Cliff Lee back in and (Cliff Lee) before meeting the New York Yankees

Cliff Lee back in and (Cliff Lee) before meeting the New York Yankees general manager Katsu Man (Brian Cashman) already went to Tampa last weekend and captain Derek Jeter (Derek Jeter) in close talks with both sides satisfied with the results of the meeting However, some contracts still no results. "New York Daily News," revealed that Kitt expect 4 years 80 million dollars (about 2.4 billion NT), the Yankees did not respond positively.

Yankees considerable value this meeting, the boss Stan Bu Ruina (Hal Steinbrenner), president of Raven (Randy Levine), and Kai Xu and Kit Man are at Tampa and the broker, "so homely," the Yankees declined to comment on contents of the talks. Both sides thought the contract and the Kit for future orientation are discussed. "New York Daily News" According to sources, it was a harmonious atmosphere of the meeting.

As for the terms of the contract, both sides apparently still have the perception gap. The Yankees made three years from 45 million to 60 million U.S. dollars contract price tag, and Kitt is sure he can get a piece of paper 4, the average annual salary of approximately $ 20,000,000 of the new contract. The bottom line is that the Yankees current 3-year contract, 4 years for the captain mentioned about, looks a little reluctant to accept.