If his injury treatment or anti-inflammatory drugs can relieve

Du the Charles in June last year, accepted the right hip surgery, the surgery ended his 07 seasons. He said that the feeling and was similar to last year, but the pain is getting stronger. "Last year was a little bit of deterioration. Is in this position, and then retreated a little and then started back and forth until it had to deal with it," he explained, "This day, like last year. In my start time of last relapse, but I get over cast finished. But now a very serious and can not be cast. This happened too fast. " mlb jersey

If his injury treatment or anti-inflammatory drugs can relieve, at least he may miss game; activist has been very sensitive to the injury, even minor league injuries. "I do not want to lose any chance to start," Du the Charles said, "I want to prove I could vote in the full season."

13:2 in the athlete losing Tuesday's game, manager Bob Green said Mrs Charles will receive their team surgeon Qiaoen Fu Ledger examination, including X-rays, magnetic resonance imaging there Wednesday. "Come back to see." Green said.