Monday night home game against Rangers to Yankee

Monday night home game against Rangers to Yankee. This time, Marlon Byrd ‧ third home run as the Rangers made the recent fighting in 8 of 11 field home victory in the third hit by the victory of good-bye. Bottom of the ninth, 5:5 level, two out, bases loaded. Byrd stood against zone, facing a Yankee relief pitcher Damaso ‧ Marty. In front of 33,813 fans at Rangers home stadium in Arlington, he hit a dramatic grand slam home run. This is the seventh time this season, Rangers hit with Goodbye to win. "This feels incredible," Bird said at the celebration after the game said, "This victory is really a wonderful feeling." Rangers hit before the bye is also home to win the sailors and Bluebird. "I have never seen anything like it," pitcher Eddie. Guardado said, "This team is amazing. I hit the ball so long, it really is a very exciting moment." Third base Raymond hands. Weisikazi said: "I enjoy the moment. amazing. I just hope we have been so fun."