Red Sox pitcher Wakefield The campaign is not a good bid

Beltre in the first opened under 2 Board first shot, 2 minutes behind the gun to narrow the gap by half, 3 Bureau to Scutaro and "Dad" marathon runs, obstinately than the number of equalizer. Although the light gain another victory in the four inning, but Martinez Board under 5 with a solo shot from 3 single Bureau offensive, to help get ahead of the Red Sox for the first time, while the 6,7-Board co-offensive four points, including Scutaro 7 Board 2 points under the bombs, leaving the landlord to walk away.

Red Sox pitcher Wakefield The campaign is not a good bid, pitched 5 Board lost 5 points (4 points ERA), but his teammates against fire-breathing, so the veteran can still take off the season winning 4 of the individual, but even more commendable is, Wakefield 44-year-old pitcher revenue, surpassing Hall of Fame pitcher Dennis Eckersley in the 43 years of age for the Red Sox won their last victory, a victory for the Red Sox take away the oldest pitcher to vote.

Light starting pitcher Matt Garza The campaign is fun to play the Red Sox batters, only to support another 4 1 / 3 innings on nine hits and was knocked lost 6 points, including Red Sox win their 5 home runs in 4 H knocked from his hands, so miserable performance, of course vote to swallow defeat.