End of number one Super Bowl MVP quarterback battle

Face may become the best quarterback in NFL history, Peyton - Manning, Drew - Bruce doubt in everyone's eyes entered the altar, four won the regular season MVP's Peyton - Manning performance Dashishuizhun , only one touchdown pass, and were steals a times, but the Saints defense stronger, more balanced ground-air offensive. Drew - Brisbane 39 passes were successful 32 times, advancing distance of 288 yards, two touchdowns passing, in addition to passing a total distance of handicap, other data are finished blasting Brisbane Manning, quarterback scores can truly reflect the gap: 114.5 compared with 88.5 and, more importantly, led in his first time, the Saints reached the Super Bowl champion got his wish to win the final.

After Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans, NFL free agent in St. Miami believers have tried to avoid the contract team because of the team with the cities, to go through reconstruction, there are too many burdens, drama, and beyond are expected to know. But Drew - Brisbane not in the column, and in 2006 suffered a serious shoulder injury in Brisbane became a free agent, but a real interest in his team is only two, of which only the Saints are rebuilding his full confidence, Brisbane then abandoned the warm and humid, the scenic coast of Miami, selection of urban renewal in New Orleans. After tempered too phoenix, February 8, 2010, Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Brisbane to prove his original choice is correct - the first time the Saints win the Super Bowl championship.

New Orleans stood behind the whole Brisbane, he was high hopes for a still in the rebuilding of the city, the Super Bowl champions will be a tremendous honor pride. Hope for the future was sitting Field - Brisbane's youngest son to the scene to cheer for the father, the small guy wearing his father's shirt, charmingly naive, it seems that the father did not know that Taiwan and USA Spring Festival Evening is the number one hero. Brisbane the event are strong, strong, and our judgments outstanding abilities, often in electro-optic and make an informed choice between Firestone, send a very penetrating power of the pass, they tear each other's line of understatement, direct stabbing opponent's heart, this games, face the Super Bowl, Brisbane once again proved they have the super-mental quality, from beginning to end he organized in an orderly attack, 32 successful passes tied - Tom Brady's Super Bowl record keeping.