This program is recorded in the December 28

Top U.S. time Sunday night CBS talk show "60 Minutes" broadcast host Wallace (Mike Wallace) Interview with "Rocket Man" Clemens on the full content of doping. Rocket man has repeatedly proven innocent, and even willing to accept the lie detector, said he "probably" will retire!

This program is recorded in the December 28, last Thursday the U.S. media has done a segment reporting, the focus is still around in the rocket denied injected drugs, for the "Mitchell Report" and the former Yankees trainer McNamee physical The evidence, he stressed that there were only injected painkillers and B12 side nutrients, and once the Yankees general manager Joe Torre in prison see next, injected an anti-inflammatory analgesic agents.

"If I had injected drugs, I should become a super-strong man, you can use to pull heavy loads of teeth." Rocket said, would have known McNamee accused him, he would talk about, instead of this kind of change in top and let it be.

McNamee told Mitchell is responsible for detecting drugs, said that he had in 1998-2001 season, the Rockets were injected for 16-21 times of steroids and human growth hormone, but it is in these things required to become Major League before doping.