Rockies playoffs this year's "undefeated myth" let them go

Rockies playoffs this year's "undefeated myth" let them go, this time round victory by the catcher Tuoruiouba hero (Yorvit Torrealba) featuring.

National League Championship Series moved to Denver, the third fight, held on the 15th, Coors Stadium, and did not ignite the high-altitude teams arsenal, Bureau of the two sides of the first five players being 1:1, the key sixth inning, the Rockies captured a two-out, second base, Tuoruiouba swept out of left field for a large wall bar, a ground-breaking third shot to help the team to 4:1 knockout Diamondbacks, Rockies first listen to brand the series 3-0.

Rocky swallowed the last 21 games, only 1 loss, unstoppable momentum, only 2 in 55 regular season batting average, eight home runs Tuoruiouba, caught a rattlesnake under the sixth inning pitcher Hernandez ( Livan Hernandez) the loss of investment and direct the ball, violently pulled out 402 feet of the Red left field to prevent a bar to decide their fate.

"Livan had a full season to vote for me very well, under the sixth inning in a slow curve ball he tried immediately after the ball straight angles Serbian repression, results in loss of investment went to red, and I grasped it!" Tuorui Ou Palestinian happy to say.