Laatsch the first situation to the second batter Youjilisi

Compared Becket beautiful record of the angels to 3:01 disdain for the American League ERA of Angels starting pitcher Laatsch, regular season game against the Red Sox can be described as appalling, two two-start record of zero wins defeat, defense rate as high as 8.38.

Laatsch the first situation to the second batter Youjilisi, two balls in a good number of leading cases, be the ball into the left field stands Youjilisi second row position, career playoffs for the first time The Youjilisi, I not only hit the first hit play, or support a memorable solo shot.

Then fill the Red Sox hitter has two hits, but failed to Zaigong get scores, the end of the first Board of a zero-leading Red Sox.

Voted the sixth inning was hit nine security, lost a quarter of Laatsch, safely after the second game, the third, reoccurrence of turbulence.