Indians starting pitcher Patrizi quickly to change fate

Weikefeier only four and two-thirds vote of the Board will be for end, assume failure to vote, his opponents were sent to five hits, lost five, and another two walks and seven strikeouts.

Season record topped the Red Sox leading the American League, the edge is facing out.

Boston started in the sixth Jushang Ban counterattack, Yukelis's solo shot broke the scoring for the Red Sox hanging egg situation, followed by Otis, and Manny Ramirez were also contribute to spring home run, Red Sox even get one-third, than the number of recovery into three to seven.

Indians starting pitcher Patrizi quickly to change fate, but the Red Sox do not go one step more city, the final race to seven to three over, Patrizi won the win.

The key is still the fifth Indian war on the 18th at home.