Molina knocked in the red was not to be trapped in backwardness

Rangers struck the first blow, let the audience win their 4 red, especially the Bureau of catcher Bengie Molina on the reversal of the 6 3-gun, a bar sink is the key to the Yankees, Rangers whistle on pain of 10 to 3 flat Yankees , in the series achieved 3 wins and 1 defeat of the license to listen to advantage.

Rangers at Yankee Stadium, "to become masters" to four home runs in the superior firepower down on landlords and did not leave any feelings to the Yankees, in which four bombers were on, he shot 3-Molina of the most critical, because the Rangers In so after the first 5 inning, still behind by 2 to 3, but in the season the Giants transferred catcher from the Board on 6 out of left field sweep 3 stick bombs, reversing the whole situation, also from the Rangers all the way to set foot on the royal road.

Molina knocked in the red was not to be trapped in backwardness, the Yankees deflated the ball seems to have become depressed, like, 7 and 9 Bureau of the Council was Josh Hamilton hit consecutive solo shot, followed at 9 by Nelson Cruz on the Board carry out of left field 2-run homer, again and again to the Spanish-American hegemony in a points score board put up, but the Yankees are playing to this level of lying, but also to New York fans could not stand, left the game early on.