Has 29 years experience in big-league umpires David

Has 29 years experience in big-league umpires David, replay reviews in a timely manner "may be a good thing." "We all know the new stadium is to build the best interests of the audience, there can be enough in many parts of the audience to the center field fence, then came the controversy," he said, "There is no such problem before. Playoffs and the World Series, when a home run if convicted of the wrong, no problem subverting the wrong decision. "

Dehms said that ruled out the correct time intervals into the wrong decision possible. "At least this is so," he said, "You certainly do not want the decision to change was wrong. Heated debate coach, or player, or overreact to the audience, which will give judges the pressure, I believe at this point certainly be helpful. " mlb jerseys

Although it is said time intervals will be seen as disrespectful to the referee, Dehms did not think so. Today, these strange shapes in the pitch, home run by machines is a matter of perspective, most referees know that. "If the Alliance decided that each first base hit of the decisions that we have to look at the replay, the referee may make uncomfortable," Dehms said, "Sometimes, I in that position, clearly see the ball in the flagpoles, or is identified as the audience disrupted the ball, 100% OK, and then dispute over referees and players, suddenly, I had a doubt, have turned to the other referee. We are human, also made a mistake. "