Beckham after the World Cup return to the Galaxy

With the first than when joining AC Milan, David Beckham's "second malignancy" can be said to quiet many, in the Jinji Lun, Beckham has lost the main location, in the initial "lease renewal after the expiry of Beckham "The idea has been shelved temporarily, in this context, the club announced that the Los Angeles Galaxy Beckham after the World Cup will return to the United States is still playing.

"Beckham will return to the Los Angeles Galaxy after the World Cup play, which is no doubt." This is the United States Major League chairman Don - Gabel announced yesterday, in fact, David Beckham and the Los Angeles Galaxy The contract will have the priority provisions of the decision that is the winter of 2009, after David Beckham can choose whether to continue playing in the Los Angeles Galaxy, if he is willing to continue to stay in AC Milan, then he could choose to terminate the contract, but it now appears that , David Beckham and AC Milan both sides wish to continue further along this road, Beckham will also be automatically associated with the Los Angeles Galaxy next two years, the contract will remain in force. In the end, Beckham will retire in the United States, while AC Milan will also choose a younger line.

But this season, Beckham is still in the remaining time will be AC Milan, and trusted adviser to the current round of the Rome, Pato can not play, Beckham is still the most likely location of midfield, as Gennaro Gattuso suspended, At present only the AC Milan Pirlo, Massimo Ambrosini, Mathieu Flamini, four midfielder David Beckham is available, but Beckham is not the General Assembly, as when he arrived as a guest wing, and the issue of surrogate in Pato Leonardo choice of a lot of media speculation there are many, Leonardo was initially inclined to Mancini, which is right in his post-match press conference in Atlanta, said, in addition, recent media reports Leonardo also intends to use Klaas-Jan Huntelaar and the composition of pairs of striker Marco Borriello, Ronaldinho, or Shence activity behind them, the latest news is that Adia in the squad warm-up match 6-0 victory over third-line match in two goals in the independent, performance eye-catching, but also gave Leonardo a new choice.