But the evil empire back then on the Qiju

But the evil empire back then on the Qiju, first iron catch Jorge Posada (Jorge Posada) has been walked on base, and then sent back to Berkman hit doubles 1 minute and meritorious deeds, with the Hougudena (Brett Gardner) in the bunt and Jeter (Derek Jeter) of the hits, not only earned 1 point and then also put Pavano hit off the stage, ended in the seventh inning the Yankees continued to 4 to 2 lead.

Finally, in nine innings, and a series of hits and stolen bases the Yankees won the sub-letting, followed relying on Wood (Kerry Wood) and Rivera (Mariano Rivera) show the same great relief, in order to successfully beat back the Twins 5 to 2 , and grabbed the first license to listen to 2 to 0 advantage. As for today's most dazzling light Pettitte, also scored 19 career postseason wins.

Next, the two teams will move to New York in the 10 and 11 (Taiwan time) for three or four (if necessary) war on behalf of the Yankees has been a draw, it is possible to celebrate in their own home to qualify for the American League Championship Series . Another battlefield in the American League again today by the Texas Rangers 6 to defeat the Tampa Bay Rays 0, obtained license to listen to advantage.