Feagles, in his 22-year career, never missed a game

Feagles, in his 22-year career, never missed a game, but also reported the importance of keeping most of the NFL kicking records abandoned. Over the past seven seasons he spent in the Giants, he was New England, Philadelphia, Arizona and Seattle played the ball. He abandoned his career total of play mean of 41.6 yards net average code number is 35.9 yards. Feagles played record of 352 consecutive NFL record. Only kicker Gary - Anderson and Morten - Andersen in their career, playing more than this figure.

As the Giants Qiang Wei Kenny - Phillips received last season after surgery detail missed 14 games remaining, but not yet for the new season begin to prepare, no doubt Grant's contract has provided a guarantee for the Giants . Grant joined the Giants in the weeks before the Giants signed just before the team's tour of Arizona Health Antrell Rolle.