Anderson has served the Bay Area Laboratory case of sentences

Anderson has served the Bay Area Laboratory case of sentences, but because of the refusal to investigate the case of Bonds to the Bay Area Laboratory jury witness to lie the case, and the other was sentenced to 10 months and is still serving.

2 months ago, Senator Mitchell asked the U.S. doping investigation launched in the major leagues main Xiselige, it may revoke Bonds's home run record, but he did not mention this in a statement.

Selig said in a statement: "I have not seen the suit and the details of the case, but the United States each person is proven guilty, is innocent, I am very serious about the prosecution case will progress closely."

"I will continue efforts to enhance the performance of the eradication of illegal drugs than in the Major Leagues."

Major league baseball players association executive director Pervan urged restraint in the statement. He said: "The prosecution of certain claims only, in this country every defendant, including Barry Bonds, until until proven guilty, has the qualifications to be presumed innocent."