Saturday's game against Royal, Yankee has fallen into a low blow

This game is not easy, not brilliant, but won. Saturday's game against Royal, Yankee has fallen into a low blow, wasted several scoring opportunities. Second day, struggling to catch up with the Yankee score, and then tie. 13 Board game played with time 4 hours 53 minutes, but this is a Yankee rally victory. Rookie Brader tour through the inside to hit a three-hitter, the original of Robinson at second base Cannone back to home plate, 3:2 end the game. "This for us is a great victory, because it is a Cool," the manager Zhou Ji Ladi said, "We have been difficulties in the scores could win this victory makes us down trajectory. "

Judd inner batting zone into the decisive moment, after two outs in the face of the relief pitcher Jeff Fuqing Royal Connaught. He said he would like to start heavy blow out, so he will be the first two quickly hit the ball out of bounds heavily. "In 15 seconds I 0 2 balls behind the number of good golf ball, I think: Do not do it," Judd said inside, "but he voted for two quick goals side." Judd to maintain a calm . He waited until the third bad ball, the ball several full. Judd guess the next ball was inside fastball, and his victory this conjecture a direct result of a blow. "At that time my ball out of control," Fuqing Snow said, "I am ahead in the count from 0-2 to 3-2 into a passive situation."