World Series in two games before the Giants lost to the Rangers away

The Rangers have already lost 2, 31, the third battle in the World Series pulled one back, it really is important, because history has never been the team after the 3 game losing streak, but also won the World Series champion, and past and Tour Cavalry teams in the same boat, only 11 team can reverse last champion, the Rangers to become the 12th team to perform amazing drama.

World Series in two games before the Giants lost to the Rangers away, and the third war back home can be said that the team put great effort, finally won their first World Series team in the history of the victory, the other more significant , that is, the Rangers have a chance to win 2 0 defeat to perform reversal of the disadvantages.

The history of the World Series opened, the last time after the reversal in the second straight team championship, the Dodgers in 1981, the year before the Dodgers lost to the Yankees two games on the road, then back home after the row to the Yankees 3 games Finally, it is war in the first 6 to 9:2 victory over the Yankees to complete the 2 game losing streak after four straight wins reversal show, which is a two-game losing streak on the final champion, is already 29 years ago.