Santana pitched 2 Board lost three points

Santana pitched 2 Board lost three points, was beaten four hits, and just totally blow, Alex Gonzalez homered, Ryan (Brendan Ryan) triples, Pujols (Albert Pujols ) doubles, Duncan (Chris Duncan) is a base hit.

Santana cast a total of 30 balls, including 22 for strikes, exit in the bullpen after the addition of training he voted for 15 balls, Santana said, I rush the shot, but they are very positive swing, many times my first all strike a ball, and I voted several fastball are too sweet!

2 years without a major league game of Gonzalez has 38 years of age, has 434 career home runs, the two-time American League MVP in the regular season against the Mountain Santana outstanding, 6 hits, 7 bats, including two home runs and two doubles, 6 RBIs, Santana today extended for good results.