11:0 victory over China Team, the U.S. team

August 7, at a distance of the 29th Beijing Olympic Games less than 24 hours when the American baseball training event held in Beijing Wukesong Baseball Field. 11:0 victory over China Team, the U.S. team. After the game, the U.S. team manager Daiweiqiaosen said the U.S. team this Olympic Games will be taken seriously, their goal is gold, of course, the immediate task is to win Wednesday's first game against South Korea. London 2012 Olympic Games Baseball and Softball program has been canceled, they use good match to win the return of baseball and softball. The team members received daily from the competition in the American League teammates and team level phone, mail, letters, encourage them to play well. They know that winning a gold medal will not be as easy as training game victory.