Patriots 18 wins make history

Patriots through a perfect match is not, finally created a new NFL history, one season of 18 war victory. Dolphins 1972 perfect season is to win Super Bowl 17 victory war. Patriot game is repeated only a thin dolphins perfect season.

The game was the second week of the regular season opponents met again. This race is for the Patriots, far less than the regular season was an exciting. Especially given the rival team's three stars main lightning all seriously injured, barely played, the Patriot's performance can only pass muster. Quarterback Brady was intercepted three passes, things take over Morse almost disappeared, only 1 catch 18 yards. But the Patriot defense this war was a very prominent, rather break than bend, can be said to win the hero. Lightning team scored 3 times within the Patriot 10 yard line, can only be ending on penalties. Especially the first two penalties, even if there are one to touchdowns, Lightning can lead patriot game situation may change. In contrast Patriots scored four times lightning red zone, three touchdowns passes to be anti-1 cut, very high success rate.

Lightning team is not up front, main running back Tomlinson can not play a main reason. The game, Lightning team three masters, quarterback Rui Fusi right knee injury, running back Tomlinson injured his left knee, proximal left front toe Gates has been playing hurt two games. Tomlinson before the game could have been of the three most promising comeback, but he played only two attacks, 2 red ball 5 yards, 1 catch, on the left knee pain out of the race. Rui Fusi and Gates While support to the end of the game, but play a significant discount level. Gates only 17 yards the ball two times, there is no significant threat to the Patriots. Rui Fusi move at the pace clearly seen staggering gait, passing accuracy greatly reduced.