Bell Cui five hits also tied his single-game record

"Very interesting to see this happen," Mariner outfielder Jeremy ‧ Reid said, "this impressive. Even more amazing was that he just did not realize what has happened. I know this because I most of the time watching in the lounge area. I know he will need a third base hit. to see him go to combat zone, he played third base hits, too cool. he hit the ball to the most appropriate location. He went through so much pain, this can be really great. This encourages all people. "
Jim head coach also praised Bell Cui fight. "He is the most I've seen a strong player. He endured the pain to go out, there are so many outstanding performances," Rui Geman said, "his data shows what a great player he is. I feel for him awe. This is a great achievement. "

Bell Cui five hits also tied his single-game record, the last is June 6, 2007 home game of the campaign. Monday's five back to home plate scoring record of his career.

"He did many great things, like get the Gold Glove award, such as a few years ago of 48 home runs, 200 hits of the season, and now, he realized the full blow," Rui Geman said, " He did so many things. regardless of whether he hits the next, he is a great team dynamic. "