Well-known players and Jaguars NFL team signed

Chapman, a total of 54 career sack, becoming an elite quarterback in recent years, one of surprise. He created a 06-08 season sack record of 37, but the 09 season due to injury struggling. Last season in the new defensive coach Daum - Couples, men, Chapman was asked from the 4-3 formation in the defensive end into a 3-4 formation of outside health, of this apparent change requires him to learn surprise a quarter of Wei subtle changes in the way - from a standing position into a bent, occasionally falling into the passing range. Although Chapman has never publicly complained about the location change, and coach said his work ethic has never wavered, but the obvious change in his position, and not particularly passionate. Chapman gradually adapted to his new position, but almost impossible to spot, like a quarterback who, as efficient, pre-injury he was only 3.5 sack performance.

Chapman on November 15 last year, Green Bay beat Dallas game inadvertently concussion, which he for the first time since 2003, injury. He next week's game against the San Francisco back, but because of a knee injury led to reimburse the season. Packers coaches have said they want to renew off-season period and Chapman, and optimistic that he, as an outside Wei will continue to progress. It is generally predicted Chapman will be joined as a free agent to provide a 4-3 formation team.

"Obviously I've got used to the 3-4 formation," Chapman said in January. "I do not have the opportunity to comment throughout the year of the time, and then said:" Hey, that's great. "But I am in this position is becoming more comfortable. Having said that, in the 4-3 formation that I have more experience, I think these two locations I can do that." Chapman last year, December 4 had surgery in January, he said the progress of rehabilitation "was very much encouraged," and look forward to training camp ready to play his position. "Things are very, very good progress," Chapman said. "I'm very pleased."