Chapman struck out the final ball to slip out of the Lucroy

Chapman struck out the final ball to slip out of the Lucroy, earned his career first 1K, won the audience applauded loudly, and then that went to Craig Counsell and Carlos Gomez knocked out grounder, throwing to complete this task, it is worth mentioning that Chapman at the time of the Counsell had soared out of a ball speed of 103 miles.

"Cuban Fireball man" stole all the focus, but the Reds win Zhu Jiang did not forget the main task, the gun Joey Votto and win two doubles, all with the RBI, in which the first Board 2 RBI hits to help landlords will score ahead and lead the way to the whistle, and laid the groundwork for a sub-5 Board the same key, as the Brewers until the last half of Board 3 to 4 behind catch up, this hits just can Cuocuo just lit the morale of the opponents .

Reds won the victory, coupled with the Cardinals lost to the Astros today, making two the gap between the margin of victory has come to seven games, a new high this season, Cincinnati fans want to see the team since 1995 after the landlord reached the playoffs once again the opportunity to become increasingly larger.