Phillies second baseman Terry Wu sprained thumb

Major League Baseball, Philadelphia Phillies with six leading to the bottom of the ninth than three two-out, he was asked play Cincinnati Reds in the third home run tied the Buddha more than a few, but a playoff 10 Board Philadelphia then scored on the third to beat the Reds nine to six. Chicago Cubs to three to one win over the Pittsburgh Pirates, Milwaukee Brewers were recruited at seven to five to defeat the Houston Astros.

Phillies second baseman Terry Wu sprained thumb, third baseman Poland to the elbow injury, replacement third baseman Dobbs did not show the three at bats, but replacement second baseman Wadi Zi hit the third of four Board home run, along with Bureau of Shini De-third of guns, once the Phillies leading Reds to six to one; the sixth inning Reds Hernandez hit a double recovery of two points, nine innings last counterattack under the Buddha asked two outs hit the third home run, six to six-Phillies tied; but playoff 10 Jushang Ban Howard is playing second base for a hit, plus the Bani Zi's base hit with Francis Ke hits, the Phillies again won the third, after three hours of the game or beat Reds. Shini De three hits with three runs, Wadi Zi quarter of RBI.