The third round of war-based socks

Ten playoff Bureau, Miranda (Juan Mirand) from Hideki Okajima walked hand bend into the bye, 4-3 win over the Red Sox, Yankees, swept to resolve the fate of the playoffs the Red Sox lost the hope of getting slimmer and slimmer.

The third round of war-based socks, kick down the first 8 Bureau, the Yankees leading 2-1, sending nine innings on the "patron saint" Rivera (Mariano Rivera), was knocked out three hits, lost 2 points, the Red Sox reversed the war situation, 3: 2, leading down; nine innings, the Red Sox also sent the Terminator Piper (Jonathan Papelbon), consecutive to the Yankees 2-5 bars on base, tied with three hits, front stretch to 10 Council.

Ten Council, the Red Sox Hideki Okajima for the rescue, Glenn Anderson (Curtis Granderson), Gardner (Brett Gardner) win their hits, plus Red Sox catcher Martinez (Victor Martinez) bad, to seize one, three base, the Red Sox had to fill up the basepaths this time betting double play, walked Derek Jeter (Derek Jeter), Hideki Okajima did not expect to actually cast a deadly for Miranda walks, the Yankees get winning points.


Wainwright starting 6 Bureau, was knocked six hits

Wainwright starting 6 Bureau, was knocked six hits, investment 7K, 1BB, lost 1 point, responsible for loss of 1 point, the current record of 20 wins, 11 lost, 2.42 ERA, but also following the Yankees Sabah West (CC Sabathia) and Philadelphia Phillies Hale Dai (Roy Halladay) this year after the first three major league wins achieved strong cast of 20.

20 wins for the win, Wainwright said he was happy to win 20 games and two other of the Cy Young Award for pitching analogy, Wainwright is also the Cardinals following the 2005 Carpenter (Chris Carpenter), the re-emergence of 20 wins pitcher.


Yankees have long been suspended for the challenges the World Series title

Since the 2009 publication of "In the days of the Yankees," a book stirred no small controversy, the Torre apologized again today, but also with Cashman goodbye hug to show all the old scores, "I am very sorry to everyone the false impression that the book The content is complaining about the Yankees, Cashman, I hope we can forget about those misunderstandings, cherish. "In this regard, Cashman also expressed good intentions," I know, a lot of things not out of his hand, say it all the past, I agree with him, the misunderstanding in the past, like. "

2007 season, the Yankees have long been suspended for the challenges the World Series title, unfortunately, failed again; quarters, general manager Joe Torre was on contract with the pellet repeatedly failed to reach consensus, and even the Yankees because of dissatisfaction with proposed provisions include incentives and cut pay for 1 year contract, with a bloom, including Bova (Larry Bowa), including the Los Angeles Dodgers fought a little coaching exodus; and Torre in 2009 published "in the days of the Yankees", the implied gas Cashman was not for their own group to fight for the ball more reasonable 2-year renewal terms, the two sides forged liangzi this.


Dodgers defeat the current record of 72 wins of 77

Los Angeles Dodgers record low this year, today (19) by Los machine blow after the recent Kutun four straight games, and swallowed the last 10 7 defeat of war; good, and Dodgers general manager Kelie Ti (Ned Colletti) pointed out that "the team this season is an important reason for the collapse of one cow," but for the strong vote in Taiwan Kuo, who is praised added that, "Guo's performance is alarming, it is amazing."

Dodgers defeat the current record of 72 wins of 77, ranking last in the NL West, winning percentage of less than 5 percent, and has missed the playoffs. It makes an ugly record high after the end of the season to start changes or transactions? And general manager, said Ke Lieti larger lineup changes have not been the intention, "first listen to your views, say, after careful consideration."

In the general manager Joe Torre (Joe Torre) announced his retirement, the Dodgers hitting coach to arms by next year, Mattingly (Don Mattingly) in charge; Kelie Ti on Mattingly also hold a lot of confidence and hope that he led the team to the next quarter have higher levels of performance.


Fighting in the United States baseball player Hu Jinlong Taiwan

Fighting in the United States baseball player Hu Jinlong Taiwan, is finally win their first hits this season, but unfortunately 2 to 10, the Los Angeles Dodgers San Francisco Giants were Tongzai, Dodge swallow 2 game losing streak.

Hu Jinlong take over from the Board voted 5 times to play defensive pinch bar, facing the starting Sang Qizi Giants (Jonathan Sanchez), number 2 good 1 bad ball adverse circumstances, Hu Jinlong remember the face of a speed ball, a stick to hit the outfield hit, this is his first year in Major League hits.

Then do not stay in the field Hu Jinlong garrison, when he was pitching for Board Weaver (Jeff Weaver) replace the play, Hu Jinlong hit number 1 today, 1 hits, batting average rose to 2 percent.


In 2005 the board of the Alliance Fielder

Less Fielder of the Brewers, and Astros in the war on 7 when Council scored 3 points tie, losing the final 2 to 4.

In 2005 the board of the Alliance Fielder, in September 4, 2008 started out non-stop race, during the 327 games, 326 games as a first baseman, a field as a designated hitter.

Fielder hit this season be the year the less your heart, 2 into 73 batting, 74 RBI, 4 into the rates are all 97 long-playing record low since 2006. Even so, he still wrote for 4-year record of at least 30 home runs, and the base rate of 4 percent are 06 to 4 percent after 2009 12.

Active players in games played straight times to keep people Brewers star first baseman Prince Fielder

Active players in games played straight times to keep people Brewers star first baseman Prince Fielder, today (14) due to flu symptoms, had to miss the game with the Astros, making a record 327 games under the plan period.

Even so, Fielder's consecutive game record is still a team record for the Brewers, before that by the Hall of Fame star Robin Yount in the years 1987 to 1989 to maintain the 274 field.

"About noon, when the trainers come to me," Brewers general manager Ken Macha said: "The Astros team doctor also gave Fielder an intravenous drip, we would delay the hope that continued record, but he is still very weak and had to change the first made the list. "


Red Sox pitcher Wakefield The campaign is not a good bid

Beltre in the first opened under 2 Board first shot, 2 minutes behind the gun to narrow the gap by half, 3 Bureau to Scutaro and "Dad" marathon runs, obstinately than the number of equalizer. Although the light gain another victory in the four inning, but Martinez Board under 5 with a solo shot from 3 single Bureau offensive, to help get ahead of the Red Sox for the first time, while the 6,7-Board co-offensive four points, including Scutaro 7 Board 2 points under the bombs, leaving the landlord to walk away.

Red Sox pitcher Wakefield The campaign is not a good bid, pitched 5 Board lost 5 points (4 points ERA), but his teammates against fire-breathing, so the veteran can still take off the season winning 4 of the individual, but even more commendable is, Wakefield 44-year-old pitcher revenue, surpassing Hall of Fame pitcher Dennis Eckersley in the 43 years of age for the Red Sox won their last victory, a victory for the Red Sox take away the oldest pitcher to vote.

Light starting pitcher Matt Garza The campaign is fun to play the Red Sox batters, only to support another 4 1 / 3 innings on nine hits and was knocked lost 6 points, including Red Sox win their 5 home runs in 4 H knocked from his hands, so miserable performance, of course vote to swallow defeat.


Yankees pitcher Hughes (Phil Hughes) recent situation of good times and bad

Yankees pitcher Hughes (Phil Hughes) recent situation of good times and bad, on the 6th of the Blue Jays 6, 3 home runs wild Council to suffer loss of 6 points, renewed the discussion New Yorker, this season has been cast 155.1 Authority, he is suspected of strength began to decline, while the head coach Girardi (Joe Girardi) asked this question, seems to have maintained a reserved attitude, says, "This is a million-dollar question" is not easy to answer.

This year the Yankees cf Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain) mode restrictions Hughes innings pitched, fell from 175 to 185 target about Bureau, the playoffs and unless the system range. From July 26 to vote from 6 consecutive good games, after the end of August fell into trouble following the 826 guests were ringing off the hook after the Blue Jays yesterday at home and then duel, still eat turtle swallowing defeat, the New York media that, Hughes tired?

Girardi was vague answer to this question, "Now to answer your question a bit more difficult this one million." He replied. And Hughes do not think so, "I do not feel tired, just bid for struggling fills in that case I really need a brilliant pitch." Hughes also said that when the number of backward want to go after the ball came back, it is possible make mistakes.


Shabaxiya (CC Sabathia) deserves to be the most stable in the New York Yankees ace huge cast

Shabaxiya (CC Sabathia) deserves to be the most stable in the New York Yankees ace huge cast, he today (3) Oakland Athletics first issue of war voted 8 Board, only by Ellis (Mark Ellis) hit a hit, in addition to 5K sent no mistake, leading the Yankees to 5 to 0 shutout performances, sweeping the Athletics. 19 wins after the game won more single fat sand league pitcher to win first place.

Although the athlete first published Sheridan (Dallas Braden) The campaign also perform quality pitches in his 5 Council was beaten only two hits, cast 4K, but Braden's major flaw is to be Jorge Posada (Jorge Posada) 2 hit a home run lost under 1 minute, not only with the cast was knocked an 8-Board Security, not lose points for "killing" fat comparable to, ultimately has no choice but to swallow defeat (9 wins 10 lost).

Top 5 Board evil empire alone Posada's solo shot 1 point of attack, but slow to play the diamond line in Houban Chang gotta play, they were swept in the 6,7,8 3 Board 7 hits, including bench departure Gelandesen ( Curtis Granderson) in paragraphs 6 and 7 home runs Bureau, and Bureau of Cohen 8 (Austin Kearns) of a total of RBI hits and Tim 4, the Yankees extended the lead to 5 to 0.


Chapman struck out the final ball to slip out of the Lucroy

Chapman struck out the final ball to slip out of the Lucroy, earned his career first 1K, won the audience applauded loudly, and then that went to Craig Counsell and Carlos Gomez knocked out grounder, throwing to complete this task, it is worth mentioning that Chapman at the time of the Counsell had soared out of a ball speed of 103 miles.

"Cuban Fireball man" stole all the focus, but the Reds win Zhu Jiang did not forget the main task, the gun Joey Votto and win two doubles, all with the RBI, in which the first Board 2 RBI hits to help landlords will score ahead and lead the way to the whistle, and laid the groundwork for a sub-5 Board the same key, as the Brewers until the last half of Board 3 to 4 behind catch up, this hits just can Cuocuo just lit the morale of the opponents .

Reds won the victory, coupled with the Cardinals lost to the Astros today, making two the gap between the margin of victory has come to seven games, a new high this season, Cincinnati fans want to see the team since 1995 after the landlord reached the playoffs once again the opportunity to become increasingly larger.