War is only the first two hits hit eight Yankees scored four points

Than two disadvantages with zero back home that the New York Yankees, the third war launched the "Rocket Man" Clemens start, but he pitched only two and one third of the Board lost one-third exit on the injury, but fortunately Hughes took over three and two-thirds of the primary vote was knocked only two hits Bureau of scoreless, the Yankees had chance yet. 3 Bureau to share a Yankees one out, third base, first by Damon timely hits for the Yankees Shoukaijilu; of five large-scale attack under the Yankees, Hideki Matsui hit a post out on the base, Cannone fill the doubles, Then Cabrera hit a barrier before a comeback points, then the direction of Damon and win three runs right field home run, the Yankees scored one quarter of the Bureau of the anti-ahead five to three.

Under the renewed offensive of the sixth inning the Yankees, Rodriguez, Jorge Posada rate security accounts for a continuous, second base, then sacrifice bunt, Hideki Matsui was the formation of bases loaded walks, then hit hit send Cannone back to third base runner, but the Indians back to pass errors, the Yankees Adds two points and was third single Council Adds.

War is only the first two hits hit eight Yankees scored four points, today finally restored due to combat power, and four-star third baseman Rodriguez The campaign to fight the number two hits, the current total of 54 playoff a play a few six hits.

Yankees record now behind the Indians still one to two key fourth-war still held in Yankee Stadium. Alliance from 1995 to implement the new partition on the war, only four teams in the first round of nil to 2 behind the performers major reversal.