to stick to the new season of four candidates for nerve-racking.

The Yankees had already indicated that "good Never look back" position, if A-Rod choice to give up the contract, the Yankees will not bid into the free market, the super agent Porras has let it be for A-Rod for 3 years billion 60 million U.S. dollars of contracts, 30 million U.S. dollars annual salary is also interested in fighting for A-Rod to the Angels back down.

A-Rod really worth 30 million U.S. dollars annual salary? Porras said Luodelizi joined the Yankees, not only to increase ticket sales, exclusive of the value of YES TV network has also soared from one billion U.S. dollars to 3 billion U.S. dollars at one go, not to mention A-Rod also pay a 3 percent this quarter, 14 batting average, 54 homers and a career-high record of 156 RBIs in the rosy results, a great opportunity to aspirations to the American League MVP.


Cardinals win the World Series champion in 2006

Although the Cardinals season record "slide", then the team still show high-level sincerity, decided to give La Lusha (Tony La Russa) two years to return to the peak.

Cardinals win the World Series champion in 2006, this season the defending army hardly a trace of momentum, hit a disappointing 78 wins 84 lost performance, and even get into the playoffs is the general manager has been "the cloth cover," to walk, unexpectedly momentum Yankees fall of Lalu Sha been included in coach fill the list, the Cardinals see the signs wrong, quickly with the 63-year-old two-year contract in the name of coach to ensure that the team competitive.

La Lusha has 29 years of major league coaching experience, was named a league-best four times head coach, led the Athletics for the first time in 1989, won the World Series champion, fought in 1996, St. Louis, 2004,2005 consecutive season lay 100 years winning record last year, is not optimistic case, a 4:1 win over the Tigers climb to the top, La Lusha Cardinals coaching 12 seasons, 887 wins record total of 1055 defeat, winning 5 percent 43.


Indians starting pitcher Patrizi quickly to change fate

Weikefeier only four and two-thirds vote of the Board will be for end, assume failure to vote, his opponents were sent to five hits, lost five, and another two walks and seven strikeouts.

Season record topped the Red Sox leading the American League, the edge is facing out.

Boston started in the sixth Jushang Ban counterattack, Yukelis's solo shot broke the scoring for the Red Sox hanging egg situation, followed by Otis, and Manny Ramirez were also contribute to spring home run, Red Sox even get one-third, than the number of recovery into three to seven.

Indians starting pitcher Patrizi quickly to change fate, but the Red Sox do not go one step more city, the final race to seven to three over, Patrizi won the win.

The key is still the fifth Indian war on the 18th at home.


Rockies playoffs this year's "undefeated myth" let them go

Rockies playoffs this year's "undefeated myth" let them go, this time round victory by the catcher Tuoruiouba hero (Yorvit Torrealba) featuring.

National League Championship Series moved to Denver, the third fight, held on the 15th, Coors Stadium, and did not ignite the high-altitude teams arsenal, Bureau of the two sides of the first five players being 1:1, the key sixth inning, the Rockies captured a two-out, second base, Tuoruiouba swept out of left field for a large wall bar, a ground-breaking third shot to help the team to 4:1 knockout Diamondbacks, Rockies first listen to brand the series 3-0.

Rocky swallowed the last 21 games, only 1 loss, unstoppable momentum, only 2 in 55 regular season batting average, eight home runs Tuoruiouba, caught a rattlesnake under the sixth inning pitcher Hernandez ( Livan Hernandez) the loss of investment and direct the ball, violently pulled out 402 feet of the Red left field to prevent a bar to decide their fate.

"Livan had a full season to vote for me very well, under the sixth inning in a slow curve ball he tried immediately after the ball straight angles Serbian repression, results in loss of investment went to red, and I grasped it!" Tuorui Ou Palestinian happy to say.


The players have never won the world championship time Torre

9 to 4:6 in the Yankees lost to the Indians were eliminated, the total manager Joe Torre (Joe Torre) of his post at any time may not be preserved, the boss (George Steinbrenner) made a decision, grinding knife-rattling, the New York media on the 10th broke three possible successor, the current Yankees hitting coach Mattingly (Don Mattingly) calls the highest.

The players have never won the world championship time Torre, the Yankees officially take to arms in 1996, the first year leading the Yankees beat the Braves 4-2 reversal, gleaned from its first World Series title, from 1998 to 2000 and then with g priests, warriors and Metropolitan complete three-peat, Torre momentum to reach the peak of 12-year record in charge to arms 1173 Yankees won 767 lost, winning percentage of 6 percent 05.

While Torre will be the Yankees for 12 years into the playoffs, but since the American League Championship Series in 2004 after three consecutive four-game losing streak to the old enemy Red Sox, the Yankees seem to be cursed as 3 consecutive years beyond the first round, saw Yankees team payroll is less than one-third of the season the Diamondbacks, Rockies have cut League Championship Series, Joe Torre and the New York media are naturally "open Voltage" of the object.


War is only the first two hits hit eight Yankees scored four points

Than two disadvantages with zero back home that the New York Yankees, the third war launched the "Rocket Man" Clemens start, but he pitched only two and one third of the Board lost one-third exit on the injury, but fortunately Hughes took over three and two-thirds of the primary vote was knocked only two hits Bureau of scoreless, the Yankees had chance yet. 3 Bureau to share a Yankees one out, third base, first by Damon timely hits for the Yankees Shoukaijilu; of five large-scale attack under the Yankees, Hideki Matsui hit a post out on the base, Cannone fill the doubles, Then Cabrera hit a barrier before a comeback points, then the direction of Damon and win three runs right field home run, the Yankees scored one quarter of the Bureau of the anti-ahead five to three.

Under the renewed offensive of the sixth inning the Yankees, Rodriguez, Jorge Posada rate security accounts for a continuous, second base, then sacrifice bunt, Hideki Matsui was the formation of bases loaded walks, then hit hit send Cannone back to third base runner, but the Indians back to pass errors, the Yankees Adds two points and was third single Council Adds.

War is only the first two hits hit eight Yankees scored four points, today finally restored due to combat power, and four-star third baseman Rodriguez The campaign to fight the number two hits, the current total of 54 playoff a play a few six hits.

Yankees record now behind the Indians still one to two key fourth-war still held in Yankee Stadium. Alliance from 1995 to implement the new partition on the war, only four teams in the first round of nil to 2 behind the performers major reversal.


Laatsch the first situation to the second batter Youjilisi

Compared Becket beautiful record of the angels to 3:01 disdain for the American League ERA of Angels starting pitcher Laatsch, regular season game against the Red Sox can be described as appalling, two two-start record of zero wins defeat, defense rate as high as 8.38.

Laatsch the first situation to the second batter Youjilisi, two balls in a good number of leading cases, be the ball into the left field stands Youjilisi second row position, career playoffs for the first time The Youjilisi, I not only hit the first hit play, or support a memorable solo shot.

Then fill the Red Sox hitter has two hits, but failed to Zaigong get scores, the end of the first Board of a zero-leading Red Sox.

Voted the sixth inning was hit nine security, lost a quarter of Laatsch, safely after the second game, the third, reoccurrence of turbulence.


Padres last two games as long as a field to determine the promotion playoffs

Finally Season 1 field, related to the clergy and the Rocky road to the playoffs, Taipei time 1, cleric 6:11 lost to the Brewers, Diamondbacks beat Los Angeles Zeyi 4:3, two are 89 record won 73 lost, we must increase competition to decide who made a field outside the card, and advanced to the playoffs.

Padres last two games as long as a field to determine the promotion playoffs, unfortunately losing lost opportunity, the game goes to Giles (Brian Giles) hit the home run with three RBIs, the first Bureau scored three points, but the priest's starting pitcher Tom Costa (Brett Tomko) at the 4th inning home run hit two RBI, 5 Brewers 4, under Bureau of hits, scored four points before the whistle, the first 6 Bureau of the Brewers then scored three points, 9:4, 9 priests Board 2 spring home run did not help.


Pavey pitched seven inning win their five hits off 2 points

Bonds and did not hold any press will, he only told his teammates, he was very grateful to them and wish them lead a better, his departure, even opponents Du saddened "We are playing this game before, in fact is sad, because this is the last one game Bonds, "Padres coach Blake (Bud Black) after the match, said:" But we know that our team goals, we need to fully win. "

Pavey pitched seven inning win their five hits off 2 points, to show the strength of his strong cast, a negative record of 19 wins 6. For Bonds to leave, he sad, "Bonds said: I love you, I replied: I, too," Pavey said after the game: "It may be his only reason why he did not hit all base hit, a value I adore him, and there was 5 years where all of his worship team, for his departure I feel very sad. "


The Red Sox stop losing streak

Becket became the first MLB in 2005 to win 20 games a season pitcher, Cy Young Awards in the competition, and more to add a layer of protection. This 4-game losing streak against the Red Sox win, the more important because the performance of Becket, Red Sox make the playoffs in October starting with a more stable person.

The Red Sox stop losing streak, relying on Blue Jays beat the Yankees in a playoff, ranking with the Yankees the AL East to 2.5 games won re-opened difference, still maintain the top spot in the AL East.


Strasburg this year's nationals will be limited to 160 innings pitched Board

7 Council, the National Fire fully open, the first name of Alberto Gonzalez to hit a batter hits third base, Nyjer Morgan hit scored after 1 minute, Dunn blasted two points guns, then they get people walked, Willie Harris's base hit scored team 8 points, and closing nationals to 8 to 1 win.

After nearly a month's time, Strasburg star finally start before winning last season, 3 wins. Before the national head coach Jim Riggleman said he would be No. 1 in the Star break as the game start.

Strasburg this year's nationals will be limited to 160 innings pitched Board that he has been voted this year, total size of the Union 92 Board 68 Board about the remaining space, if the start time of 6 Board about control, then left the season Strasburg 10 times a game chance.

Riggleman said that every time people will not let him start off one day more than the middle or off to maintain a normal 4 cast a rule, that Strasburg about 1 week in September will end the season early.

"We want to limit is 190,200 Council, there would be no problem, but this is not the case." Riggleman said.


Northwest Arkansas natural talents to kick down a ratio of five to nine ahead

Minor League Baseball, Los Angeles 2A, Luo Jinlong relay two points lost three Board swallow defeat, ZHANG Yao-wen sailors cast three new Alliance Board also lost six points, Reds rookie Ji Baicheng Union lost one-third vote of a Board, Only by Yeo Kai did not drop points. Red Sox catcher Chan Ka-kui fired a short-1A, two hits, two RBIs to fight back against rates stand at 3 percent.

Northwest Arkansas natural talents to kick down a ratio of five to nine ahead, Tusa oil drilling were put to the sixth inning Luo Jinlong relay, the first two are so natural talents to three on three times, and oil drilling were still 782 Board nine points but stormed ahead, sending two walks, but after eight innings Luo Jinlong exit, took over the pitching has been hit three-run homer, Luo Jinlong has been cast to play the success or failure, a victory Liangbai season record, 2.91 ERA.

Red Sox 2A, Jiang Zhixian four at bats with Lin Zhexuan have a hit, and short-term 1A, Chan Ka-kui three at bats with two hits, two RBIs, batting .308, the Yankees new alliance of four at bats Guo Fu Lin odd, batting average dropped to .182.


Major League today (23) released its Future Stars (Futures Game) Tournament List

Major League today (23) released its Future Stars (Futures Game) Tournament List, Chen Junxiu the world's top squad, will be the first eight to participate in the event of Taiwan-American players. Western Union, and today he is also playing Star Game starter, 2 knocked a few dozen hits.

Since 1999, major league every year in the All-Star Game weekend, select the potential for outstanding rookie minor league, divided into teams for the U.S. team and the World Future Star Tournament.

Chen Chin-feng hui, Wang, Chen Yong-based, Clansmen and Villager Lin Zhexuan and Luojia Ren and others, have participated in this event. 2007 Clansmen and Villager selected MVP, 2008 年 Lin Zhexuan homered even Taiwan players Chuang MVP, pitched a last Luo Jiaren Board scoreless the win.


Phillies second baseman Terry Wu sprained thumb

Major League Baseball, Philadelphia Phillies with six leading to the bottom of the ninth than three two-out, he was asked play Cincinnati Reds in the third home run tied the Buddha more than a few, but a playoff 10 Board Philadelphia then scored on the third to beat the Reds nine to six. Chicago Cubs to three to one win over the Pittsburgh Pirates, Milwaukee Brewers were recruited at seven to five to defeat the Houston Astros.

Phillies second baseman Terry Wu sprained thumb, third baseman Poland to the elbow injury, replacement third baseman Dobbs did not show the three at bats, but replacement second baseman Wadi Zi hit the third of four Board home run, along with Bureau of Shini De-third of guns, once the Phillies leading Reds to six to one; the sixth inning Reds Hernandez hit a double recovery of two points, nine innings last counterattack under the Buddha asked two outs hit the third home run, six to six-Phillies tied; but playoff 10 Jushang Ban Howard is playing second base for a hit, plus the Bani Zi's base hit with Francis Ke hits, the Phillies again won the third, after three hours of the game or beat Reds. Shini De three hits with three runs, Wadi Zi quarter of RBI.


Boston Red Sox and the San Francisco Giants 2 games in the series before the war

Boston Red Sox and the San Francisco Giants 2 games in the series before the war, made a victory each, but the Red Sox can win this one is not easy. Because the Red Sox before the start of a war Pakistan Coates (Clay Buchholz) yesterday (27) days only voted in one bureau, because of a knee injury on exit, so the Red Sox game-used eight pitchers to solve the giant. However, the Red Sox starting today, only relying on Leicester (Jon Lester) to crush the giant, Leicester just finished off a 9-Board performance sub-9K more to help the Red Sox by 5 to 1 win.

Red Sox 26, Giants strong left wrist Leicester to Yingpeng Young Award State League pitcher Linse Kang (Tim Lincecum), this "giant" encounter of the final upper hand by Leicester. Linse Kang The campaign was only the Council voted 3 to 5 hits, 3 walks on balls, including Ortiz (David Ortiz) in a total of Council's solo shot, Linse Kang lost a total of 4 exits to become lost War pitcher.

This defeat will not only interrupt personal start three straight, while only 3 innings pitched this season even the shortest break out the number of game records. It is worth noting, however, "Dad," Ortiz of that H, is the giant AT & T Park home of 11 years, the opening of the first 72 home run into the sea, is the first 20 patients completed the visiting team players.


Vote with the left-Ni Fude also appeared in his 8 Yong board a board

Kuo in the three-speed ball, strike out with his slider, Kitt single field season for the first time swallow 3K, Torre laughed and said: "This is my special birthday present to prepare."

Tixie La, A-Rod and Cano rod plays a central connection, the same little Guo bid is handy and won the relay in June for the first time success, only a thin 2 individuals on the tied up 14 times a season record left to play this season has not been knocked hits, Kuo said: "I really did not notice, I just want to solve every batter."

Vote with the left-Ni Fude also appeared in his 8 Yong board a board under the Bureau of the relay throw while 0.2 Board 2 walks, but did not lose points, a big offensive Bureau Tiger 9 Unfortunately, to 3:4, see the negative, Warriors Kawakami starting pitcher this season pitcher finally stretching the Constitution to open Hu, to avoid becoming the first team to open season 10-game losing streak history of pitching.


Although the pioneer Nyjer Morgan today (26) win their four hits

Although the pioneer Nyjer Morgan today (26) win their four hits, but half of the game leading the major Washington national collapse at the last minute, back-Tyler Clippard pitched 1.1 Board lost 4 points, so that the landlord relied Baltimore Orioles 9 Under the National Bureau of goodbye errors in the inter-alliance "ring road of the capital of war" in the first game to win 7 to 6 victory.

Poor performance this season, the base rate of only .308 of the Washington Nationals pioneer Morgan, today repeated hits and led the team to attack, a Jushang Ban on Morgan's first play I know their hits, Cristian Guzman to send after the election, Orioles catcher Matt Wieters to contain wild pitch, and Adam Dunn of the strong ground balls, so Morgan took the lead back to 1 point.

3 innings on the opening offensive Morgan Youyi hits, Guzman was touch the ball on the base body after, Dunn first hit sacrifice fly back to 1 minute, Josh Willingham and Ivan Rodriguez hit consecutive 3 is to get ahead of national.

4 inning, Morgan hit the rules of playing doubles, reached the National 4 points, followed by Ryan Zimmerman and Dunn continuous hits than the number of rewrite of 6 to 0. Orioles 5 Bureau to rely in the first name of batter Julio Lugo to start taking advantage of mistakes on the base offensive to four hits and scored 3 points.


Harper's college coach Chambers (Tim Chambers) but think that people would not sign onto the approaching deadline time

Lerner also stressed, however, both sides to the contract topic has still thinking stage, "we are not really for contractual issues will be addressed, it is normal Guocheng, not so Kuai have the final result." Lerner said with Harper's contract details, the two sides will sign near term (Taiwan time on August 16) in that time, will make final preparations.

But Harper's college coach Chambers (Tim Chambers) but think that people would not sign onto the approaching deadline time, "In my opinion, they are in the coming weeks we will start serious negotiations." In the past, strange force Strong beat Harper in the broker and the assistance of consultants, contract payments had openings hope to 1 thousand to 15 million dollars more than the record-breaking price tag; At the time, pass out 12 million people interested in the price of around U.S. dollars. MLB jerseys

In addition, the face of the "gold rush" well-known major league manager Porras, national boss would not worry too much, and humorously said, "so I will keep the appointment, together with Rui Zuo, they are good friends, ah! "In fact, Rui Zuo and Porras battle of wits on several occasions in the past, including last year's champion 4-year History of 15.1 million U.S. dollars in signing bonuses, is also one of the two masterpieces.


Santana pitched 2 Board lost three points

Santana pitched 2 Board lost three points, was beaten four hits, and just totally blow, Alex Gonzalez homered, Ryan (Brendan Ryan) triples, Pujols (Albert Pujols ) doubles, Duncan (Chris Duncan) is a base hit.

Santana cast a total of 30 balls, including 22 for strikes, exit in the bullpen after the addition of training he voted for 15 balls, Santana said, I rush the shot, but they are very positive swing, many times my first all strike a ball, and I voted several fastball are too sweet!

2 years without a major league game of Gonzalez has 38 years of age, has 434 career home runs, the two-time American League MVP in the regular season against the Mountain Santana outstanding, 6 hits, 7 bats, including two home runs and two doubles, 6 RBIs, Santana today extended for good results.


Mariner Ichiro Suzuki billboard people are this and the Brewers as a pioneer in the game

Today divided the Seattle Mariners, Arizona Diamondbacks game on the road, the sailor is a 10:7 win, away to the Milwaukee Brewers were defeated by 0:2, the effect of the sailors Chen Yong-based games on the Brewers in off the bench, while a bat with no hits, but to succeed the veteran shortstop to Kairo (Miguel Cairo) keep second base, the part in a double plays garrison, now Chen Yong-based hit rate is 2 into 22.

Mariner Ichiro Suzuki billboard people are this and the Brewers as a pioneer in the game, no hits in three at bats, is still in spring training games for the first one hits, the American Baseball single-season hits record who actually had no hits in 17 at bats, a little unbelievable.

Acting head coach, but the command operations bench coach Rui Geman (Jim Riggleman) that, in the season in 17 at bats without hits will not cause too much attention, but if it is easy to start the season to attract the attention of everyone.


Chicago Cubs Zong Jiaotou Pinilla (Lou Piniella) about spring training is to help the pitchers warm-up

Chicago Cubs Zong Jiaotou Pinilla (Lou Piniella) about spring training is to help the pitchers warm-up and the garrison and combat into the situation, but losing to him is difficult to digest.

2006 Cubs Pinilla to arms for the first time in charge, won 96 lost 66 won the National League worst record last year, won 77 lost 85 Pinilla led the Cubs were the National League Central Division playoff title, but so far this year in spring training of the record 5 wins and 10 lost so Pinilla unhappy: "I have been very careful in talking about this issue, we can not wait until the last week of spring training performance, we need to start winning some games began to show, develop a winning habit . " cheap MLB jerseys

Pinilla also said: "You can say that the only spring training, it is true, is just spring training, you use this opportunity to strengthen the training, both exercise special pitch pitcher, or batter to face special pitch, or is the ball to the opposite direction, no matter what you practice, these are important projects spring training, but at the same time, you do not want to be too easy, you need to build tension, wins a few games develop a winning habit, starting from the ground and not easy, let's climb up from the floor six seven. "


Major League Baseball games in China launched a second match day of the contest

Beijing on March 16, in 2008 Major League Baseball games in China launched a second match day of the contest, as the home team by the Los Angeles Dodgers face the San Diego Padres. Padres eventually end, beating the Dodgers 6-3. Sina sports games for your great shots today elected:
Lens 1
First Jushang Ban Board Dodgers defend very well, so that Padres 3, on three under. Half of the first game the Dodgers turn Bureau offensive shortstop Clansmen and Villager from Chinese Taipei as the first bar, but the guy is clearly no longer as tense as yesterday, with a note hits the right direction of success on the outside of a base. Dodgers second rod with a sacrifice bunt in mind will Clansmen and Villager successfully sent second baseman, was selected to kill himself. Clansmen and Villager then stole the third base, the formation of one out of the Dodgers, third base was the situation. At this point the third rod hit a record level flight were left outside the Padres left fielder then killed, but remember sacrifice fly back to home plate Querang Clansmen and Villager smoothly, as the Dodgers won the first point Shoukaijilu.
Lens 2
The third, second half of the Council, the Dodgers offensive. Gonzalez hit 81 home and abroad with success on first base, and 36 hits in a row on the bases Anthony, Dodgers 1 at this time, second base was. Clansmen and Villager's sacrifice bunt the first rod was chosen to kill, but to shift one's teammates successfully sent two doubles, third base. Critical moment, on the 27th Camp (Kemp) successfully hit hits to two, third base back to home plate by two teammates under the smooth two points, the Dodgers ahead 3-0 pm. Dodgers first base was at this time, worth 18 million for veteran Jones played outfield, the Padres threw two balls full of good and bad number three, how about the situation? Hearts of the audience also affect them. Padres pitcher final four balls to Jones walked to first base. But unfortunately, John No. 76 - Lindsay has hit fly ball was then killed to form one situation at second base on base, score a pity such a good situation.


Red Sox third stick "Diddy" Ortiz (David Ortiz) arise

Red Sox third stick "Diddy" Ortiz (David Ortiz) arise, Scatter the Tokyo Dome in Japan yesterday, Japan's professional baseball Hanshin Tigers of exhibition games, command bar will play the first home run, although team Hanshin Ortiz's home run not to be deterred, but still lost to the Red Sox to 5:6. Ortiz hit home runs after the spring, 2 Board, the Hanshin Tigers for first two batters are on Lei Bao, round rod 6 Drew (JD Drew) to combat, but also a home run, one breath and then red socks team coming down 3 points, so the Red Sox leading 4-0. MLB jerseys


Oakland Athletics at Tokyo Dome stadium and the last World Series

Oakland Athletics at Tokyo Dome stadium and the last World Series champion Boston Red Sox to start the 2008 season opening game outside the United States the second war, attracted 44,735 spectators.

Athletics released Harden (Rich Harden) as a starting pitcher, pitched the sixth inning, was hit three hits including a home run, struck out nine batters, threw a bad 3 4 walks, 1.50 ERA , pitcher to win, record a win 0 lose. Red Sox starting pitcher Liszt (Jon Lester) pitched four-inning hit five hits and lost 4, struck out four batters, threw a bad 3 4 walks, ERA 9.00, to swallow the defeat cast record 0 wins and 1 defeat.


However, he was taken today or 15-day disabled list

New York Yankees left-hander Pettitte (Andy Pettitte) 3A in the minor leagues today's game playing netball, which is since March 17 he was the first play after the pitch, he pitched 77 balls with 6 Board only been playing a hits and 1 walks, 6 strikeouts sent, the situation is quite good.

However, he was taken today or 15-day disabled list, and time is back to March 21, so Pettitte is expected to be in the Yankees 5 games the new season is April 5 against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays board game board, was asked whether he was confident that in this day to come back from the disabled list and start, he said it was ready.


The cast of the 5.2 start Redman Bureau

Owens commendable performance, pre-6.2 Board, only to be played in Los Angeles audience of only two hits, the Rockies have only 1 point, is the first 3 rods second baseman Kheitan (Todd Helton) the only contribution, Owens won the individual 1 wins this season (0 lost).

The cast of the 5.2 start Redman Bureau, was hit nine hits, which were in the 5 on 3 Arizona baseman Renos (Mark Reynolds) played a stage beyond spring home run, which lost 5 points, 4 points is ERA, take the game's failure to vote (0 wins and 1 loss).

Diamondbacks 7, the offensive team, Arp Tom (Justin Upton) solo shot, as one also.

3 teams will continue tomorrow Lien Chan's Game 2.


New York Mets home game against the visiting Philadelphia Phillies

New York Mets home game against the visiting Philadelphia Phillies, launched three series of the first battle. Phillies star first baseman relying Metropolitan Del Gado (Carlos Delgado) in the 7 fatal mistakes on the reverse situation of the war, finally, 5 to 2 victory over city.

Originally Deilgat mostly have the opportunity to be a hero, and 2, the first play he hit the ball with a pole homered wall, first made this season to help the Mets leading by 1 to 0 for the time being. cheap mlb jerseys

4, the Bell Choi (Carlos Beltran) in a person walks out of access to a base station, then Deilgat, which also hit a base hit, the next bar to send the root (Angel Pagan) supplemented on an infield hit , captured the Mets loaded the bases, relying on Church (Ryan Church) infield grounder, gain another victory won 2 to 0 lead.


6 Jushang Ban Hernandez encounter turbulence

6 Jushang Ban Hernandez encounter turbulence, Angel Matthews (Gary Matthews) hit home runs tied spring than a few, then a small ball tactics worked, Kou Chiman (Casey Kotchman) hit infield hit with with 1 RBI, Angels 3-2 ahead of the students. MLB jersey

However, half of Board-dimensional instability of the status of the Buddha is also a knocked out after doubles and then walked on balls three times, including once intentionally walked four bad, free to give sailors tied points, Wixon ( Brad Wilkerson) supplemented on a 2 RBI hit first base, the Victoria River (1 wins and 2 losses) to play end, he pitched 5.2 inning hit four hits and lost 5 points to swallow losing the war.


Buddha is also a knocked out after doubles and then walked three times four balls

6 Jushang Ban Hernandez encounter turbulence, Angel Matthews (Gary Matthews) hit home runs tied spring than a few, then a small ball tactics worked, Kou Chiman (Casey Kotchman) hit infield hit with with 1 RBI, Angels 3-2 ahead of the students.

However, half of Board-dimensional instability of the status of the Buddha is also a knocked out after doubles and then walked three times four balls, one of which is intentionally walked four bad, free to give sailors tied points, Wixon ( Brad Wilkerson) supplemented on a 2 RBI hit first base, the Victoria River (1 wins and 2 losses) to play end, he pitched 5.2 inning hit four hits and lost 5 points to swallow losing the war.


Nationals shortstop Guzman (Cristian Guzman) against rate of 3 percent of 22

Mets pitcher skin of non-established (Mike Pelfrey) before the start of a, vote of five to play five hits and lost by 2 points, struck out three batters to cast four bad 2 walks, 1 win 0 lose record, ERA rate of 3.60.

Nationals shortstop Guzman (Cristian Guzman) against rate of 3 percent of 22, hit two home runs six RBIs, center fielder Miligi (Lastings Milledge) against rate of 3 into 08, hit a home runs 5 a dot, star third baseman Jimo Man (Ryan Zimmerman) against rate of 2 percent 26,2 home runs six RBI.


Red Sox 9:11 behind eight innings in the second half

Fortunately, today against the Yankees really fierce, half of five at once relied on three hits and Red Sox shortstop Lugol (Julio Lugo) mistakes, swept the four points to help Wang attention it deserves, so he has nothing to do with victory or defeat , MLB jerseys 50 career wins have to wait for the next one up.

Red Sox 9:11 behind eight innings in the second half, but relief pitcher Timu Lin (Mike Timlin) continue to fire, foreign Jibosata (Jorge Posada) and Giambi (Jason Giambi) each pounded a two RBIs in two base hits, so the Red Sox antidote, the audience 16 hits the Yankees had 15 points, wrapped up to 15:9 on the Second Lien won the first one wins.

Winning pitcher was the third pitcher the Yankees Hawkins (LaTroy Hawkins, 1 win 0 lose), failure to vote is Tawaruizi (0 wins and 1 loss).


Royal eight innings in the second half playing the Japanese pitcher Tau Tianan Yan fire

Royal eight innings in the second half playing the Japanese pitcher Tau Tianan Yan fire, throw four balls and walked four times, was also knocked a hit exit lost 2 points, the next Hideo Nomo has been destroyed even knocked three security points, Klose than (Bobby Crosby) and win their three-run homer, struck out only after the Ye Mao stopped bleeding, but was beaten a total of two Japanese pitchers hit four lost 8 points.

Athletics shortstop Crosby, today's start with the most ruthless, 4 hits, hit a few 3 5 RBIs, outfielder Brown (Emil Brown) are not much better, 5 hits and 3 hit a few 3 RBI.

Victory Athletics pitcher is starting high-Ting (Chad Gaudin, 1 win and 1 loss), he pitched seven out of eight strikeouts Board Biao, was hit four hits and lost 2 points, but only 1 point is earned run.


4 Bureau, the Rays third baseman Longgeliya (Evan Longoria) hit triples

4 Bureau, the Rays third baseman Longgeliya (Evan Longoria) hit triples, designated hitter JI (Eric Hinske) a base hit, two teams of 2 to 2 tie. cheap MLB jerseys

Blue Jays and then was one of five points on the lead again. Of five, the Rays captured bases loaded no one out, Longgeliya with an RBI sacrifice fly, JI Passing by the other second baseman on the base, the Rays Adds 1 point, catcher Nawa Nuo (Dioner Navarro) then a base hit for the Rays won this semi-Board 3.


Eight innings, the national team captured a second out

Eight innings, the national team captured a second out, second baseman, right fielder Curns (Austin Kearns) hit the winning RBI with a first base hit points.

National team wrapped up 3 to 2 victory over Pirates team made a four-game victory with 0 lost record.

Pirates starting pitcher Duke (Zach Duck) and the National Team starting pitcher Perez (Odalis Perez) were pitched Qiju lost 2 points and the outcome has nothing to do, the pirates force the second pitcher Gela Bo (John Garbow) Council voted a hit two hits and lost by 1 point, pitcher to win. Nationals pitcher Ayala second (Luis Ayala) did not vote for a Board to be hit scoreless play, pitcher to win.


Houston Astros vs. Washington Nationals, the three series the first battle

Houston Astros vs. Washington Nationals, the three series the first battle.

You come to my game to the formation of two tug of war, 8 Ju Shangban national team ahead 5 to 4. Eight innings, the Astros two out, cheap MLB jerseys shortstop Tejada (Miguel Tejada) a base hit, first baseman Berkman (Lance Berkman) also hit a base hit, the astronauts captured a team, third base, Burke Man 5, 5 hits and a RBI hit a few back to home plate was 4, left fielder Carlos Lee (Carlos Lee) hits and two RBI doubles followed, attacks were tied for points with the winning points.


Marlins hit two home runs by the Brewers starting pitcher Fanlunnuowa

Marlins hit two home runs by the Brewers starting pitcher Fanlunnuowa (Carlos Villanueva), voted 5.0 Bureau, was hit 10 hits, fell 7 points ERA, Kutun the first quarter 4 defeat (1 win); Marlins starting pitcher left Mark Hendrickson in section 5 Board, 1 out, the body out of state, was forced to change fate, so that the original wins vote successor Board voted not lost 2.2 points of the Kensington (Logan Kensing) MLB jerseys tasted victory this season in the No. 1 market investment (0 lost).

Although the Brewers have lost with 6, but the catcher Rivera (Mike Rivera) with 6 games with RBI.

Marlins add these three wins, 20 wins 14 lost, temporarily, five teams of the National League East crown.


Giants in the Mother's Day and the Philadelphia Phillies 3 Lien 3 of war,

Giants in the Mother's Day and the Philadelphia Phillies 3 Lien 3 of war, held on behalf of the color pink Mother's Day debut against the Giants bat headed catcher Mo Lina (Bengie Molina), 2 branches in 2, by 2 points after the for replacement of Ho Farm (Steve Holm, see Figure) squatting up, 7, the Ho Farm hit the first pitch, the situation got two-run homer, to kick down the first 6 Board to 2:3 backward Giants, but reversed to 4:3, until at an end, the Phillies won, 4-3, team, Giants 3 Lien Chan series, with 2 wins and 1 defeat to win.

He Farm a race in 15 games this season, almost all as Mo Lina's replacement, the market is no exception, he was 7, the following paragraph 3 of the Phillies pitcher Romy Luo Ren (JC Romero), the first ball hit home run to left field wall, the home runs, a 28-year-old major league first-year major league career Farm Health HE first homers.


Red Sox left Fenway Park 7 wins and 9 defeated, 6.10 ERA record

14-year major league career, the Red Sox left Fenway Park 7 wins and 9 defeated, 6.10 ERA record. Soupanh only 2 losses this season, but with 2 losses, can only lose? Depends on whether the Red Sox blow suppressed.

Daisuke Matsuzaka outstanding performance in the quarter, the first 8 degrees tomorrow start the pursuit of personal registration plate 7 wins, no defeats so far still the Daisuke Matsuzaka, if the win this match, will be open season winning streak in Red Sox 7 tied for No. 2 ranked team in the history. Red Sox history, MLB jersey Beckett (Josh Beckett) to 9 wins and 0 in the last year, the Red Sox defeated the history of the first rank, Bukiet (John Burkett, 2003 retired) in 2002 to 7 wins 0 lose, Matingnizi (Pedro Martinez) in 2002 to seven wins are tied for No. 2 0 defeat.


Murphy infield hits, Kameng Na to fill the seats first base when left thigh strain

Although the Indians quickly recover into 3:4, but three Jushang Ban Kameng Na was first pounded doubles, and then knocked Murphy infield hits, Kameng Na to fill the seats first base when left thigh strain , in the face the next batter only cast a ball, he came to a rest area, and took over Julio (Jorge Julio) 1 2 4 a bad play and even send complimentary 1 minute, then Asia (Jarrod Saltalamacchia) belted career home run No. 1 issued slam, this semi-Council Rangers 6 hits with 7 points, to obtain 11:3 lead.

But the Indians are not willing to be outdone, Se Simo (Grady Sizemore) in the second half Bureau immediately from Rangers starting pitcher Jia Bade (Kason Gabbard) hit a three-run homer in the hands, Guba De only support 2.2 Council on a bow.

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Bureau of the second half of Red Sox right fielder Hannah Han rely Luomanruizi

1 Jushang Ban Red Sox David Ortiz (David Ortiz) from Athletics starting pitcher Braden (Joe Blanton) hands smacked spring homer, season 11 of hair, but the situation on the movement in the second half Liszt home pioneer Hannah Han (Jack Hannahan), I was playing first base and win the first hit, then Brown (Emil Brown) 1 RBI tied a base hit back to home plate than the few.

3 Bureau of the second half of Red Sox right fielder Hannah Han rely Luomanruizi (Manny Ramirez) the failure on third base, then was Sweeney (Mike Sweeney) hit back to home plate to first base to obtain the leading 2:1 four Board of Han and then half of Hanna hit a two RBI base hits in a Liszt pitched five inning hit seven hits and lost 4 points, 2 points are earned run, he can be said to be defeated by the Han Na Han's men, because the loss of four points are related to the Hannah Han, there are 2 points 2 RBI.
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Council on the National Team for a third baseman Boone

San Diego Padres vs. Washington Nationals, the three series the first battle.

Council on the National Team for a third baseman Boone (Aaron Boone) belted two-run homer.

3 Bureau, the Padres two out of three consecutive batters walked by the formation of at least four bad base, catcher Barrett (Michael Barrett) hit RBI singles with two hits.
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Tampa Bay Rays, two teams cross the Florida League of the third war in three series

Florida Marlins vs. Tampa Bay Rays, two teams cross the Florida League of the third war in three series, the first two games the Rays won.

Rays starting pitcher best Matt Garza End cast only hit in nine innings out of a hit, Marlins shortstop Luomanruizi Hanley Ramirez)Qiju next spring home run hit, Luo Manrui No. 17 is hereby issued this season, struck out 10, walked four bad one, pitcher to win, record 6 wins 4 defeat. mlb jerseys

Marlins starting pitcher Mark Hendrickson pitched 4.2 inning hit five hits and lost 5 points, to swallow the failure to vote, record 7 wins 6 defeat.


In signing Ivan Luolikuizi, the Yankee general manager has terminated the original intention

As Man said, Wednesday morning, he Xiangyang based office reported that they hope to do more smaller transactions, rather than promoting a starting catcher on the front-line transactions. In signing Ivan Luolikuizi, the Yankee general manager has terminated the original intention - by trading with the aid righthander Huojinlate minor league second baseman astronauts. Hawking, 35, 1 win 1 loss in 33 games for the Yankee game, 5.71 ERA, usually play in the sixth or seventh. Astros general manager Aideweide said Hawking, he signed former Yankee, he wanted to buy. Yankee to 375 thousand dollars to sign him, trying to replace Lewis Weizikannuo. Kuxi Te, 22-year-old, is the first astronaut in the 2007 draft, 10th round pick in the. Dayton team in this year Ressi 94 games, batting is 0.285,55 hits, 23 doubles, nine home runs and 38 RBI. He and right-hander Ian. Kennedy is a University of Southern California alumni. mlb jersey


Monday night home game against Rangers to Yankee

Monday night home game against Rangers to Yankee. This time, Marlon Byrd ‧ third home run as the Rangers made the recent fighting in 8 of 11 field home victory in the third hit by the victory of good-bye. Bottom of the ninth, 5:5 level, two out, bases loaded. Byrd stood against zone, facing a Yankee relief pitcher Damaso ‧ Marty. In front of 33,813 fans at Rangers home stadium in Arlington, he hit a dramatic grand slam home run. This is the seventh time this season, Rangers hit with Goodbye to win. "This feels incredible," Bird said at the celebration after the game said, "This victory is really a wonderful feeling." Rangers hit before the bye is also home to win the sailors and Bluebird. "I have never seen anything like it," pitcher Eddie. Guardado said, "This team is amazing. I hit the ball so long, it really is a very exciting moment." Third base Raymond hands. Weisikazi said: "I enjoy the moment. amazing. I just hope we have been so fun."


11:0 victory over China Team, the U.S. team

August 7, at a distance of the 29th Beijing Olympic Games less than 24 hours when the American baseball training event held in Beijing Wukesong Baseball Field. 11:0 victory over China Team, the U.S. team. After the game, the U.S. team manager Daiweiqiaosen said the U.S. team this Olympic Games will be taken seriously, their goal is gold, of course, the immediate task is to win Wednesday's first game against South Korea. London 2012 Olympic Games Baseball and Softball program has been canceled, they use good match to win the return of baseball and softball. The team members received daily from the competition in the American League teammates and team level phone, mail, letters, encourage them to play well. They know that winning a gold medal will not be as easy as training game victory.


Maikekaixi also bring a Yankee coach their permanent title

Maikekaixi also bring a Yankee coach their permanent title. 1931-1946, he coached 16 years in Yankee, led the Yankees won seven times world champion. In the 24-year career, he also coached the Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox. cheap mlb jerseys

"Obviously, in New York, have a good week Maikekaixi record." Thor said, "I was impressed that when your name starts and Kaisesitan Gill, Davis Hook, McKay West also Miller Hu gold together, this is indeed very attractive. "


Bo Luota hitting was 0.276, including 19 home runs and 66 RBI

Bo Luota hitting was 0.276, including 19 home runs and 66 RBI. Since June 22 he was placed in Shawn's place, his batting average rose to .337, including 20 doubles, eight home runs and 36 RBIs. mlb jerseys

Cleveland Indians this season, winning 66 of 54 negative, ranking fourth AL Central, behind top-ranked Chicago Cubs 14 games.


Saturday's game against Royal, Yankee has fallen into a low blow

This game is not easy, not brilliant, but won. Saturday's game against Royal, Yankee has fallen into a low blow, wasted several scoring opportunities. Second day, struggling to catch up with the Yankee score, and then tie. 13 Board game played with time 4 hours 53 minutes, but this is a Yankee rally victory. Rookie Brader tour through the inside to hit a three-hitter, the original of Robinson at second base Cannone back to home plate, 3:2 end the game. "This for us is a great victory, because it is a Cool," the manager Zhou Ji Ladi said, "We have been difficulties in the scores could win this victory makes us down trajectory. "

Judd inner batting zone into the decisive moment, after two outs in the face of the relief pitcher Jeff Fuqing Royal Connaught. He said he would like to start heavy blow out, so he will be the first two quickly hit the ball out of bounds heavily. "In 15 seconds I 0 2 balls behind the number of good golf ball, I think: Do not do it," Judd said inside, "but he voted for two quick goals side." Judd to maintain a calm . He waited until the third bad ball, the ball several full. Judd guess the next ball was inside fastball, and his victory this conjecture a direct result of a blow. "At that time my ball out of control," Fuqing Snow said, "I am ahead in the count from 0-2 to 3-2 into a passive situation."


If his injury treatment or anti-inflammatory drugs can relieve

Du the Charles in June last year, accepted the right hip surgery, the surgery ended his 07 seasons. He said that the feeling and was similar to last year, but the pain is getting stronger. "Last year was a little bit of deterioration. Is in this position, and then retreated a little and then started back and forth until it had to deal with it," he explained, "This day, like last year. In my start time of last relapse, but I get over cast finished. But now a very serious and can not be cast. This happened too fast. " mlb jersey

If his injury treatment or anti-inflammatory drugs can relieve, at least he may miss game; activist has been very sensitive to the injury, even minor league injuries. "I do not want to lose any chance to start," Du the Charles said, "I want to prove I could vote in the full season."

13:2 in the athlete losing Tuesday's game, manager Bob Green said Mrs Charles will receive their team surgeon Qiaoen Fu Ledger examination, including X-rays, magnetic resonance imaging there Wednesday. "Come back to see." Green said.


Jeter joined the Yankees club hits 2500

Jeter joined the Yankees club hits 2500, before his only two members - Babe Ruth and Lugeruige, and he is the seventh active player in more than 2,500 hits in one shot. He is the first major league history to establish the milestone of 88 people. The ball is out field, Jeter said, is expected to put their parents at home, and other commemorative ball together.

"It takes a lot of hits," coach Zhou Ji Ladi said, "This is I can not imagine, I hit the 80-year-old to get to this record. I think this is wonderful. This requires adherence to, passion, health, natural ... ... need a lot a lot to do this step. "


Initially, the judge finds that Mexican pull security on base

Initially, the judge finds that Mexican pull security on base, which means that the Council should continue. Ji Ladi play controversy, the referee called a meeting of several judges, Orioles manager Tan Bolei play to make arguments more intense. In the end, Tan Bolei was ejected, ink drawing is also being put out, because he first gave up base running and went to the rest area.

"I saw the ball bounced to the ground," Secretary ball referee Wiest said, "against those who throw away the bat and helmet to rest area, he's done, he gave up the chance of trying entered built. Under the rules, He was out. I did not see him, so I have to ask someone else ink drawing done? We all agree that he gave up trying entered built, so he was out. " mlb jersey

Pavano has entered the rest area, realized that the field of controversy.

"I went to the rest area, I always head down ... ... I took off my gloves, only to see everyone still in court." Pavano said.

Moment he thought he made a mistake, there were only one person out.


Jeffrey Clemens return to the game

Starting pitcher Carlos. Charvas 3 right elbow tendinitis since Aug. 16 on the disabled list, now Ruige Man decided to let him play against the Cleveland Indians in Sunday's away game to play. Day he would leave the injured list. wholesale mlb jerseys

Lefthander Eric. Dellter has also been movement in Monday, according to Rui Geman, said he voted in 50 balls. Coach says all the good progress Dellter vote in Thursday once again. But he can not on the mound, did not return team arrangements.


Has 29 years experience in big-league umpires David

Has 29 years experience in big-league umpires David, replay reviews in a timely manner "may be a good thing." "We all know the new stadium is to build the best interests of the audience, there can be enough in many parts of the audience to the center field fence, then came the controversy," he said, "There is no such problem before. Playoffs and the World Series, when a home run if convicted of the wrong, no problem subverting the wrong decision. "

Dehms said that ruled out the correct time intervals into the wrong decision possible. "At least this is so," he said, "You certainly do not want the decision to change was wrong. Heated debate coach, or player, or overreact to the audience, which will give judges the pressure, I believe at this point certainly be helpful. " mlb jerseys

Although it is said time intervals will be seen as disrespectful to the referee, Dehms did not think so. Today, these strange shapes in the pitch, home run by machines is a matter of perspective, most referees know that. "If the Alliance decided that each first base hit of the decisions that we have to look at the replay, the referee may make uncomfortable," Dehms said, "Sometimes, I in that position, clearly see the ball in the flagpoles, or is identified as the audience disrupted the ball, 100% OK, and then dispute over referees and players, suddenly, I had a doubt, have turned to the other referee. We are human, also made a mistake. "


Cook voted in the sixth inning, lost two points

Cook voted in the sixth inning, lost two points, was hit five, won three strikeouts, two walks, a total of 95 pitches.

"I think he progressed in many ways, but he should be more torture each game," head coach Clint Lodge What to say, "He said he felt good. He is the right direction. He experienced some minor setbacks, but how to say this is his best performance so far. "This is a Cook since July 25 the first time since being hit five or less. replica mlb jerseys

Padres in the seventh benefit of the home run with Nike Heng will score chase 3:4, he seemed to restore calm. But this is the last priest can do a. Rocky has been in the eighth two-thirds. Seth. Smith pinch hit appearance in left field two RBI doubles, and then third base on Chiritian Natta Padres relief pitcher with Berg wild pitch scored.


In addition, the Philadelphia end of last year to 3 years 31.5 million dollars

In addition, the Philadelphia end of last year to 3 years 31.5 million dollars to sign Yibananzi (Raul Ibanez), Chicago Cubs 3 years 30 million dollars to keep Bradley (Milton Bradley), and Wade that according to Abreu capacity, the contract should be such price tag. cheap mlb jerseys

It is understood that the New York metropolitan Abreu hopes to stay in New York after the news, then that team is very interested in him, but Abreu's agent, Greenberg (Peter Greenberg) said, "As long as the team's price tag is reasonable, we do not need long years of the contract, one has to accept about. "Greenberg said, present there are up to 6 pellets on the expression of interest in Abreu.


Monday, Baobomaier paper did not hesitate to answer this question

Monday, Baobomaier paper did not hesitate to answer this question. "Who is my Terminator tonight?" Diamondbacks manager asked. "Brandon. Lyon." This will undoubtedly disappoint many Diamondbacks fans, we are looking forward to the right-hander's performance. 6 times in the recent appearance, he pitched 5 1 / 3 innings, gave up 11 hits. Melvin did see another look. He saw in Lyon played in the recent six times, 5 times is difficult, there is no chance of success once there is relief, and are at home. The only road in a battle in Colorado, is a rescue chances of success, perhaps this is not a coincidence.

"I think his chances of success are too few rescue." Melvin said.

This season, Lyon road ERA was 2.22, home to 7.66.


Bell Cui five hits also tied his single-game record

"Very interesting to see this happen," Mariner outfielder Jeremy ‧ Reid said, "this impressive. Even more amazing was that he just did not realize what has happened. I know this because I most of the time watching in the lounge area. I know he will need a third base hit. to see him go to combat zone, he played third base hits, too cool. he hit the ball to the most appropriate location. He went through so much pain, this can be really great. This encourages all people. "
Jim head coach also praised Bell Cui fight. "He is the most I've seen a strong player. He endured the pain to go out, there are so many outstanding performances," Rui Geman said, "his data shows what a great player he is. I feel for him awe. This is a great achievement. "

Bell Cui five hits also tied his single-game record, the last is June 6, 2007 home game of the campaign. Monday's five back to home plate scoring record of his career.

"He did many great things, like get the Gold Glove award, such as a few years ago of 48 home runs, 200 hits of the season, and now, he realized the full blow," Rui Geman said, " He did so many things. regardless of whether he hits the next, he is a great team dynamic. "


The Torre himself anxious to clarify that the book is to express all the feelings

The Kitt as the Yankees captain, in the eyes of the New York fans have played a decisive role, and today came forward to declare their support A-Rod, in addition to that there is no between the two so-called Yu Liang complex, but also the many speculations out of the outside world. Kitt said: "The whole team are even behind the A-Rod. Recent book, the media asked the question has been asked Torre to the bad, and the new season about to begin, concerned about the status of the team is the most important."

The Torre himself anxious to clarify that the book is to express all the feelings it was the Yankees, did not mean to criticize anyone. In last Friday (U.S. time) Torre told Larry King live interview programs, private love for A-Rod and Kit rivalry, and said that, "The two players on the team get along and there is no state."


A-Rod will hold a formal press conference for the first time

From "Sports Illustrated" in Taiwan on February 8 blockbusters time in 2003 after using drugs, since A-Rod appeared in public only twice, first admitted through an interview with ESPN scandal, then it is in accordance with plan to speak to the University of Miami. The Yankees catcher at the same time handle voted to report, almost all the reporters could not get A-Rod's grievances, all made in Girardi body, a large number of media surrounded the coach, and constantly asked about issues related to doping controversy .

But with the pace from the season closer and closer, stricken in the past been exposed after, A-Rod can not always avoid the backlog in mind all the questions reporters, Girardi today in front of as many as 24 journalists pointed out, A -Rod is expected to be the second week (U.S. time) to carry out health checks in Tampa, the Yankees also prepared for him to open a formal press conference.


Crawford double play record stop play

Yesterday (10) light and angels game, radiance final loss to swallow defeat, and array steal the personal records of King Carl Crawford also draw the period, be a little regret.

American League stolen base won the 5th king of Crawford has excellent speed conditions, once the station Lei Bao is the pitcher's nightmare, and in combat zones, he is actually very "kill" for him to hit a double play to play But even more difficult.

Crawford's record of suspension is in the 9th Bureau, was behind 3 to 4 light, 1 out of 1 in the base, Crawford hit second baseman Brian Fuentes to face the direction of rolling land, saw Howie Kendrick to pass the ball quickly after Erick Aybar , Aybar also immediately passed on first baseman Kendry Morales end the game.


Feagles, in his 22-year career, never missed a game

Feagles, in his 22-year career, never missed a game, but also reported the importance of keeping most of the NFL kicking records abandoned. Over the past seven seasons he spent in the Giants, he was New England, Philadelphia, Arizona and Seattle played the ball. He abandoned his career total of play mean of 41.6 yards net average code number is 35.9 yards. Feagles played record of 352 consecutive NFL record. Only kicker Gary - Anderson and Morten - Andersen in their career, playing more than this figure.

As the Giants Qiang Wei Kenny - Phillips received last season after surgery detail missed 14 games remaining, but not yet for the new season begin to prepare, no doubt Grant's contract has provided a guarantee for the Giants . Grant joined the Giants in the weeks before the Giants signed just before the team's tour of Arizona Health Antrell Rolle.


Patriots 18 wins make history

Patriots through a perfect match is not, finally created a new NFL history, one season of 18 war victory. Dolphins 1972 perfect season is to win Super Bowl 17 victory war. Patriot game is repeated only a thin dolphins perfect season.

The game was the second week of the regular season opponents met again. This race is for the Patriots, far less than the regular season was an exciting. Especially given the rival team's three stars main lightning all seriously injured, barely played, the Patriot's performance can only pass muster. Quarterback Brady was intercepted three passes, things take over Morse almost disappeared, only 1 catch 18 yards. But the Patriot defense this war was a very prominent, rather break than bend, can be said to win the hero. Lightning team scored 3 times within the Patriot 10 yard line, can only be ending on penalties. Especially the first two penalties, even if there are one to touchdowns, Lightning can lead patriot game situation may change. In contrast Patriots scored four times lightning red zone, three touchdowns passes to be anti-1 cut, very high success rate.

Lightning team is not up front, main running back Tomlinson can not play a main reason. The game, Lightning team three masters, quarterback Rui Fusi right knee injury, running back Tomlinson injured his left knee, proximal left front toe Gates has been playing hurt two games. Tomlinson before the game could have been of the three most promising comeback, but he played only two attacks, 2 red ball 5 yards, 1 catch, on the left knee pain out of the race. Rui Fusi and Gates While support to the end of the game, but play a significant discount level. Gates only 17 yards the ball two times, there is no significant threat to the Patriots. Rui Fusi move at the pace clearly seen staggering gait, passing accuracy greatly reduced.


The first year after the Super Bowl Sunday is the NFL gathered on the traditional

The first year after the Super Bowl Sunday is the NFL gathered on the traditional. Expert teams to give up all its pains and sorrows season and opt for meet in the sun was shining and the ocean breezes of Hawaii, Honolulu to conduct an exhibition match. Since it is exhibition, naturally, would not be so keen to death Xiang Bo, defender offensive players usually put a horse, so the performance of offensive players is more eye-catching and more freely. Attack and defense is basically one to one manner, the overall tactical coordination is very difficult to act as a go up within a week. The League of Nations in the last 42 to 30 victory over Midland.

In accordance with tradition, the League and American League All-Star team by the coaching staff and the American League Championship League coach as a negative, unable to enter the Super Bowl as a consolation match. So this year's Wing is Lightning coach the United States troops, the League of Nations is the Packers coaching staff.

NFL's All-Star Game for the entry requirements are not clearly defined, All-Star for personal reasons or injury can not attend. This year's American League and National League starting quarterback both missed the American League and National League of the Brady law did not participate in Eph. Therefore, AP starting quarterback Peyton Manning from the Colts as the League of Nations starting from Tony Romo. AP added to the Browns quarterback D. Anderson into the quarterback replacement, the League added to the Buccaneers quarterback Jeff Garcia to four Sub-Wei reserve.


Lightning 23, Titans 17

Lightning 23, Titans 17

Lightning in this crucial game against a wild card contender Titan, consolidating his own Midland fourth position. The two sides were not in the first half touchdowns with only 44 yards on penalties Titans lead three minutes. Lightning quarterback Dreyfuss poor performance of the former three, but the first four consecutive two touchdown passes, forced Titan into overtime. Tomlinson, last year's world number one Chong showing hero in overtime, 16 yards push deep up front, so that a burst of Titan fell to the ground.

Bears 16, Redskins 24

Redskins Campbell, the young quarterback injured in the second quarter end. Picea replaced veteran Collins. 10 years, has never been started, and just had a second touchdown pass of the Collins, the Redskins pass defense against cut-off, after a recorded message array 21 yards long. Redskins by 7 to 0 first half lead. Section IV concludes with a push deep attack, Collins again, 16 yards passing succeeded, Redskins beat the Bears. Contrast Bears quarterback Grossman, Gehrig replaced shortly after they played, the latter performance is unsatisfactory, 2 passes were erythrodermic team Sperling anti-cut. Collins, in the end how old? He was once the Bill four teams into the Super Bowl, 2002 Hall of Fame quarterback Jim - Kelly's replacement.


Raiders away 22-29 loss to Vikings

Raiders quarterback Daunte Culpepper. Every time Battle of the team he had played when both scored excellent achievements. This field is no exception, Sunday's game in his 39 pass 23 to lead the silver and black army advancing 344 yards! And passing touchdowns one time. Polish artillery Sebastian Janikowski. 5 shooting Fifth contributed 16 points (including touchdowns additional points). Raiders defensive group also forced the other side lose the ball five times. Unfortunately, these seem not enough to win silver and black regiment, the ultimate Raiders in 22-29 loss to the road on the Vikings.

Assume personal command of the race Sunday at home by the Vikings in the first attack. The first attack on a long pass from quarterback S. Rice took over the outside V. Shiancoe, advancing 79 yards! Instant immediate concern Raiders defensive interior. Subsequently, the running back Chester Taylor short-term assault, 10 yards touchdowns. Vikings to 7-0 head start. 6 minutes after the raid had been side six yards in the office because of a foul, penalized 6 yards, gave the Vikings a security score (Safety). Section I, 10 minutes, Silver Legion Janikowski black injection location 42 yards the ball, recovering from two-thirds.


Titan super running back named the Best Offensive Player

AP's Top offensive player of the Year title of the final Whispering Chris - Johnson, the Titans running back ran in the 2009 season, more than 2,000 yards achievements Lianpao with access distance of 2509 yards total offense record NFL records, but has also become the first NFL history, a red ball at the same time more than 2000 yard catch more than five hundred yards of the player.

In 50 ballots cast, Johnson received an overwhelming majority of 38.5, the second team from Saints quarterback Drew - Brisbane, received only 9 support, Johnson said: "I actually know, I feel to his own experience of a fantastic season. "Johnson's 16 touchdowns after the Vikings running back Adrian - Petersen consecutive games of at least 6 red ball 125 yards to create a new NFL record. Johnson that he is running the fastest NFL player, unless the current men's 100 meters record holder Bolt joined the NFL, his goal was to break Eric - Dixon to maintain a single red ball 2105 yards last season records and regular season MVP .