A-Rod will hold a formal press conference for the first time

From "Sports Illustrated" in Taiwan on February 8 blockbusters time in 2003 after using drugs, since A-Rod appeared in public only twice, first admitted through an interview with ESPN scandal, then it is in accordance with plan to speak to the University of Miami. The Yankees catcher at the same time handle voted to report, almost all the reporters could not get A-Rod's grievances, all made in Girardi body, a large number of media surrounded the coach, and constantly asked about issues related to doping controversy .

But with the pace from the season closer and closer, stricken in the past been exposed after, A-Rod can not always avoid the backlog in mind all the questions reporters, Girardi today in front of as many as 24 journalists pointed out, A -Rod is expected to be the second week (U.S. time) to carry out health checks in Tampa, the Yankees also prepared for him to open a formal press conference.